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  1. Hi guys, it seems that I'm unable to see the custom databases I've added to the editor data folder. I'm using pr0's version. Everything else works fine including Susie's name fix patch. Maybe it's because Susie's in dbc, while FM doesn't recognize pr0's FMF file or am I missing something here?
  2. Curious to hear your choice of using Play Out Of Defence combined with having a DLP in front of the defense. Won't it limit your DLP's creativity as the TI suggests maximum short passing for defenders/defensive midfielders?
  3. But then again, the Work Ball Into Box TI already cuts out crosses. It'll be quite redundant to have that PI on.
  4. I totally get where you're coming from but what I meant was not having a specialist goalscorer that arrives late but one that form support near the box for the rest of the midfielders. With CM(a), it looks like he's always looking to get into the box ASAP. Brilliant thought on the central winger, will definitely give it a go. One thing is that I would have him run wide to the wings to drag the oppositions defenders further.
  5. Hello all, Keen to hear about experiences utilizing the halfback role in systems. Is it necessary to have a DLP in one of the two midfielders (4141). Would having a CM(s) work as well without play having to always run through to him?
  6. Curious about your thoughts on the CM(a). They don't always arrive 'late' into the box and almost always rushes into the box too early. I currently have a BBM instead over there partnered with a RPM and it works very well. There's always someone to 'recycle' the ball if a move breaks down.
  7. Cleon, Question, what's the difference between Team Cohesian and Teamwork? I can't seem to figure it out.
  8. Thanks for that Barside, Would it make sense to say that if the first team's very successful, it would help enhance II's reputation as well year by year?
  9. Great! I've always been turned off by having advance wingers due to my previous FM experience where they'll just sit up there and won't track back. Will give it a shot!
  10. Hello all, I'm currently on my 4th season managing Hoffenheim, only found out now that my II teams are unplayable in the lower leagues (German database goes only till 3. Liga and my II team is playing in Regionalliga Südwest) Is there a way I can get them promoted to 3. Liga? I want to have my fringe players/promising youth/injured players to full fitness; playing in the reserve leagues like in the real world without having to loan them out to teams. Help!
  11. I know this might not be much but I've read no team can keep up with high pressing for the full 90mins, not unless if you have 11 Ronaldos in the team! I'd suggest just going a lower mentality, defensive would usually iron games for me.
  12. Hi Cleon, I've been implementing your Ajax youth development methods and it's really intrigued me to produce my players better. Question, was the real reason for you to not work on match training at all (0%) due to the fact that you don't find a benefit for it because you're a top team in the league?
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