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  1. Board are complaining I'm not signing enough high profile players (refusing to acknowledge my speciality is making great players, not buying them) so I've signed a still-high rep Harry Kane. His pace is barely in double digits now so I'm retraining him for midfield where pace isn't as important.

  2. And we've done it, first premier league win (and we won everything else too). Super hard start as I was away to all the top clubs in a row, but recovered nicely before a little wobble towards the end and sealing the deal on the very last day of the season by losing 4-2 to Spurs while the other teams threw it away.


    With the same tactical approach as last season, the goal scoring was spread across far more players than usual. Pellegri still managed to finish 4th with 20 goals in 28 games in the league. Also nice to see Adam Armstrong do so well out on loan at Norwich.


    Our scorer spread for this season is:

    • Pellegri - 46 apps, 30 goals, 6 assists
    • Francois - 44 apps, 22 goals, 10 assists
    • Saint-Maximin - 50 apps, 21 goals, 18 assists
    • Guebbels - 36 apps, 15 goals, 9 assits
    • Reinier - 40 apps, 13 goals, 8 assists

    Final table (look how badly the top three teams ended the season to crown me champions):


    Seasonal milestone:


    In (£49m):

    • Summer
    • Filipe Todorovic - £8.5m, Red Star
    • Jeremy Ngakia - £5m, Brighton
    • Teden Mengi - £7.25m, Bournemouth
    • Winter
    • Noni Madueke - £19.25m, Chelsea

    Out: (£205m):

    • Summer
    • Rodrigo Vilca - £30m, Zenit
    • Sean Longstaff - £85m, Arsenal ( :( )
    • Ainsley Maitland-Niles, £20m, Sheff Utd
    • Ademipo Odubeko - £13.5m, Brighton
    • Devyne Rensch - £82m, Hertha BC ( :( )
    • Jamie Douglas - £12.75m, Everton

    Plus again the usual in and outs of youth players, frees and loans. This is what Everton baffingly spent £12.75m on:


  3. Couple of crazy cheap signings made this season.

    Got Madueke for £19.25m (Chelsea), Robaina for £4m (Nacional) and Todorovic (Red Star) for £8.5m. 


    Technically £19.25 is the third highest transfer fee I've paid, but it's still cheap as hell even before you look at how good the player is (Tonali at £20.5m and Edwards at £25.5m top the charts).

  4. My first team based on numbers:

    • GK: 1/12 (Lafont/Woodman)
    • DR: 27 (Curtis)
    • DL: 15/2 (Lewis/Ruggeri)
    • DC: 11 (Yevgenjev)
    • DC: 2 (Felipe)
    • DM: 8 (Todorovic)
    • MC: 9 (Ibanez)
    • MC: 4 (Longstaff)
    • AMR: 10 (Maximin)
    • AML: 21/16 (Reinier/Francois)
    • ST: 26/7 (Pellegri/Geubbels)

    Those with two numbers I rotate far too often as there's no difference in quality.

    My first 11 by numbers are:

    1. Goalkeeper
    2. Centre Back
    3. Left Back
    4. Centre Midfield
    5. Centre Midfield
    6. Centre Midfield
    7. Striker
    8. Defensive Midfield
    9. Centre Midfield
    10. Winger
    11. Centre Back
  5. 3 minutes ago, Robokid87 said:

    Can anything be done about a player with crap natural fitness? Picked a 19 year old CB up from Real Madrid on a free, looks pretty handy but only has 5 natural fitness - is that going to compromise him for his whole career or is it something that can sort itself out in time?

    It'll improve a couple of attribute points naturally most likely, but it's never getting great.

  6. We're doing it - gap closed with Liverpool after they had a "poor" season, but Man Utd are still terrifying. Very, very stable performance all season.


    A shift in tactical focus to spread the goals around the team, plus heavy rotation up front, sees only one striker make it into the Goals charts this season.


    Pellegri being my only flat-out striker sees him leading my charts with 16 goals in 27 games, but with heavy rotation with other players (who also played in other positions) we managed more goals this season that I think we ever have in total. I can't be bothered to check, but I assume so based on the improved performances. No-one makes it to the top 5 on the minutes-per-goal list this season. My top five scorers is a nice healthy chart, though:

    1. Pietro Pellegri - 42 apps, 29 goals, 8 assists
    2. Willem Guebbels - 46 apps, 19 goals, 8 assists
    3. Gregory Francois - 43 apps, 18 goals, 1 assist
    4. Allan Saint-Maximin - 40 apps, 13 goals, 15 assists
    5. Adam Armstrong - 22 apps, 11 goals, 3 assists

    Really lacking that striker with the clinical record of Wilson though (who still managed 2 goals in his only 2 apps this season).

    Final table:


    As you can see, Liverpool totally blew it at the end of the season, allowing me to overtake them, with Man City having an absolutely atrocious end to the season as well. Glad to see Wolves get relegated as they're always one of my bogey teams.

    Not many achievements to date with Newcastle so we really need to start stepping up properly. We have three FA Cups to our name, but not much else:


    In (£22.5m):

    • Summer
    • Juan Sardini (newgen) - £8.5m, Boca
    • Roger Solís (newgen) - £8m, Boca
    • Richard González (newgen) - £4.2m, River
    • Winter
    • Reinier - £1.9m, Real Madrid

    Out (£83m):

    • Summer
    • Jamaal Lascelles - £6m, Burnley
    • Lyanco - £27.5m, Almería
    • Tony Smith (newgen) - £7m, Fulham
    • Winter
    • Marcus Edwards - £60m, Arsenal

    As usual a bunch of releases and shedloads of loans too. For those interested in the newgens:



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