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  1. Slovakian International! Just got back into the squad recently when he was at Carlisle as well. I think we offered him a contract, can't remember. He has games where he will look very commanding and solid and a defender better then league 1 standard but then he will go through big runs of games where he is a bit trash, very very slow and can make silly errors. If he starts well it will probably take a while for your fans to work out he is a bit **** as his good points stand out, winning headers and really well timed lunging slide tackles, however people will eventually get that most of the tackles he has to try and make and he won't make all of them are due to horrendous positioning. Overall I think he is fine for league 1 though.
  2. Zoko is pretty much a luxury player, he is really good on his day, his days just come in spurts annoyingly, will infuriate a lot of fans as he can completely drift out of games also will do 0 work defensively if you play him on the wings. Was dropped last season around x-mas time and wasn't getting back into the team until Loy broke his leg but he had a very good end to the season when his contract was coming up.
  3. Carlisle sign Danny Cadamarteri to go along with Mike Edwards, they are replacements for Michalik and Zoko, not very exciting either of them but need to replace some depth.
  4. Most open league in a while I think, finally got rid of the majority of the big teams, Leeds, Southampton, Huddersfield etc only Sheffield Utd left really who I could see running away with it. Carlisle to come a solid 11th.
  5. the debt the Manchester United have in the game is right but i dont think the financial model can handle such extremeties also i doubt that all the sponsership deals are in place as the Man Utd advertising machine will be churning out the money but if you are sensible with your transfer budget then you can stay out of administration.
  6. influence is the main one to look at then i tend to look at other the mental attributes
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