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  1. I would like to know if these countries have their own national football teams to replace some of the existing European teams,I've tried to replace Serbia with Yugoslavia before, but my friends told me that I couldn't do it with editor. Even if they are replaced in the editor, such as in the European Cup attendance list, there is no change in the game. My friend told me that he can achieve it, but it depends on programming
  2. My friend made a similar template, but it's not very similar. You can refer to it. 仿方块酥logo.psd
  3. Maybe you can upload pictures. Maybe it's the same thing.
  4. Thank you first, but what I need is a template.
  5. I don't know what you mean,The name of this logo is called C&T Carbon logo
  6. It's not a problem that web pages don't exist.and it's something that's not available online at all.I just hope that former members of that group can share this post if they can read it.
  7. I am looking for a logo template in 2010,But I can't find it on the internet,The group's web page was disabled,So do people here have that template?Over the years, many teams have changed their logo,I intend to restart the project
  8. You haven't changed the personal attributes of players and coaches to make it look like a semi-finished product,Although there are many items, many of them have been revised in batches.
  9. it cant be tested in the advanced rules
  10. 1.某些土豪俱乐部在转会期会疯狂买进同个位置的球员,比如一个转会窗买四个不是小妖的前锋,不符合真实 2.球员3d模型随机会产生几个莫西干发型的小人,比如哈维,开了几个档都是莫西干发型 3.球员停球习惯有问题,方圆几米没人也还是用直接头球往前传,身高不高头球属性不强的球员依然不会选择用脚停球观察后再出球 4.editor开放隐藏习惯编辑 5.editor开放已有联赛规则、赛程修改
  11. hello Fenech,I am an editor too.and I player your database 14/16.no doubt is a good database. but you think it most in-depth legends game ever produced for football manager.there are many shortcoming. first,there are too many 200PA player former version,and i dont get your new so i wonder you are on to this problem then most player`s mental attributes is random or batch editing Finally every team has a very redundant squad and someone cant get enough appearance,its waste.and someone`s PA is higher than actuality I will send you my file,let us make the legend database better Legend Database_CA2E4419-9986-42CC-8641-1CBCE12A26A7.fmf
  12. Do you want to coach the legendary Real Madrid of the 1950s which won five consecutive European Cups or to have an opportunity to make up for the regret of the legendary Mighty Magyars and lead the Budapest Honvéd FC of the 1950s to glory? Our “Era of the Club League” is just what you need. We have made a league with three divisions,which contains most of the legendary soccer club teams,such as the Real Madrid of the 1960s,Budapest Honvéd FC of 1950s, Ajax of the 1970s, and so on. Just start a new game with our data file, and select the nation “Coalition”, and enjoy it! We also provide you elaborate portrait packs and uniform packs for those teams which is applicable for official database version 17.30. We have a group which is professional on making legendary soccer player data for the PC game “Football Manager”. Please visit our website www.fmdata.top for more player data that is not contained in our data file. Any suggestions on our data will be especially appreciated. database:Era Of The Club League_0A7D59A6-ACFE-4F18-8EC2-7AB738FA73E9.fmfEra Of The Club League_0A7D59A6-ACFE-4F18-8EC2-7AB738FA73E9.fmf graphics: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1o8sUUGM?qq-pf-to=pcqq.c2c
  13. have you ever found out the reason of your database crash?

    1. krlenjushka


      no-i dont have time for FM now. sorry

      its some problem related to patch 16.3 because everything was ok before. 

      Great work by SI as always

    2. dfdfhjdhgjfg


      i think i  found the reason of crash.Cancel the refresh time of the season beginning is useful.thanks



    3. krlenjushka


      Thanks for your help-i will find way to fix this.

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