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  1. Id much rather see them implement proper crowd atmosphere/chanting than commentary. After all we are supposed to be a manager in a stadium, we wouldnt hear the tv broadcast but we would certainly hear the crowd support.
  2. If you get sacked there is a negative effect on your reputation. When you resign I'm fairly sure your reputation remains intact.
  3. I had a guy called Marcelo Cappelli in my stoke save in fm13. We were the best team in england going for champions league glory, and my scouts said this guy was the best player in the world (even though his stats didnt seem that good). So I shelled out 55 million (my highest ever transfer by double anything I've done before) and initially he did well. 22 league goals in his first season. Then he got injured. Spent a season out injured then came back to barely score a goal again. Couldnt even sell him if I tried. Ended up leaving on a free after another 3 years goalless in the league playing 10-15 games a season. Gave him so many chances all due to that initial scout report and amazing first season.
  4. I had a similar situation recently. I took Wrexham from the conference to the prem and was having a blast. But then an offer came in for my favourite club in Australia. Ultimately I chose to leave Wrexham simply because the budget was terrible and the board expected a top half finish for some reason when we should have been relegation favourites. Needless to say they sold all the remaining good players as soon as I left and barely won a game.
  5. I have triple monitors but I couldn't find a good way to have fm take up two screens. In the end I have it running on one, a movie playing on another and my Internet browser on the third. It would be great to get dual screen support but its probably low on the to do list for SI.
  6. I love it how people come onto this forum to berate the game because they are bad at it. "I should win every game without changing tactics and if I don't the game is broken"... If you go on a winning run, opposition change their tactics to reflect you are a threat. Your striker suddenly does badly cause he might be being closley marked out of the game to an extent that he cant make chances. So its up to you to look at what is happening and react to it!
  7. I dont think there is a difference in speed between FM13 and the newer ones. If anything it seems to be slightly better optimized and runs a bit quicker. So you will be fine
  8. I dont think ive had that experience at all. When an opponent gets a red, they go more defensive so it can take longer to break them down. I dont recall a single time though being beaten by a team who suffered an early red card though in my 1000+ hrs with this version of the game. They definitely dont become better. I usually switch to "control" when they red card so I can prevent counter attacks and wear them down with possesion play before ripping them apart.
  9. Do the coaches actually do anything? Theres no option to do training with the National side so I dont know if they are actually useful.
  10. I want this too. I would scale it back, meaning the only decision you could make would be contracts and the existing game engine chooses the rest. I feel it would the perfect lead in to becoming a manager later as your avatar would have a history within your save (instead of choosing "international footballer" despite not being in the database).
  11. My record: Australia: lost in WC final Canada: second round WC UAE: second round WC DR congo: second round WC Brazil: knocked out group stage lol
  12. Always! I find international management satisfying despite the lack of interaction in general. Sometimes ive even gone and done it on its own without a club.
  13. Unless there are cliffs on the sides of the pitch surely the real world minimum would have to be like 200 for any normal pitch. Thats assuming that everyone lines the sides of the pitch one person deep and allows for generous spacing in between too
  14. Its obviously an incredibly infectious disease. Everyone goes bald. And if you try to fix it, the apocalypse happens and the world ends (game crashes)
  15. Its a different kind of thing to be sure but thats not to say a game mode with not a lot to do wouldn't be fun. It would be a slower paced step back within the football world, and to do so within the FM world with its attention to detail could be a fun experience for the right individual. It would be more akin to a grand strategy game, chairman mode. The way I think of it, current FM is like the battle mode in a total war game, whilst chairman mode would be a simpler version of something like civilization. Totally different game to the current one, but would be fun with the amount of detail the FM database could provide.
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