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  1. 17 year old player retires!

    Hi Marc, I only have 1 save, which is afterwards, and the auto-saves are from the same day, so unfortunately I don't have a save game from beforehand. The player was pretty average really so I'm not bothered about keeping him, just thought I'd report the bug. Thanks, Alistair
  2. 17 year old player retires!

    Just got this news item on FMH2013: "Preston Reserves' Dan Holdsworth has decided he is too old to play professional football. He officially announces his decision to retire at the end of the season." The player is only 17 and IIRC I only recently gave him a contract, he was previously a grey player in the reserve team. I can send my save game if needed.
  3. Lots of goals from corners

    Thanks for your reply, that's really helpful. I didn't realise that taking a holiday had such an effect, so that clears that up. I actually lost the first two games of the season and the 'harmony' rating never went above about 60% after a long run of wins but it makes sense that a very settled and confident team would over-perform. It would be great if the odds took form or league standings into account as it seems unrealistic that the 1st placed team would underdogs at home to the team in 15th! But that's a really minor part of the game anyway. I have 3 or 4 players that are good in the air (my central defender is rated 18 for heading and scored 10 goals in the season). I'd estimate that around 20% of our goals came from corners. The corner taker did get a good number of assists from open play too, and finished with 35 assists from 47 games. The coach's notes don't mention any ability at set pieces and his attributes are average (10 for crossing, most other stats are below 10). I didn't select any set piece takers though, so I suppose that means that he's the best as he's selected by default. I noticed more generally across several games that I started and played a season or two of, that my left wingers often got a really high number of assists. They were almost always the corner taker, and ended up with close to 1 assist per game. My right wingers would tend to get a more 'normal' number of assists, close to 10. Another pattern was that my full backs always seemed to get lower average ratings than the rest of the team. Most of the first eleven would be around a 7.0 rating, corner taker around 7.5, and the full backs around 6.3. I suppose this could be related to the opposition teams often playing a narrow formation without wingers. Quite often I'd substitute a full back with a 5 rating at half time, for a central defender played out of position, and the substitute would usually perform much better. Thanks for listening to my feedback, it's really great that your team is so responsive to your users. I think these are all quite minor details, I only notice them because the game is surprisingly detailed and realistic for a handheld app.
  4. Lots of goals from corners

    I've started a few different games (Blue Square North or South) and noticed that in each of them my team seems to score a lot from corners. For example, in my current game my corner taker is my fairly average left midfielder, who has 26 assists from 28 league appearances, which seems very high (the next best assister in the league has 10). I'm currently top of the league with a very average team, with a record of 21 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses. In spite of this, the odds before each match favour the opposing team at least half of the time, so it seems that something is a bit off. Out of curiosity, I saved my game at this point and took 1 month manager holidays until the end of the season, ending with a 21-7-14 record. I use the default 442 formation with no customisations, never change tactics, and the first eleven stayed largely the same, so it's a bit odd that the team does so much better when I'm in charge rather than my assistant. As much as I'd like to think that I'm a really good manager, it seems that the game is giving me a helping hand during matches. FMH is so good, but it would be great if I could increase the difficulty a bit. I really enjoy the challenge of playing as the underdog.
  5. Pre-contracts

    I just updated the game yesterday and it's even better than before. Thanks for all the improvements! I noticed one possible issue, but I'm not sure what the correct behaviour is, so perhaps someone can clarify. The current date in my game is the 3rd of March 2012, and I'm not yet able to offer pre-contracts to players with contracts ending on the 30th of June 2012. I'm playing as Maidenhead and approaching English players, and I believe that the rule is that you have to wait until the player is in the last month or some small number of weeks of their contract, so that seems fine. However, Dover Athletic have just offered a pre-contract to one of my players, with their contract ending on the same day as the players I'm approaching. Not a big deal really, but I thought it was worth flagging up.
  6. I noticed some odd behaviour related to players being promoted from the youth team. This was when playing as Eastbourne Borough in the Blue Square South. At the end of my first season, I had released a few players and demoted some to my reserves, leaving a first team squad of 16 players, while I looked for new players to sign. A player was promoted from the youth team to the first team. I decided to demote him to the reserves and loan him out, then hit Continue. When control returned from the game, I had another player promoted from the youth team. I was able to loop this behaviour, such that every couple of days a new player was promoted, resulting in around 20 players being promoted. Often these players had much better attributes than my established first team players (especially heading, which I believe was noted as a bug on another thread). So, perhaps the size of the reserve team's squad should be taken into account when promoting youth players to a small first team squad (it also might be a bit more realistic if they were promoted into the reserve team instead). Unfortunately I don't have the saved game file for this as the SD card in my phone died! I hope this feedback is useful, and I'm really enjoying the handheld version of the game, it takes me back to my student days