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  1. @crusadertsar this is incredible work. I've taken on your principles of play and created a tactic with my Leeds team and the results are unreal. We're playing some genuinely excellent football.
  2. Anyone had more than 3 own goals in a single game?
  3. I've fixed it. Cleared the cache in Steam plus went onto Green Man Gaming and picked up the 2nd code and activated it. All sorted now. Sickie resumed...
  4. Hi Kriss, I've cleared it and still having the same problem. Really, really frustrating. It's pretty much unplayable at the moment. I chucked a sickie today for FM too...
  5. Just trying that now, thanks for the advice. Glad to hear they're working on the fix too.
  6. How can you release the game with a huge transfer fee bug present? The game is completely unplayable in its current state. Example, I bid 22m for Baines and get the message back "Everton have rejected your 2.4m offer." Of course they did. The only work around is bidding something crazy, like 60m and then hoping that it works out to be around the 25m mark. I'm stunned, I've never been disappointed with any version and played since the very early CM days. I hope I'm right in thinking there will be fix for this very soon.
  7. Sounds pretty realistic to me, we just lost 6-1 at home to Watford and had the exact same problems you're having.
  8. I've done it now. I'm going to blame jet-lag and getting up at 5.45am for the Leeds match for my slowness this morning. Cheers for your help.
  9. Thanks Neil, I've just moved to Sydney so would that make a difference to the options I see on Steam at all?
  10. Can you still do this now? I can't see an option to do so when I click on Football Manager 2013, it just shows the screenshots. Thanks in advance.
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