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  1. Just curious to know- how long does it take everyone to complete one season on average? Trying to see if my laptop is super slow or if it is ok as it takes me about 20 hours to complete a season. Does that sound right?
  2. Hi guys. Thanks for all the fantastic saves. Looking forward to cracking on with a few of those. Quick question though- what sort of computer specs has everyone got to be loading 300k + players?? Whenever I load a new save with anything close to 70k my computers performance is terrible and the estimated game speed star rating on the setup page drops to half a star! Just curious to know what everyone is running as I'm changing my laptop soon (hopefully). Thanks
  3. Limmy- what tactic are you using? That's so unbelievable results you've got there. Top stuff!
  4. hi Guys, I just started a new save with the new patch and what i'm finding is that i cant seem to score any penalties. Is anyone else finding this? I've have 10 penalties this season and all have been missed. Is there anything i can do about this? thanks
  5. My existing strike force consists of Fierro, Chamakh, Graham, Babacar, Nene (retrained as a ST), Wellington Nem. Who do you think I most need to make an all round strike force?
  6. Buying Player Name: Iker Muniain Your Team: Swansea Seller: Athletic Player's Value: £5.25m Offer: £22m (£8m + £14m over next 48 months) Season: 2nd OR Buying Player Name: Alexandre Lacazette Your Team: Swansea Seller: Lyon Player's Value: £5.5m Offer: £13m (£2m + £11m over next 48 months) Season: 2nd WHo shall i sign as I need to strengthen my front line. Alternatively, CSKA want £19m for Doumbia? Which of the 3?
  7. Hi Guys, I'm into the 2nd season with Villa and I've had bids for Gary Medel and Cheick Tiote both accepted. Both are costing the same-ish amount. Who would be a better signing to replace Stilyan Petrov in the long run? Thanks
  8. Ah thanks for clearing that up. I thought perhaps I was just seeing things! Looks quality, but he's already gone to PSV in my save and I don't think I'll be able to tempt him to White Hart Lane for a few seasons yet.
  9. Why is he Belarussian on the first screen shot and Brazilian on the second one?
  10. Hello all... I've been away from FM for the last 6 months (dont know why?!) and this is my first save on 11.3 so any suggestions as to who to sign to start with? From what i can tell from this thread and various others, Eden Hazard is a good player to start with? Any other suggestions would be most welcome Thanks
  11. Much appreciated! I'll give it a go and report back. Thanks
  12. See you've been doing the exact opposite of me then....scoring and defending well. My players could hit a barn door at the mo! If u have got a tactic that you got upload it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hey, im playing as the Reds but struggling big time. I've tried numerous tactics but to no avail. Does anyone have a tactic thats worked well for them or can they point me in the direction of a decent tactic? Thanks
  14. Brilliant OP I'll give the Saints a go just because this thread is so good. Nice one
  15. Just started a new save with Chelsea. Loving the demo so far. The only thing I have noticed is that AI goal keepers seem to be ridiculousy good!? Has anyone else noticed this. I've had the likes of Drogba and Lampard (who are very good one-on-one) up against lower prem teams and the keepers are saving everytime. Has anyone else noticed this?
  16. Just came across this guy at the end of the 1st season. Only draw back is that he only plays in one position (MR/AMR). I'd love him to be an AMC
  17. Does anyone have a screenshot of Yannis Tafer 4-5 seasons into the game? Does he develop into a good player?
  18. I'm completely new to this so apologies if this is a stupid question but if i want to change the attribute colours, I have to change the 'code' as described above. But where is the 'code' located on my computer? I'm using the default dark skin at the moment. Thanks
  19. How is Aly Cissokho rated in the game this year? Last year he was quite average but i can imagine him having quite a boost this time around. Is he good enough to cut it at a top 4 EPL team?
  20. Are all these regens from the first season because i thought you didnt get regens in the first season?
  21. No you can get regens at the start. They're just not very good
  22. Brilliant idea. I'm not a fan of naming stadia after ex-players/managers in the game as it is not done that often, if at all, in real life
  23. Thats is the most ridiculous fixture list i have ever seen. good luck with that
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