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  1. An app where you can synch your game data and be able to create team line ups, team selection and browse every player avialable in the FM database. You can then re-synch your data back into your game. I have been on train trips before and have wanted to tinker with my team, look at potential new players and that for when I get back to my FM game. Handheld just doesnt float my boat in the same way as the full version does. Of course you wont be able play matches or progress game time but I personally have an appetite for this kind of application. Anybody else have an appetite for such an application? Or ideas on how to expand upon such an application.
  2. Neil, is there any legitimate reason as to why I cannot compare FM2015 to Windows 8 on these forums? I read the house rules and am really really up to date on that side of things. I cannot for the life of me understand why my posts keep being deleted as there is no feedback, which in most places on earth could be considered a tad shady.
  3. No they cannot. This forum is well and truly controlled with an agenda behind it....protect and/or increase sales as much as possible, and to hell with loyal customers because we can receive those nice infractions then they can point at us and say 'Look there is the bad guy'. And you are correct this kind of practice is very very common. Just seeing how active moderators are demonstrate the control and supression they feel they need around here to help optimize sales figures.
  4. With all due to respect to you sir, it is because of sentiments like this that game developers throughout the entire industry now released and patch them later. Go and see what a french developer recently released, and they knew about it so that is with intent. How in the name did this game get through apparent in house testing and a two week mass public beta test with so many fundemental bugs? Can anyone say something logical about that? How am I supposed to then believe its not just smoke and mirrors to get some pre-order sales. Stop releasing games full of bugs its that simple is it not?
  5. I honestly would recommend FM2014 with latest patches and find some fan sites for decent data updates. I really don't know why they have done to FM2015 what they have done. I will not be buying this game anymore unless some serious rethinking and backtracking is done for next year. I have no joy at all playing FM2015, where as FM2014 with some data updates still gets me sat there on a 12 hour session.
  6. With the pre-order it and be our testers so we can save money attitude, then no its no longer currently worth even £20. I played lots and lots of hours on FM2014, infact I ditched FM2015 and went back to FM2014. Fm2014 deserved my money in the end, FM2015 does not. That is irrelevant. In fairness tho when I go and play some Golf I come across some bugs too when collecting my balls. This years version has given me an headache. Has clearly demonstrated the start of a transition to tablet idiots. The animations dont look right at all to me, the ME is very strange. Movember aint a new feature, stop saying it is. The tactics screen is a design joke. All the bugs are shocking. How did this even get Beta tested. I just dot understand it at all. They have broken lots of things that were not broke before. I hate this years version with a passion.
  7. Let me put it this way. I personally cannot be bothered writing out bug reports. You dont pay me to fix your game, we pay you guys to fix it. I hope we are clear here.
  8. Is there some kind of memo going around saying you guys must spin everything? Maybe people are fed up having to come and do a report bug and all the relevant details. Maybe people are fed up being SI's little testers. Seriously stop trying to spin everything. The game is riddled with absurd bugs, minor bugs, big bugs. bugs bugs bugs. Stop being so rude to loyal customers. You know damn well this game is riddled too.
  9. I am amazed this thread has not been locked. One thing I have learned around this forum is that negatives will not be tolerated, especially during the initial sales window. It really is disgusting. I have praised this game every single year except this year, and what I find it that my praise is accepted but any hint of negative commentary on the decisions they made this year is NOT acceptable. Will be squashed, and as a loyal customer of over 10 years I receive those loyalty points called infractions. I support the idea of a two year release simply because SI have no real competition out there so they churn out new skins every year, and they have run out of ideas so badly that they champion Movember as a worthy new feature. They have made absurd changes to the UI just so its easier to sell the idea of a 'new' game. I have gone back to FM2014 and will not be buying next years version. Had enough now. Loyalty gets you nowhere. SI have done a windows 8.
  10. Anyone know if there is a way to get the old tactics screen back?
  11. I really love the new User Interface, it reminds me of the awesome windows 8. They did a great job bringing FM into the modern arena. The best improvment is the highly efficient and well thought out tactics screen. Before it was all too easy, you could drag and drop your way to tactical success. You could too easily see player positions making it easy to see a left back was a left back. The new design is intuitive and really makes you think about what you are doing for quarter of an hour. I applaud SI for giving this game the challenge it needed. Before it was all too easy to win become a five time champions league winner with Nottingham Forest. Now you will scratch your head for an entire afternoon, where getting through a team and tactical set up feels like success all in itself. I really hope next year they advance the game even more, I personally love the idea of it taking you 12 clicks just to set up a friendly. That would be super cool innovation.
  12. Take feedback about FM2015 to the official feedback thread. Thank You
  13. How is something like this not picked up during internal and/or beta testing. I dont understand. What is the point of testing.
  14. As night follows day you can be sure this will be locked with a 'Leave FM2015 feedback in the feedback thread' cop out. Even though anything positive to do with FM2015 is not given this moderation treatment. Anyway.... FM2015 is a giant step backwards in my opinion. The game is loaded with bugs, inconsistencies and illogical game events occurring time and time again for many many people. The new UI is shockingly ugly and just does not make sense at all, and even more shocking is the terrible tactics screen. Whilst I found a custom skin that allowed me to finally get through more than one match, nothing can save this divorce given the appalling hideous tactic screen. Whoever invented that needs to go and work for Randy Pitchford over at Scambox. Terrible game design. The new animations have somehow made watching a match an eye hurting prospect. FM2014 looked decent enough, FM2015 takes a step backwards making matches kind of comical Football manager was my faithful mistress for over ten years, but I cannot continue this affair with FM2015. What is this obsession with everyone making their products look like windows 8. Horrid block colours that is somehow considered sexy. I will not return to my mistress until somebody has a serious word with themselves and restores the mistress into her former glory. With FM2015, Sports Interactive have done a Windows 8. Simple as that.
  15. With the amount of bugs and data errors does anyone here know the point of public beta testing other that to secure pre-orders? This post follows the house rules to an absolute T. I have studied it in depth very much so. It does not break ANY rules at all. I would suggest the moderators follow their own rules instead of anonymously removing topics in a cowardly fashion.
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