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  1. Used v1 of this tactic to win promotion in my first season with Hartlepool in league 2. Finished 2nd, on equal points but 3 goals behind on GD. Excellent tactic, only problems were when I lost I usually lost HEAVY, like by 3 or 4 goals, which cost me a top spot finish. Will be using v4 a lot more in League 1 as it seems better for defending. Congrats on the tactics fella's. Thank you.
  2. Thanks robbie, looking forward to using this tactic with a lower league team.
  3. Hi guys. Im new to this forum and am really looking forward to trying out this tactic! My only problem is downloading the file! Ive managed to get the file onto my desktop as an icon but cant get any further. Can anybody tell me how to get the file from my desktop into my FM07? Any help will be much appreciated.
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