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  1. I would like to suggest one thing to all users: Instead of using the names of the tactics, use the ID numbers, so it will be easier for everyone to identify them
  2. Thanks KNAP, I want to ask you if testing tactic in hollyday mode (without team talk by assistant manager) is a waste of time?!
  3. last match against Bundesliga winner: 3 gol from my right striker...an 1 from MC one more time vodu, thanks so mutch...
  4. i try a lot of tactic here (mr hough, fuss,ecc,ecc) but only this fantastic 4-4-2 is working everywhere in the world: i win 2 slovenian premier and 2 slovenian cup in 2 years with maribor,3rd at the group stage in champions (with barca,benfica,leverkusen),not bad...after, i win (in only 3 month of work) the brazilian division with flamengo (from 9th to 1st) and the copa sudamericana (the europa league in south america)...and now i'm in 2014 in germany with eintracht, and i hope this fantastic carrer continue.... Thank you so mutch for sharing! (sorry for bad english)
  5. vodu, can you put some search filter please?! thx for your great tactic!
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