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  1. If by "excellent otherwise" you mean they're cheap and they deliver the product you paid for, then sure, I guess. But if they don't have a help desk, they are hard to get a hold of, and they don't respect the customer rights, then how good are they really? Judging a company from their customer support is usually a decent metric, and from what I'm seeing in this thread they should be avoided like the plague.
  2. I thought virtually every FM player was focused on that, so I'm surprised this hasn't been talked about more already. I guess I'll just have to wait and play around with it myself.
  3. Would love to know more about this. I hope that's the case though.
  4. Wait, are you saying you can still savescum? Have you played around with this?
  5. That sounds great. I'm not gonna lie, I often fell for the temptation to savescum that intake when I got an especially poor one, and I would prefer if that wasn't even an option. So that's definitely a big improvement imo.
  6. I'm still a bit on the fence about FM20, but judging from experience I'll probably end up buying it eventually. Anyway, in the meantime I've been reading about new features and the like, and noticed people saying you get a message several months before your youth intake telling you what positions to expect and a general hint about the ability of the players. I was wondering how this works, and I'm specifically interested in if the youth intake is actually decided several months beforehand. If so, does this mean SI have found a way to prevent savescumming the intake?
  7. That's entirely on you. Steam's refund policy is well-known, so if you played the game and then complain about it it's 100% on you. However, I've gotten games refunded despite having played over the 4hours they quote as the maximum. If you have a good reason and you present your case well, they may very well give you a refund despite not reaching the requirements. But Steam Support itself is very good, they used to have a long response time but that was years ago. I was recently in contact with them over a Steam client issue and every reply was within 24hrs.
  8. Haven't really touched the game after Christmas. It's what usually happens, I play the game a lot the first month or two, then my interest dies down over the holiday period. This year it's been exacerbated by the match engine, along with the game feeling even easier than before. I'm well aware that playing with a big team like Liverpool doesn't help in that regard, but it honestly feels like the easiest edition of FM I've ever played. But getting results easily by playing uninteresting football is just frustrating. It does seem better after 19.2, but it still feels like 19.2 should've been the beta. Not sure if I'll still be playing by the time 19.3 is released.
  9. Yes, in Extra Time you can use a 4th substitution. The rule was approved by FIFA for the World Cup back in March 2018. The Fa Cup, however, has been using the rule since the start of the 2016/17 season. And starting from the current 2018/19 season, the 4th substitution rule is also in play in the Champions League and Europa League after UEFA approved it. For the Carabao Cup, the 4th substitution rule is only in play in the Final. The reason for this is that there is no Extra Time in the earlier rounds; games go straight to a Penalty Shootout. EDIT: In fact this rule was in play last year as well, but was not implemented in FM 18 due to "technical difficulties" or however you wanna call it (ie. they couldn't implement it in time because it proved more complex than simply adding a rule).
  10. I think there are way better options out there, and no player is worth £200m.
  11. The game should update automatically. You can check ingame by clicking the FM icon and then 'Game Status' near the bottom of the list. Current version is 19.2.0-1173367 (m.e v1922).
  12. Loud crowd when playing United? Must be United's away matches then
  13. The player is not doing any individual training during the time he's taking the course. Not sure if there are any other cons.
  14. I disagree with most of this actually. Henderson might have a couple technical attributes overrated, but his physicals aren't. And saying his next stop will be a bottom/midtable team is just a strange prediction. Granted he won't go to City for £90m as he did in my save, but he's not exactly dead weight either. Clyne is definitely not overrated, he was just injured for basically a year and seems to not be the type of fullback Klopp is looking for, but he's always been an extremely solid and consistent defender. His attributes reflect this; he's not a very attacking fullback. The only reason he's doing well in FM is because most fullbacks get to do a thousand crosses each game so they rack up assists and high ratings. Keita has 170 PA which is very high. Ox is at 156 which is 2 below Henderson, I don't think he's underrated. As for van Dijk, he's a monster at 174 which is the same as Ramos and Bonucci, 2 higher than Varane and 3 higher than Hummels. He's already considered cream of the crop as far as centrebacks go. Not to mention he often brings the ball out of defence, he just doesn't do it all the time. A lot of the time he switches play too (which is reflected through the "tries long range passes"), but I'd rather say there's work needed in how the ME handles PPM's.
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