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  1. 三个版本更新了哦,要么你们是在敷衍玩家,要么更可怕的是你们都很无能
  2. 两个更新包都放出了还在调查游戏发售就存在的bug,调查一辈子吧,只会说好话没有一点实际行动,再也不会相信你们说的任何话
  3. I don't think it will help solve the problem as soon as possible. this is the most ****ed place. They will always only say that in the process, like a auto answer robot. Although I will read this post twice a day, hope some experts can share the feasible methods. I have 900 subscriptions in my workshop, and there are always some people who will destroy me to update. hope the next version of the update will fix it,or lose an editor and its 900 potential targets.
  4. meaningless. It's a bunch of bugs every year, there are no competitors, so not enterprising. players will get tired of it sooner or later
  5. Yes, officials will always only say some high sounding words, but there is no actual action. I don't believe it will take too much time to fix this problem unless it needs to be butted with steam. Recently 2077 has captured all the headlines. Si hopes FM will be thrown into the garbage bin earlier
  6. I have posted on several forums for help, but no official response has been received. hope this bug is being fixed
  7. 如题,在pg反馈帖发过这个问题,并没有得到回复 论坛里有人遇到了一样的问题
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