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  1. Best team in my living memory. Would beat any of the other recent winners more often than not.
  2. 5 minutes away from my prediction being correct dammit.
  3. Don't worry according to my program you're going to win on penalties.
  4. Soo...not too bad.What odds could I have got on this before the tournament?
  5. Think the multiple knee-destroying injuries may have played a small part. But maybe that's just me.
  6. Can't wait for the Gulf to host WC2018
  7. ec7 - Oman didn't qualify for the last round of Asian qualifiers (10 teams). Anyway, fine as it is. As interesting as it would be to have more Asian/N. American/African sides, the quality as you go down drops too much and the risk of an embarrassment gets too high. As it is, the level is quite decent. You may get the occasional stuffing but on the whole they can keep competitive. If there were one association that I would like to see have extra teams, it would be Africa. However they clearly don't deserve it based on their recent performances so then you have the risk of diluting the talent at the WC too much. Asia's standard is clearly improving, but the main teams are already there. Maybe if W. Asia can prove that their standard is improving then Asia can have another half spot. I'm strongly against having seperate W./E. Asian qualifiers; no reason to change it from how it is.
  8. I'd like one of Ghana, S. Korea or USA, so it'll inevitably be Uruguay.
  9. Man you just made me feel so bad for not being there
  10. Any credible sources on the Gourcuff-Ribery thing? Seem a lot of people jumping to conclusions that it's true when it's probably completely overblown. Saying's the French team so yeah probably true.
  11. I'm also a romantic DJ. Was our 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday, so took my wife down the pub to watch Spain-Honduras.
  12. Who was their coach then? He got lucky Zidane saved his arse in 2006.
  13. yeah...**** off
  14. Goalie scared of the ball
  15. Think he's referring to the ITV HD picture being rubbish the rest of the game after the goal/ad. Was noticeably bad. Not quite as bad as SD, but definitely not HD. It seems like the captioning was fine, but the play definitely wasn't crisp.