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  1. First Football Manager I've bought in almost 3 years - only got it to try something like this, went Lowestoft: Profile Page
  2. Thanks for the tip on McKay regarding creative freedom and pressing. He scored 2 and set 2 up in the first game I changed him.
  3. Just signed Super Ally as my assistant hehe.
  4. FIrst season: Won Div 3 - could have done that with my eyes shut. Final of Challenge Cup (beat 3-2 by Raith Rovers AET). Knocked out in first round of League Cup. Final of Scottish Cup (Beat 4-3 by Celtic, conceded in 87th minute) Best players: Templeton McCulloch Black Sandaza Best Youngsters: Gasparatto - first team next season McKay - gets a run of games now and then and was banging them in at one point. Strange happenings: News item after Scottish Cup final loss - "The defeat only serves to confirm the disappointment that the team only reached the final of the Scottish Cup". News item before Scottish Cup final loss - "Rangers favourites for Old Firm derby clash" Disappointed I only signed Herd on a one year loan. Next season I'll have to play Argyriou.
  5. I know, I can't believe how good he is in this game - it seems like pace and agility is a big help (it looks like he just breezes past everyone in the highlights) coupled with his good key stats for a goalscoring striker. He plays as a poacher obviously. He got into the 2017 world team of the year - 71 goals in 46 matches. He also reckons he can do better - I "passionately" praised his finishing in front of goal after he scored 6 and a perfect 10.0 rating in one game and he said he doesn't understand why I was getting worked up, he could do better.
  6. I'm sure there's newgens with better attributes than this guy, but in matches he plays like he's from a different planet. Name is "Mario Bajsic". He's already a club legend at 20 years old. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. Things are going alot better in League 2 and got Man U away in the FA cup 3rd round, so alot better.
  8. Finding League 2 after going pro very tough. Anyone have any tips?
  9. Lowestoft 4th season Finished 4th and won the playoff final against Crewe. New signings Kamil Wiktorski and Benik Afobe were great. Peter Leven is still my most important player though. Went with a new approach and played the first team in the cups. It benefitted the performance alot - 2nd round of the FA cup and winning the FA trophy. Not only that it helped the bank balance alot - I have £354k in the bank. Most assists - Peter Leven Top Goalscorer and highest average - Benik Afobe (also top scorer in the division) Best defender - Kamil Wiktorski League table Career Overview Code: Season League End Position Achievements 2011-12 BSN 15th 2012-13 BSN 1st Promoted, BSN Champs, Christiano Kisuka BSN top scorer 2013-14 BSP 6th 2014-15 BSP 4th FA Trophy Winners, Playoff winners, Benik Afobe BSP top scorer
  10. You need to arrange them during pre-season to get 10-20k. During the season the most I can get is 3k.
  11. I can guarantee that it works, 23rd Sep and I've got 124k in the bank. No hidden costs. As a side note, I've signed a very good def this season, has scored 4 in one game - Kamil Wiktorski - http://img502.imageshack.us/i/kamilwiktorskiprofileat.png/
  12. The best way to get money in is to arrange friendlies by yourself. Always arrange away matches and look through the options for friendlies. You can get anything from 10k-20k for each friendly (usually from foreign teams). I have 2 per week for the first 2 months of the season (pre-season), so made around 150k doing this last season. It also means I don't have to worry about cups - I tend to rest my players in the cups. By the way, I found out about this because of the in-game FM message that told me to look for lucrative friendlies as it will help your bank balance. Thank you in-game tips!
  13. Lowestoft 3rd season Finished 6th but never really threatened the playoff places. I'm hopeful that this next season Lowestoft will get promoted. Managed to sign Laura Dalla Valle at the start of 2013-14 but was injured alot, hopefully he'll stay clear of injury this coming season and make a big impact. Overall Best Player and most assists - Peter Leven Top Goalscorer - Christiano Kisuka (also 2nd top scorer in the division) League table Career Overview Code: Season League End Position Achievements 2011-12 BSN 15th 2012-13 BSN 1st Promoted, BSN Champs 2013-14 BSP 6th
  14. Lowestoft 2nd season: League table Blitzed the BSN and finished 1st - increased consistency probably due to introducing 5 26-28 year olds into the squad. Although form stuttered slightly with 8 games to go again - 12 points ahead (lost 4 in a row). This time managed to halt it and ended up winning the last 3 though, ended up winning the league by 7 points. Does anyone know if something in the game causes this with approx 8 games to go? Best player and top scorer - Christiano Kisuka - again the strikers were dogged by injury, but Kisuka managed to play enough of the season to finish top BSN scorer. Most assists - Peter Leven - can't quite believe Lowestoft managed to get a player of his quality, not that I'm complaining.
  15. Lowestoft first season: Finished in 15th after losing 6 and drawing 2 in the final 8 games. Before that really bad run it was going alright and challenged the playoff places. The cups also didn't go very well, but I was resting players for them. Didn't make the first round in FA cup and also only won 1 match in the FA trophy. Best player and most assists - Nathan Rooney Top scorer (real problem as players kept getting injured) - Christiano Kisuka League table