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  1. Mate if you read my post you would know that i dont care if i get banned. I don't think there is an English man alive with the wit to wind me up either. You come from a country of pedophiles and rapists. So don't say a word.
  2. Flanno, Why do you love celtic eh? They are Scottish. You can argue that they are Irish but the fact of the matter is that they are Scottish. So show me some respect if your going to support one my countrys teams. You inbred smack head.
  3. Mate the jokes more on you. Scottish people are running your teams. And getting paid crazy wages for it too.
  4. I am no simpleton. I am very smart. But i like to speak my mind and let it be known that i hate the English. Obviously i can tell people think im an arsehole from my posts, and obviously to the English (seeing as im slating them) i am.
  5. We have done nothing. Because we are crap. But at least we dont pretend to be something were not. Plus the future looks bright for us. Seeing as we have a Scottish manager in charge again. Cant say the same for other countrys though.
  6. Flanno, i have noticed recently that the Irish have been kissing the English arse on football forums recently. Scotland still hate your guts England.
  7. I dont give a **** what people from the internet think about me. I dont give a **** about getting bans from forums that i hardly post on either. England are a **** team. Get over it. Done nothing sinse 66. And you have failed to get into a majour tourny.
  8. Shut your mouth scum. Being Scottish it's in my heart to hate the English. But im not biased against there league. I am allowed to like the German league better if i like. Your all jumping on the bandwagon saying "your a tool" "your idiotic" but the truth is your all just wankers who will do anything to defend your pathetic country. I hate all English people, they are ****in *****s. Fifa love you aswell. England failed to get into Euro this year above Croatia and Russia. Scotland narrowly missed out thanks to the unlucky draw (which we seem to get quite alot). YET you are still somehow quite high up the fifa rankings?
  9. England has a huge head. Not ambition. Plus i disagree that the EPL is better than the Bundes liga. Great standard of football over there. And alot of good teams. I think you English just hate them because of the war.
  10. Yes of course. They do have strong teams and im not putting down single teams it's just the league in general i don't think is the best. I think Spain Italy and Germany have better teams in there leagues.
  11. Counts for nothing unless you win.
  12. So do you think England have the best national team. The best league. And the best clubs?
  13. You people are fools, because the press say barcelona want Lampard and Madrid want Gerrard doesnt mean that it's true. So don't give me that pish. Spain Italy and Germany have better leagues in MY opinion. As i said before the English league is only rated so high by the English because of the massive price tags on average players.
  14. You English will never hear a word against your footballers. It's pointless to even try to make you people see because you just skim the post and insult me.
  15. Don't attempt to argue with me nostromo. You didn't have the wit to spot a blatant joke.