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  1. @knapWas this season played with Instant Result of Holiday Mode? cheers
  2. @knapWhat position did Origi play in this formation to score 40 goals?! 😳
  3. Any tactic recommendations for International football? I want to finally get England to win something!
  4. Got it, thanks! So is the Fitness coach's personality more important that their Fitness coaching rating?
  5. Is it possible to search coaches by their personalities? I can’t seem to find any with Model Citizen.... 🧐
  6. It creates a huge amount of chances but the conversion rate into goals is so low, are there any set-up changes to help improve this?
  7. Amazing on 20.4.0 but not as effective in attack or defence on 20.4.1 unfortunately.
  8. Sounds promising! How does it perform away from home against the big teams?
  9. I love this formation too but don’t you find you concede a lot of goals in big games away from home? Do you make any changes for these matches?
  10. @knap I'm a big fan of your tactics on FM19 but now trying out FM Touch, do your tactics work equally well on Touch if downloaded? Cheers
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