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  1. I have to say, contrary to the latest FM releases in the past, ME is in pretty good condition. It's definitely not perfect but I think it provides a much better starting point than the last couple years. Some of the interfaces are rather hard to read with bright red not providing a good background colour, but overall I think the game is in a good state for release.
  2. - Updated Foreign players rules in Turkey Thank you so much for this, Turkish League is going to be a lot more fun now.
  3. I have to admit I haven't went through all the pages of this post, but has anyone else experienced anything about players asking to be put on transfer list as a result of not increasing the league position of the club since the last chat in a season where you have won the league? All my good players want out because I promised them that we were going to become champions and we did.
  4. I am from Turkey as well and did not encounter this problem at all, latest patch was installed as soon as it was released and it went smoothly.
  5. I am playing a short quick passing style game and won the Premier League back to back, I do not see any problem on that front. The problem I have is although I've won the league with the lowest average wage in the league the year before and won the treble with Community Shield, Capitol One Cup and the Premier League this year, the board refused to extend my contract saying that I haven't done enough to earn a contract, and didn't extend my contract when it ran out. They also haven't let me go and for some reason I'm stuck with no contract. Not sure if it's mentioned before but I wanted it to throw it out there.
  6. I've been playing with the same formation since the game was released and I had the problem of strikers not scoring in the early updates and getting horrible ratings in general. The problem seems fixed in the last two patches though, strikers are generally scoring as much as they should and banging in one on ones, and in my save the league seems to have a correct balance as well.
  7. I'm seeing a lot better activity from my forwards and less wonder runs from my wing backs, I enjoy the update on the match engine greatly at the moment. One thing I've noticed is that the game-generated player's pictures are missing on the player screen, although the option is checked. Reloading the skin or reloading the game doesn't seem to solve the issue either, is anyone experiencing something similar?
  8. I'm not sure whether this should be considered a bug or game feature, so I've decided to post this as a feedback instead. When a player is playing exceptionally well at a home game and I have a spare substitution left, I tend to substitute said player on the 90th minute so that he can earn a standing ovation. Yet during the press conference the journalists are saying that it raised some concerns at the game. Is this because this particular journalist is unfriendly, or does the game register the substitution as a wrong one and drops the players morale instead of raising it?
  9. I am sorry but I think that's a rather wrong attitude to have against passionate players who just want to see the game improve in some aspects. I am not a regular on this forum but I've been playing CM series for the past 15 years and played pretty much every single game that came out. With that said this is the first FM release that I had problems with which bugged me to the point of just stopping playing until an update is released. As a result I started frequenting this forum and thread almost everyday to see if there are any news about the update and I don't think anyone can blame paying customers asking questions about a product which they have purchased. I am not trying to argue whether the game is playable or not, it certainly is, but I understand why there are lots who find the current state of the game not enjoyable as previous releases. Yes we know that SI patches the game until Spring where most of the problems are solved. What I cannot wrap my head around is, who are people annoying by asking whether there are any news on the update and why are people being annoyed by members of the community using one of the only means of getting up to date news for a game they like playing? In my opinion this attitude of "you'll get it when it's ready so stop asking about it" claiming an almost parental moral ground over posters is just plain silly. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think anyone is sending hate mail to SI employees trying to annoy people and put a fork in their works. What it seems to me is that people are asking is whether there is an update on the update and in return they get told to shut up about it, which seems completely unnecessary.
  10. Not sure whether this is a bug or not since the journalist seem humoured, but might as well post it here. http://i.imgur.com/SUw0rag.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Imps6Tl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/VyRozR2.jpg
  11. I encountered a similar problem, after not featuring in the first 11 in the first week all my backup players decide it's time to move on now.
  12. I'm on the same boat, I have always loved 4-4-2 diamond and have been trying to play with this style at every FM. I've played three seasons so far, and I've come to the conclusion that 4-4-2 is not a tactic that can be employed at FM14 at the moment. Midfield support to the wing backs are almost non-existent or always late. Also it seems that the attacking players cannot seem to carry the team in attack, instead it is the failed wingbacks at defence who shine at attack this time. My forwards cannot score to save their lives, but my wingbacks will make a forward run cut inside and crack it into the other corner so consistently that it became my main source of scoring. I don't find the tactic hard to play, so to speak, but any adjustment I make seems futile.
  13. It is not a case of the game being hard, it is more so that there you will notice some issues with your defence, and nothing you do will fix the issue as a result of the current state of the ME. It doesn't feel like the game is hard, it feels like your adjustments do not matter and the game will take on the course that it wants no matter what.
  14. I would sign that, although I am not managing Manchester Utd, my experiences are extremely similar. My wonderkid forwards cannot score for their damn lives, but Santon and Debuchy will bang them in regularly regardless of the opposition. I am not sure if it's mentioned before but I feel like corners are a problem at the moment as well. Over the course of three seasons I've conceded from a corner at almost every single game, regardless of the adjustments I make.
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