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  1. Am I the only one who feels that the bias towards English teams & players is completely unbalanced? I own every copy of FM/CM since the original one in the early 90's. I don't know how long I've had this on my mind (probably at least since FM2005), but it seems that English teams, and players are completely out balanced compared to their actual ability in the real footballing world. I mean, in the last 20 years, there have been a total of 4 English teams to win the CL. The English national team has won 0 UEFA European Champonships, since its inception in the 1960's. The English national team has won 1 World Championship, 49 years ago. So how come in FM, the English teams will usually win the CL or at least make the final almost every year, and the national team will usually win at least a world cup or two, with the added Euro here and there, plus some world class players regenerated all the time? It just all feels way too biased.
  2. ok i found it. Under assign scout, as opposed to the older get report which gets the report based on the staff responsibilities section
  3. I'm trying to wrap my head around how to get 100% knowledge on a player, for instance if he plays in south america, which I never load the leagues, but do load players. If I set scout reports to be 3 matches, it seems to go through all my queued players, but not all get 100% knowledge. will asking for more reports do the trick? has that been taken into account?
  4. i Play a 41221 on very fluid with mostly control. I have an anchor man in the DM position, with long shots of 20, but no matter which instructions i give him, he never shots as goal from that position. He does have a shoot more often, and i can see him getting into shooting range, just never takes a pop. any ideas? i do need him to be doing his defensive anchor work, as it is essential for the tactic
  5. So I played a few more games, tweaking and playing around with decent results alotgether. I Wanted to try and shift back to my MC-MC-AM midfield, as it works better with the kind of players i have. Settled on a CM-D CM-S AM-S as a starting point. Defense is FB-S - CD-D X2 FB-S my 2 IF have been moved to MR/L position, with WM - A , get further forward, sit narrower. Defensivly, this was very solid, I did concede a few more goals, (especially right after changing the formation) but again only 1 came from the wings. opposed to the 4/5 I scored that way, I guess it makes me feel better on the shape of defense. I need a few more tweaks, as I'm giving away possession a lot, and I feel the defensive line is too deep. So there is more work for sure To conclude and address the OP. Having AMR/L makes you far more exposed to those moves. no one else is tracking down far enough. this isn't easily resolved by just giving a more defensive duty to yourwingers, so the best solution in this case is to have them start out at MR/L. for me as I wanted them to be an IF role, adding some PI got them to perform the tasks. There was an added bonus of them tracking back more, which was they would get the ball facing the defense, in space, and since they are very good dribblers and finishers, there goalscoring numbers have improved actually. My only concern with this is how having my wingers that are ineffectual in the MR/L positions achieve the same results from their natural spot as AM. Or how much am I really hampering their performance since they are out of position?
  6. To further add, I've been playing with this tactic experiment for the whole day now, looking at all the match on full, pausing to see what happens when possession changes, how pressure is applied and so on. I the last 7 matches, starting with a brand new tactic, i conceded 7 goals, and scored 24. Only 1 of those 7 came from the above issue. So far i found that the most effective thing is to actually have your AMR/L sit at the MR/L position, and being instructed to get further. this causes them to track back, while not closing down the oppnt, or even track back if the ball is on the other flank. coupled with a CM-D, I get a very solid defensive shape. In fact 3/7 goals conceded came from corners, 1 from the winger, 1 from a counter, and 2 from good attacking moves. Teams also are having trouble even creating chances, I beat Arsenal away 3-0 and they had no CCC, and destroyed PSG 4-0 at home. more updates on results to come.
  7. that's an insteresting point, i did want to have the AP push forward more then he is at the moment. but I like the idea of having 3 techincal,creative midfielders (currently irllmandi , hughes and erikson) where 2 of them can do go defensive work in the middle of the pitch, with the 3rd as a back up when facing tough opposition. I think that having the wm get a bit further and narrower will provide alot of passing options from anywhere on the pitch. I can probably try and reduce the through balls as well to counter out the roles.
  8. So looking at the first match with the new tactic. made it a 4141 flat, very fluid, control and left everything else blank. Roles - GK - D CWB-A X2 CD - D X2 (DM)RGA - S (CM)DLP - D (CM)AP - S WM - A X2 AF - A facing a 41221 formation. First half no key highlights to speak of. losing the battle of possession (match wide) 54/46 (normally i have around 60% possession, but this is work in progress). leading 1-0 at hf, goal from corner. 48th minute, 2-0, after a good cross from the left. 58th minute, 3-0, counter attack 70th minute, 4-0, penalty. so far very solid, not giving away any chances, however not controlling the game at all. so far, no passes in behind the defense, especially to the wingers. i can see the regista sitting well, and while the opposing CF is dropping a bit deeper, the CB won't follow until he gets the ball, however the RGA is right there to close the gap, so it seems very solid. 75th minute. defense line broken for the first time, a bad pass in the middle of the pitch, R winger cuts inside, and finds the left winger over the top of the right back. luckily, GK saves. 84th minute, good attack from opponent, goal scored from a shot by MC just outside the box. (can't complain) 87th minute, opps LW gets by WM and FB, and crosses well for a CF header, 4-2. again, can't complain. especially since i was at 4-0 up, end of match, didn't make any subs. I also didn't change anything during the match. 90 minutes playing the same. Made 6 shots, 4 on target (leathel). Passing was 78% / 89% / 78% - great in the mid, not good enough in the back. Other notes: Wide midfielders are too wide, need to get them to sit tighter, i want more of an IF role, just coming from deeper. this was also evident in how the FB/WM were way to close to each other on the line. they do however aid in the closing down of the opposing winger, which is great help, and prevents the easy 2 on 1 when a FB comes into an attacking position. I'm playing FMC, so I have to relay on my eyes more then any tools... (aka , results may vary )
  9. I think other aspects come into play as well obviously, decision making and team work, along with aggression are the first to come to mind. I'm also wondering if there are line of sight checks that happen, so what we see as obviously a mistake would have been viewed differently have we been in the player's point of view.
  10. I think unfortunately, what you are describing has to do with not having anyone to pick him up. i've noticed this very much when not having a DM in the side. Best solution i found is having a dlp-d, which tends to drop back further, and picks up the striker. but this is a flaw in the formation itself. I miss the very old "edit positions" from early CM. you could just tell everyone where you want them to be according to where the ball is. I wonder if "Hold position" will help with that as well. The description makes it seems as this is an attacking thing only, but worth a try.
  11. @Dave9ffc That is a good advice, and is what I'm trying to achieve. I've noticed I struggle way more against a flat 442, and was considering this option as well. One noticable thing as well as you pointed out, is that one of the CB usually will have to move forward out to try and stop the passer, which makes the pass and space so much larger. I guess I will try and inverting the mid field trio, go DM-CM-CM, and maybe even push the FB to WB. In fact maybe even having the wingers start deeper will create a more fluid attacking scheme, as they can get the ball with a bit more space. I'll give it a try for a few games, see how much difference it makes.
  12. Ok. So there are a few things. @bieritarier I basically have the same setup, and have gone through the same thought / tweaking process as you did. One thing you have to consider though, when changing tactics, there is (i feel, from my observations) a period of adjustment for the players, so if you play the same match over and over, your results might not be as accurate as if the team have been running with the formation/roles combination for a few games at least. Aside from that, I second everything you say, especially on how the AI press your team. The best result I had (over a season) was having the center mids be a CM-D and DLP (S/D , depending on the match). coupled along with a high line, and both CB on Cover duty. this causes the center mids to drop a bit deeper when the defenders get the ball, and offer another passing option. I also had the team playing narrower and with control / attacking mentality. Another thing that helps is having the team "be more disciplined", and obviously having the wingers man mark their opposing number or the fb. Still, I'm having trouble stopping that specific move, or at least cut it down, in my current season. and I would love if someone can help with creating a more well organized - team pressure scheme. For the record, here is the tactics: G (D) - Distribute to defenders, pass it shorter CWB (A) - Fewer Risky, Stay Wider, Shoot Less CD © CD © CWB (A) - Fewer Risky, Stay Wider, Shoot Less DLP(D) DLP(S) IF (S) Sit Narrower AP(S) (sometimes turns into AM (S/A)) IF(S) Sit Narrower AF(A) TI - Work ball into box, play out of defense, retain possession, shorter passing, hassle opponents, higher tempo, play narrower Control / Very fluid
  13. So I'm sure everyone seen this. CF gets the ball with a bit of space, draw one (or worse, both) CB, winger runs past FB that is completely oblivious, gets the ball and scores. I'm getting most goals like that. How can I stop this?
  14. Try and give your players more rest, tick rest before and after match, and combine it with rest instructions for players that appear to tire more quickly (low stamina / natural fitness).
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