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  1. Led them to their highest league position in 4 years whilst also dealing with their financial troubles.. He was also a solid player for them for 3/4 years. He was replaced purely because the new owners wanted to bring in Zola. The owners even acknowledged that he'd done a brilliant job under difficult circumstances.
  2. I don't think I'll have time to progress much further. So busy with real life at the moment... Dammit!
  3. Doing alright for the Bahamas - but desperately struggling at club level. Worth a mighty £10.75k
  4. Ah, sad times kingjericho! Still, a promising season nevertheless - especially as you were 17th the season before.
  5. I've got a feeling Nixon is going to retire before too long..
  6. Paul Faulkner Nantwich Town Season 1 - 2015/16 - 44 appearances, 5 goals (4 penalties, 1 DFK), 0 assists, 103 goals conceded, 2 clean sheets Season 2 - 2016/17 - 48 appearances, 5 goals (3 penalties, 2 DFK), 1 assist, 62 goals conceded, 13 clean sheets Season 3- 2017/18 - 48 appearances, 9 goals (9 penalties), 2 assists, 63 conceded, 12 clean sheets Season 3 - 2018/19 - 45 appearances, 5 goals (4 penalties, 1 DFK), 2 assists, 66 conceded, 9 clean sheets For the first time ever, Paul Faulkner missed a penalty! He was stuck on two goals with about 5 game remaining, so was lucky to reach five really. A cracking free-kick was the highlight. Not his best season. TOTAL - 24 goals (20 penalties, 4 DFKs), 5 assists
  7. Nantwich Town FC 'The Dabbers' Nantwich Town FC - Season 2018/19 - Skrill North Competitions FA Cup - 3rd qualifying round* FA Trophy - 4th round* Skrill North - 13th *TBC (currently at work so going from memory) Season Review Star Players Luke Sowunmi - I needed a strong central defender at the start of the season, and I found this chap. He's not bad, he's big and he is better than all of my other options. A decent debut season for the lad, and 4 goals isn't a bad return. Jason Drury - As well as a central defensive partnership, I was in need of a prolific striker. This kid came in on loan from Crewe and although he didn't hit 20 goals, he was by far my best striker. Most of his goals came at the end of the season, and surprisingly coincided with some good form. Wish he'd have found that form earlier on, but I was playing him in different roles. Paul Faulkner- Paul Faulkner again makes it into my top three. Not as strong this season as last season, and he did miss his first penalty - but still one of my top players. Another 5 goals to his tally - The fans love him, and have now voted him as Player of the Season for three years running. Targets for next season With my financial issues sorted for now, I go into a new season without any excuses - I can essentially rebuild the squad, provided I can find the right players. I hit some decent form at the end of this season, and if I can carry that on into the new one then I'll be challenging.. 5 seasons in this division is long enough, so anything below the playoff positions will be disappointing. Overall I think I've made relatively steady progress, halted slightly by the financial issues. It really is time to step up though! [u]Season[/u] [u]Division[/u] [u]Position[/u] [u]FA Cup[/u] [u]FA Trophy[/u] 2014/15 Skrill North 13th 2nd Qualifying 1st round 2015/16 Skrill North 18th 2nd Qualifying 1st round 2016/17 Skrill North 10th 2nd Qualifying 4th round 2017/18 Skrill North 17th 3rd Qualifying 4th round 2018/19 Skrill North 13th 3rd Qualifying 4th round
  8. Yes I've had that. I've also had postponements due to waterlogged pitch.
  9. Annoyingly not! My form is all over the place.. I've got no excuses for next season though as I now have a sound financial base and a young squad now approaching their 20s.
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