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  1. Hello all, Keen to hear about experiences utilizing the halfback role in systems. Is it necessary to have a DLP in one of the two midfielders (4141). Would having a CM(s) work as well without play having to always run through to him?
  2. Cleon, Question, what's the difference between Team Cohesian and Teamwork? I can't seem to figure it out.
  3. I know this might not be much but I've read no team can keep up with high pressing for the full 90mins, not unless if you have 11 Ronaldos in the team! I'd suggest just going a lower mentality, defensive would usually iron games for me.
  4. Hi Cleon, I've been implementing your Ajax youth development methods and it's really intrigued me to produce my players better. Question, was the real reason for you to not work on match training at all (0%) due to the fact that you don't find a benefit for it because you're a top team in the league?
  5. Brilliant, cheers Doc! Call me OCD but you've got a weird ] in your location tab!
  6. Thanks for the reply Doc! Also, would it make sense to have my players still on PPM or new position training during pre-season?
  7. When players learn preferred moves as well as his individual training, will it slow down his development massively? When retraining to new position, will it take PA points too, like half a star off?
  8. I'm curious to see how to set up tackling for a good balance, lesser cards, more battles won for a high pressing team? I currently have only my CM(d) on 'Tackle Harder' while I have the 'Stay On Feet' instruction set on TI.
  9. When you say player's interpretation, do you mean their attributes combined with Role/Duty for them to execute the instructions? Or me as in the manager? Thanks!
  10. I’m still a tiny bit confused as to a tactic’s shape and its transition (from defense to attack). Would it make sense to say your defensive shape would be a default formation set, while the transition from defense to attack would be based on the players roles/duties? Also, when you say your MC(d) would fall back deeper during the defensive transition, would they be slighly higher than the usual DMC? I’m curious if its better to have MC(d) or a DMC to nullify the oppositions AMC formations.
  11. Hey rashidi1, thanks for that, Would the DMC be a sweeper now right behind the centerbacks or slightly lower than an anchorman, still at the DMC strata?
  12. Hey fellas, after much digging and reading, I've finally answered my own questions above! However, I've been watching games much more closely and I can't understand the differences between a player on defensive midfielder/anchorman role. I know you could achieve the anchorman role with a defensive midfielder with a set of instructions. But I don't quite understand what they do. In my 451 formation, my anchorman always goes down the line to close the opposition's winger instead of his role, sitting in front of the defense and sweep up loose balls or the random AMC. I have my TI on Control/Pu
  13. Hello guys, still on FM14. I've read somewhere that when selecting the Individual Instructions, it overrides the Team's. How about Team Instructions and Mentality? Since Mentality is also sets of instructions, if I opted for a Control Mentality and a Push Higher Up/Close Down More TI's, will they override the Mentality instructions or simply 'add on'? Also, when using Roam/Stick To Positions TI, what does it do actually? I'm guessing when playing a high pressure strategy, the players will most definitely leave their positions, so how does ticking Roam work here? Or does it only apply for when
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