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  1. FM Genie scout

    Do you really have to pay to see the CA and PA ??? If so,then its a shame.
  2. Selling Seitaridis is a mistake. Altough he doesnt have a big(famous) name he´s still quality.
  3. Roma accepted an offer about 70 - 90 Million Euros.(Dont remember exactly the true price-tried as Arsenal in the demo). And De Rossi accepted also. But i didnt had the money to pay the transfer fee :-)
  4. NOT a problem really. It is way easy than FM 08. Fm 08 was a nightmare for selling players. I feel that SI has done a very good job here,for renewing the transfer system.(THUMBS UP)
  5. FM2009 Official Southampton Thread

    Southampton is a very good challenge. Will play them as 3rd team in FM09. The SAINTS are coming... The SAINTS are coming... The SAINTS are coming...
  6. GREECE!!! Very Very Underrated.
  7. Hardest players to get in FM08?

    Danielle De Rossi from AS Roma (nearly impossible to get).
  8. Che Guevara - wtf?

    Si is doing it like Blizzard now. :-)
  9. FM09 will be...

    @Ter & Miles if you can,get the Pro Evolution Engine for a 3d match engine in FM09(or FM10,FM11).That would be awesome. While EA´s FIFA manager 09 will have FIFA 09 engine. @topic : Its too early to say something against Fm09.(Because we know zero things about it) In Comparison EA Fifa Manager 08 VS Football Manager 08 Graphics : Easily EA>FM Match Engine:even a 3d engine cant beat the dots and feet system from SI´s Fm. EA<FM SI´s FM= its like watching a real Football match. we will see if EA has some better AI in 09. Addictiveness Rating: Every team & every game is different in FM.Although you can just have 1 Tactic.(I found out that subs are very important and game winners.) EA´s manager gets boring real soon.Tactics are a mass and really chaotic.Every team feels the same. EA<FM So at the end is not the outside(graphics) what counts but the Inside(gameplay). So EA´s Manager < SI´s Manager. What i would like too see in future editions in Fm (SI): You can see what stadium (or other TEAM structures) you building like EA´s simcity feature in FIFA manager. Selling players is a pain , please make it a bit more easier. The board sells players at theyre own.(the offer was too good to refuse-aaaaaaarrgghhh) Contract negotiations (just like EA´s FM :-) where you see instantly if the player is happy with the offer or not. Changing menu color. Puting pictures while IN the game on players,team profile,and not waiting for months for TEAM pictures,kits,and LOGOS from the community. I hope to hear some news for FM09 in a couple of days or weeks :-)
  10. Ahh at least some new info from FM09. Good to hear m8!
  11. is alexandre pato any good ?

    He´s one of the best (if not THE best) future FAST strikers in the game.
  12. Roma 8.02

    @SuperSi How well does De Rossi play for you??? I´ve been trying for ages to get him, but he wont leave his Roma.
  13. a good DM ?

    Jeremy Mathieu Federico Fazio Younousse Sankhare Zanetti Cristiano Sergey Ignashevich Didier Digard Nengomashe Kirill Pavlyuchek George Boateng
  14. @ liam nice team and good effort kutgw