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  1. PLaying as Vit. Guimaraes, I was not able to register players for Euro Cup II Best placed 4th Qual round 22th Aug 2021 and lost heavily to Antwerp.
  2. Could you please explain what bug that is you refer to? I dont wanna get invested in a long term save if there is smth wrong with regens
  3. I found these players that look really good (no idea about their hiddens though): (this is one year into the game, July 2020): Al-Soma is available on a free after the first season
  4. C+ The 1-1 draw with Norwich cast a shadow over our triple-winning season. LOL!
  5. Ok, thanks! I will leave my post up just to boast that I beat City 7-0 and have Kane, Haaland and Sancho
  6. May 20/21 with Liverpool, I just beat City to go 1 point clear with one match less played and four matches remaining of the season. I am now a 90% chance of winnning the PL, I would say. I am also in the FA cup and CL final. Yet i suddenly receive a notification from the board that they are very disappointed that I have failed to challenge for the PL title. I had to beg for more time and was lucky to be given more time. Must be a bug? Disregarding that I am in pole position to win the title, how can the board with four games left decide I failed? Also, the players wanted to have a team meeting because I failed and I had to tell them we will challenge next season instead, lol.
  7. Are the regen faces modeled so that they can used in the 3D engine? The modeling of the faces look like they also can age. Is this the case? Will a regen start to look older as seasons pass by? (something that is more difficult to do with a photograph)
  8. Lolololol, cant play with all these injuries (19.1). Since the update I have had Firmino (4-6 weeks), Mane (3-5 weeks), Salah (2-3 weeks), Fabinho (2 weeks), Shaqiri (2-4 weeks), Semedo (6-8 weeks) in 4 matches!! Loolololol. This is in April and I have the CL, FA Cup and league to compete in. Fun! Really fun
  9. Another issue I am encountering is that I use the feature "Continue Game Timeout" set at 5 seconds. Sometimes, the countdown continues regardless if i move or click the mouse. Is it a known bug?
  10. Injury Manager 19 Playing as Liverpool, I dont think I have played with the same 11 twice in a row all season. Salah-Mane-Firmino combo? Yeah right, at least one injured at all times. Ridiculous.
  11. Check this site out: https://2game.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=football+manager+19 If you get the code from the Youtube channel 'Golden FM' (in the description of his FM19 feature reveal vid) then you will shave off another 10%. I got it for under 30 quid.
  12. In previous FMs, the calls made by refs on disallowing goals were always correct, i e an offside was never wrongly called. Has this changed? IRL there are ambiguous calls all the time, even with VAR. It would be nice if this was in the FM19.
  13. There are basically two ways to lose a player, isnt there: 1) The hard way: Contracts are run down or release clauses are met and there is nothing you can do. PLanning ahead to avoid these things could possibly work. (2) The soft way: Players start becoming unhappy and ask to leave. I think here many manager eventually give in to demands simply because the wording of the player seems to adamant. However, often there is a way back for an unhappy player and the player might actually drop the issue if you just deny them their dream move. I have found that sometimes you just have to tough it out and accept you are not the player's fave person for a while and then things improve.
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