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  1. You should be able to put pictures,while playing the game.Without any 3rd programms. For example:When you going on a players profile there should be an option to put a picture for the player (normal,small,backround)just like starting a game and putting a picture of yours as a manager. Same goes for the Logos and Kits. When you watch a clubs information there should be an option to put or change the Logos/kits while playing. When you build a new stadium,there should be a list of pictures how the stadium will look like. And when playing at home in the new stadium there should be the picture in the background. More options for team talks: Im am proud of you (after winning imp.matches) we are the champions not them (for defending the cup or championship) Match engine:Instead of sompreros,use of full body players (like in the FMC 2.0 graphic update) or 3d engine When winning a cup or the championship there should be a fireworks background (mentioned before)
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