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  1. if you use opz skin, you can see the role that they are playing. can be more easy to idetify who is the playmaker.
  2. I would like to suggest one thing to all users: Instead of using the names of the tactics, use the ID numbers, so it will be easier for everyone to identify them
  3. Yes, Fast save simulated with fiorentina (media pred 8th) Finish 1st, best attack with 105 gol
  4. Thanks KNAP, I want to ask you if testing tactic in hollyday mode (without team talk by assistant manager) is a waste of time?!
  5. Good morning guys, Can someone put a link of the 4-3-1-2 please?! The most popular one, I can't find it.
  6. florinho,what team talks you use?! ..and if you use the assistant for the teamtalks,what are the attribute to search for he?!
  7. i ask it again: if i have an assistant with 20 motivation, will he give me the best teamtalk for every match ?! and if i use fmrte and he have all the skills with 20 ?!
  8. Kwoot: my defenders are 120CA and 66% positional rating...not so good!!!
  9. 3 promotion in 3 years... media prediction 20th....this is incredible.....i have some player that played in serie c in my team now!! upload images
  10. 2 years, 2 promotion.....best attack....!!! hosting images
  11. yes...very very bad tactic...: image upload only 2nd place like as new promoted team....LOL! and a very good run in the cup game.... image upload we lost only 2-0 against a good team serie A like Lazio...
  12. 1st official match: cup game away vs sarie A team...yes, very bad tactic!!!! (LOL) hosting images
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