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  1. How do people use mentality? I'm struggling to get it right, is it easier to stick with one mentality and change things up with shouts? If so how do you pick the starting mentality? Or if you are someone that changes it to match different oppositions and match situations how do you decide on that? I'm struggling to put together consistent results, I have read many posts and I feel I have a food combination of roles and duty's for my formation, I feel I just don't fully understand how the get the team as a whole on the right mentality per game.

    Any feedback is welcome, I just want to understand the game well enough to make it fun again

    Any approach can work. I like to change mentality; depending on the where the AI is giving me space (it's usually in behind their high line or in front of their deep defence). Some people change shouts to exploit spaces.

  2. Can anyone then suggest a set of team instructions for possession based arsenal side?

    Didn't seem to be a lot wrong with your original possession based instructions! Maybe more creative freedom and roaming due to the lack of space caused by your high line/pressing. Try to get the players to find little pockets in tight spaces. You lack variation down the wings, perhaps alter the roles on one side. Is a winger on attack going to play possession stuff? Target Man? What kind of supply is he receiving? Is it in line with a possession game?

  3. Great advice pele! Was thinking the same, as I went down 2-0 in the 1st leg away to Bayern, was totally outplayed by them since they pressed me damn high. Back to home, I switch to "Fluid" and "Control", and trying to press them instead, I went 3-0 up in the 1st 30 mins, then they switch and press me from my back again, they scored 1 back, I switch to "Drop Deeper" "Clear to Flanks" "Pass to Space" "Higher tempo" "More direct", but their keeper saved their lives and end up I been eliminated by away goal :(

    My next question would be: Scorers always got the rating of above 7.5 or 8, is it fine if others average around 6.8 to 6.9? Is it mean they contribute little or played average game?

    Players without assists/goals tend not to score very highly, unless, as is sometimes seen, the whole team puts in a super star performance, then everybody seems to score highly. 6.7 > is a grand rating for non goal scorers or assist players.

  4. Thanks! Have changed accordingly from CM(S) to CM(D) and switch him to FB(A) side to cover defensively. However, the problem in which I opt for DLF(S) instead of AF(A) is from the game, my forward wasn't involve as much as I wanted to. Yes, I agree that DLF(S) will drop to AM strata thus congested that area and no one at the end of my attack except my IF(A), but when I play my forward as DLF(S), he tends to drop deep and usually have a quick short passing between himself and the AP(S), and pass it forward to my IF to score, which I think better than the AP(S) controlling the ball alone in that area without anyone near him for short pass (assuming my AP(S) is being marked tightly). Anyway just my thoughts, will improve further on my understanding on it.

    Next question is how if I am up against a strong team that tend to play narrow, high pressing game? Initially I change my TI to drop deeper and bring my AMR/L to MR/L to defend, but still am like inviting them into my final third, and with their star players able to open up the space with their skills, I am being pressed heavily.

    Then I switched to push higher up, hassle opponent, thinking to stop their attack from back, left them little time to build up the attack momentum, yet am being exposed to through ball into space for their forwards to run into.

    Hmmm, advice please?

    If you are playing against a stronger team who are pressing you high, it would be a strategy to play more direct from out of the back, moving the ball quicker from the backline will hopefully by pass their press and open up spaces that they leave in behind. If the AI is narrow, then you have space out wide don't you?

    As for your DLFs thoughts, absolutely if it is working for you with these players, then absolutely leave it be.

  5. Have any tips to how you go about reading this?

    To be honest it's a massive thread to go through all the permutations. It's really an experience thing. The more you watch, tinker, mess up etc the more you learn. I will leave two threads which will do what your looking for way way better than I ever could

    THOGS step through a fair few matches implementing various strategies - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/382854-The-Mentality-Ladder-A-Practical-Framework-for-Understanding-Fluidity-and-Duty?p=9488066&viewfull=1#post9488066

    Cleons work in the thread building and maintaining a tactic - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/403153-Building-A-Tactic-From-The-Beginning-And-Maintaining-It-Long-Term?p=10029579&viewfull=1#post10029579

  6. Noted on your points. I did read this thread, just maybe I apply the wrong thing I guess?

    Anyway, if I switch DLF(S) to AF(A), and also CM(S) to CM(D), is it the correct way?

    Appreciate your feedback on this again pelejunior. Thanks

    It's more coherent and balanced. I'd put the CMd on the FBa side to cover the fullback. I'd think about making the IFs a Winger to give the APs the freedom of the AM stratta.

    You have to remember too, that although getting the balance of roles and duties correct is half the battle, the other half comes from getting match strategy correct. Perfectly logical roles and duties, pairs and combos can still fail spectacularly if your match strategy is flawed. This is where watching games is so vital.

    Best of luck!

  7. Dear all,

    I have slightly modified my team set up as below:

    Formation: 4-2-3-1

    Strategy: Control

    Fluidity: Fluid






    Team Instructions:

    Shorter Passing

    Get Stuck In

    Hassle Opponent

    More Expressive

    Play out of Defense

    Push Higher Up

    Any suggestion or feedback on this? Anything to tweak?

    I have tried DLP(S) instead of CM(S) but I notice DLP(S) stays slightly deeper, thus lack of some options in the middle of the park when in possesion (since my BBM already burst forward). Am I doing this correct by changing to CM(S)?

    My main goal threats came from both IF. My question is how can I get my striker to score more consistently as well to lower both my IF burdens? The reason I chose DLF(S) here with PI "Move into channels" is to create space for my IF to fill in and drops deeper to link up with my AP(S).

    Any feedbacks are highly appreciated. Please

    Did you read the OP? I find it impossible that you read the OP and didn't use a defend duty in central midfield. If your B2B is not getting forward enough, watch his performance in a match. Is there any room to burst into? Are the IFs, DLFs, CMs, and AMs occupying similar spaces? Looks like a can of packed tuna in the AM zone to me.

    The IFa is your most consistent man at getting into the box to get on the end of things. If I was a manager, I'd just nullify him and you would be little to no threat to me. Why? Because you got a zillion mail men (support duties) but only one package(attacking duty likely to finish moves). I find it incredible if you read this thread.

  8. How good are your defenders at playing out from the back? Are you getting pressed early into mistakes? You do have quiet an aggressive press for a middle range mentality, you might be getting pulled out of position in a too deep area of the pitch due to heavy pressing lowing mentality, it isn't always wise to press too deep. Things to look out for, might be something else...

  9. Yeah, just a basic CM(D) and DLP(S). Just realised looking at my squad that I had my DLP on my attacking fullbacks side, I'll shift the CM over for the next game, see if that covers things better.

    Have a tinker with a third runner from midfield against a team your confident of beating, namely the DLPs can be modified to a runner, the 4 in the CM stratta gives you a bit of license for this and can be the difference between draws and wins

  10. Well first game trying this - Man Utd (H), held them to a 1-1 draw, they had 14 shots (to our 12) but then they also have Falcao, Rooney, van Persie, Mata and Di Maria and I was playing Paul Dummet at CB so hard to really tell :lol: I did feel watching it that we were much less under the cosh however so definitely an improvement.

    Decent result, did you stick with the DLP?

  11. I'm in need of some advice here, currently playing as Newcastle United...

    I'm currently setting up something like this:

    GK (Defend)

    Full Back (Attack) - Center Back (Defend) - Center Back (Defend) - Wing Back (Support)

    Defensive Midfielder (Defend)

    Winger (Support) - Deep Lying Playmaker (Support) - Deep Lying Playmaker (Support) - Wide Midfielder (Attack)

    Trequartista (Attack) - Trequartista (Attack)

    Advanced Forward (Attack) - Advanced Forward (Attack)

    Team Instructions: Shorter Passing, Play Out Of Defence, Float Crosses, Close Down More, Use Tighter Marking; Playing on Standard and Structured. Only my centre backs have player instructions - 'Pass It Shorter'.

    Now in attack, I am very happy with things, the T(A) and AF(A) link really well together and the rest of the team. However in defence we are awful! We tend to dominate games in terms of possession (55%+) but in all of my friendlies, four Premier League games and 1 League Cup game we are yet to keep a clean sheet with the likes of Gateshead putting three past us and it not uncommon for sides to have 20+ shots even with around 30% possession.

    Obviously there is a weakness somewhere and if someone could point that out I would be very grateful! The most obvious one would be the hole in midfield but I can't see a way of plugging it and still employ the T and AF combo...Am I better moving my DM up a strata to plug the hole?

    I would absolutely move the DM up to the CM stratta. This is very similar to a set up I had in FM14 but I played quicker football and it was pretty successful

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