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  1. I can't wait to see what you can come up with other nations along with your Part 1 of the megapack
  2. Awesome that helps a lot really, I can adjust my database but your explanations are definitely what I need to help me have a fun long-term save with a database I want, cheers! 😄
  3. All are playable right? As for the DB, when you said it's same as him, what do you mean exactly? I'm thinking about using your game setup for my Greek save with Panionios there. I appreciate you made a post about your game setup 🙂👍
  4. Sorry to bother you, I noticed there aren't any names for the leagues in Mayotte you can click on, it's missing at the moment. Thank you for all of your hard work!
  5. Uh, just realized in the Grand Tour save that I forgot some countries and leagues needed like Japan for example, not sure if I should continue or start a new save after downloading more countries and leagues. How do I compare the numbers of countries available with the databases I need to download?
  6. Just started my Grand Tour off in the Seychelles, with the leagues loaded like this, starting in Africa:
  7. Nice to see this thread, easy to discuss FM stuff here than making a thread with images and stuff lol! I never won a continental title since I started playing FM12-19 (and shuffling through different downloaded and self-made tactics, LLM or other kinds of saves), got some inspiration from @TerminalPortugal about doing a "Grand Tour" type of save in FM20 with downloaded DBs from different users and hopefully it will be fun for me to go around the world and winning domestic titles, hopefully larger titles, starting in the Seychelles
  8. Hey, I like that map definitely, so I'm willing to have it, you can attach the file to me or pm me the map. I started out at Seychelles, so obviously for me I need to go to Madagascar first in order to do Mauritius and Reunion first before going to Africa.
  9. Ahh, cool! I'm planning to try your theory with FM20 and the megapack with Tino just to see how it goes, I'm sure it would be different because he has UAE and other countries that's not in your FM DBs for FM19. I wish you all the best in trying to succeed in doing the whole world
  10. This is an awesome save you're been on! I'm curious to know which DBs did you have for all countries you played or planning to play in your Grand Tour? Cheers, Rak
  11. Hello, I would like some assistance on FM20 because I depend on the squad building guide from "Guide to FM" which is obviously outdated because they didn't update the squad status for FM20 due to change to playing time. I'm always imposing a wage structure on squad status in my previous saves in FM19 and I would like to carry it into FM20 so which squad statuses does translate into playing time for FM20? 4 Key Players 7 First Team 11 players from Rotation, Backup, and Hot Prospect
  12. Just pre-ordered FM17, and I'm excited, looking forward to playing it all day on 4th once I finished work at Fedex (4-8 am). However, I'm struggling to think about a save I would like to do. I don't mind trying City of Liverpool F.C. save (As a Liverpool fan, I can't brought myself to play a Liverpool save to replace Klopp ) but for Beta, I haven't figured it out yet. (People said I suck at FM because I haven't won a continental title yet I prefer LLM over big clubs) So if anyone has any ideas about a club save, I'm willing to be a guinea pig experiment in smallest clubs/LLM/unlikely club
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