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  1. Many ways have been tried,Loyalty 20,don't like to go to Europe,like current club 100,but it still be bought by Real Madrid and Paris in the end. Ambition 1 it's not realistic,give high salaries and long-term contracts is difficult to minnows,and they will be free to move when their contract expires
  2. Maybe he just found the function segment of the competition team and replaced part of it. He should not have the level to crack the game Don't worry. I've been on holiday for ten years without bug
  3. I replied to you on your topic,I don't think it's a simple way to rename Serbia,because the team logo I use is matched. My friend probably made a simple replacement through some programming software,No need to recreate the cup. He also specifically told me not to open his database file with an editor, otherwise it would fail But he's a bank clerk. He's too busy to reply to me recently.If he helps me again, I'll send it up. I deleted it by mistake lol
  4. One of my friends used to replace Russia and Serbia with Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union,But he said he used programming methods, so ordinary people can't follow suit,and he is busy to do for me again How to make Yugoslavia compete in the national directly through the editor?
  5. I would like to know if these countries have their own national football teams to replace some of the existing European teams,I've tried to replace Serbia with Yugoslavia before, but my friends told me that I couldn't do it with editor. Even if they are replaced in the editor, such as in the European Cup attendance list, there is no change in the game. My friend told me that he can achieve it, but it depends on programming
  6. My friend made a similar template, but it's not very similar. You can refer to it. 仿方块酥logo.psd
  7. Maybe you can upload pictures. Maybe it's the same thing.
  8. Thank you first, but what I need is a template.
  9. I don't know what you mean,The name of this logo is called C&T Carbon logo
  10. It's not a problem that web pages don't exist.and it's something that's not available online at all.I just hope that former members of that group can share this post if they can read it.
  11. I am looking for a logo template in 2010,But I can't find it on the internet,The group's web page was disabled,So do people here have that template?Over the years, many teams have changed their logo,I intend to restart the project
  12. You haven't changed the personal attributes of players and coaches to make it look like a semi-finished product,Although there are many items, many of them have been revised in batches.
  13. it cant be tested in the advanced rules
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