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  1. what about an option to tell more attacking players to get back to join the defence when your team doesn't have possession of the ball. Just the way in Fifa one can tell attacking wingers or midfielders to "come back on defence". Because in FM15 they always just stay up even though when you use the "much deeper defensive line" option. and even if they come back it's only if the other team builds up their play very slowly. Cheers and thanks for the great work
  2. This game is probably the worst since fm12. strikers and wingers with finishing attributes above 17 cannot even finish clear-cut chances and worse off stickers with lower finishing attributes get one chance and they score. It is really annoying. Also how every long ball the opposition tends to play always finds their striker in open space even when u have two defenders on him is just nonsense. And when u deploy the same tactics the the long balls find no one even with two strikers up front. So i just want to ask what exactly football manager claim to have worked on for the last year because this has just proven to be a waste of money.
  3. Steam released an update to the store that changed the pricing from USD to CAD and since then there has been a problem with the fmc part of the football manager 2014 game. All the unlockables are gone both purchased and not. It doesn't even come up with an error code, it's just blank like they were never there. it is just gone and i have tried to contact steam but to no avail. I tried even going back to football manager 2013 and playing cmc but was met with the same problem.
  4. Just wondering if it is possible for SEGA to lease out control of football manager from here onwards to another party apart from Steam. To be honest with you and there is no better way of putting it, Steam is absolutely horrible. I've had problems with football manager for some time now and I can't contact them, they do not reply to questions, they use automated replies for the so called tickets they have u create when u have a questions, so you actually never find an answer to what you need. Please any advice at all on how to actually enjoy Football manager without the worries of Steam will be much appreciated coz to be honest I am very much fed up. Cheers.
  5. the game is closed and i tried with steam open and close also
  6. i keep trying the uploads but to avail. it keeps saying "could not be transferred"
  7. The file did sync with the second computer but the fmc unlockables are still not available
  8. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=325383542 This is a picture of how it looks every time i open downloads
  9. i had no problems before then. I played both on my mac and PC and the problem is the same
  10. Have been doing that since 3 days ago when the store changed to canadian dollars
  11. Hi, i live in Canada and have football manager 2014 on PC. A recent steam update has games now priced in canadian dollars instead of the traditional U.S. dollars and as a result the unlockables for FMC seem to have disappeared. the unlockables are just no longer there. Help please?
  12. I recently purchased football manager classic 2014 for ps vita from the Canadian store but I cannot access the games saved on steam cloud because while in the UK, I purchased the same game with a different PSN account and linked it to steam croos-save. So now I cannot link my Canadian PSN account, to steam because it says that my UK PSN account, is already linked. Please is it possible for the initial account linked to my steam account be unlinked or is it possible to link two different PSN accounts to the same steam account and if so how do I go about doing this? Any other possible solutions outside those stated above will be deeply appreciated also.
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