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  1. Just curious to know- how long does it take everyone to complete one season on average? Trying to see if my laptop is super slow or if it is ok as it takes me about 20 hours to complete a season. Does that sound right?
  2. Hi guys. Thanks for all the fantastic saves. Looking forward to cracking on with a few of those. Quick question though- what sort of computer specs has everyone got to be loading 300k + players?? Whenever I load a new save with anything close to 70k my computers performance is terrible and the estimated game speed star rating on the setup page drops to half a star! Just curious to know what everyone is running as I'm changing my laptop soon (hopefully). Thanks
  3. Limmy- what tactic are you using? That's so unbelievable results you've got there. Top stuff!
  4. Does anyone have a screenshot of Yannis Tafer 4-5 seasons into the game? Does he develop into a good player?
  5. How is Aly Cissokho rated in the game this year? Last year he was quite average but i can imagine him having quite a boost this time around. Is he good enough to cut it at a top 4 EPL team?
  6. Thats is the most ridiculous fixture list i have ever seen. good luck with that
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