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  1. Will this tactic be updated to the latest patch?
  2. From december till yesterday it was everything fine now from today everytime I enter the game I see the everything distored + a black box comes up with these words "Application has been blocked for accesing graphics hardware" and the game freezes someone please knows what happened?
  3. On paper seems a good tactic I will try it BUT when you post a tactic you have to give full details! and I agree with your nickname juventus is rubentus
  4. When we should play the counter 1 and when the contain? or they just 2 seperate tactics?
  5. Finally someone with a real conte chelsea tactic! hope it is good
  6. Did an epic half season with Tottenham but now like ever freakin tactic it starts a winless streak.....have still to find that tactic that remains stable for the entire season....
  7. The 3 at the back should be all CB, the problem for me are the positions of those 3 infront......as aml/r they don't cut inside enough and if you play them amc they don't defend.....
  8. The 2nd formation probably the ideal
  9. The Hazard and Pedro positions on fm now I think should be 2 F9 or DLF
  10. With Pedro-Hazard IF doesn't work?
  11. Can you post a screenshot?
  12. 3-4-3 is the most difficult formation to master in FM, and like everyone I'm amazed with how Chelsea are playing Someone posted a screenshot with 2 AMC and striker and seeing Chelsea's last 5 games you can clearly see that Hazard and Pedro both stay wide and cut inside so AMC is not correct, and on the wings quiet frankly don't know if they are better WM or WB......
  13. The game until 16.2 was fine but now with 16.3 sometimes the game freezes with a black screen...how to solve this problem?
  14. after the update when I start a save the game crashes.....when this thing will be solved?