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  1. I have noticed this strange effect upon clinching promotion also. All of a sudden not many players are interested in joining your team - even players who were interested in joining literally the day before you secured promotion are suddenly uninterested. This shows up in the star ratings too - players the scouts wouldn't recommend highly before you got promotion all of a sudden can be 5 star players. I have found about a month or two into the season, suddenly this 'weight' is lifted, and you can get more players you want again including loan signings. I don't know what the reason is for this, and would be interested if SI could explain why this happens a lot.
  2. I had this happen to me - I had some really good loan offers from other clubs, including possibly getting some wages off the books, and they would be rejected if the loan offer wasn't for first team action. What worked for me was removing the player from the 'development' list and offering him out for loan myself. I think once players are on the development list, the head of youth development or whoever is in charge of this list likes to quickly reject offers that aren't for 'first team' action.
  3. Sorry if this has been posted before - I tried to search - but is anyone else seeing too many penalties converted? I play in the Skrill Premier, and I've only seen 1 player miss a penalty (mine) out of probably like 20 or 30 chances. It's like an instant goal.
  4. Looking at the Skrill North teams - just about half of every team is an on-loan player (5), and in the Skrill Premier there are almost entire teams consisting of on-loan players. I think if you look at the real-life teams, this is way out of whack. And also - why do most players (even transfer-listed ones) demand major salary increases (like almost double) to drop down just a little in reputation? Then their salaries far exceed my wage budget restrictions. I quit my Skrill North team, let the AI take over - and then the AI signed the same players for reasonable salaries.
  5. My understanding is that the player gets paid per appearance in a 1st team game. This means he does not have to start as long as he appears, and it doesn't apply to reserve and under-18 games. He will get the whole fee if he plays for 1 second or the whole game.
  6. I don't think all the micromanagement you talk about is really necessary - it doesn't affect results that much, and you can leave it to the assistant. I do agree the game is too time-consuming, and that's why I don't play it anymore. I think we should have the option to turn off things that will speed the game up. And I wouldn't mind the chairman option so you could buzz through seasons if that's the way you'd like to play it.
  7. If I'm angry at my team, I'll quickly exterminate them. Delete the game, then quit without saving. It's like they never existed! Goodbye forever!!
  8. If you're using the 10.2 database then the DDT file needs to go in the 1020 folder, not the 1000 one.
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