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  1. Update-2027-2028, we finally win the "Quad". SPL, Cup, League Ciup, and we defeat Barcelona in the Champions League. We finished the season undefeated in all competitions. Then September 16, 2028, Kilmarnock win at Celtic Park to break the Hoops' 77 match unbeaten streak.
  2. 2022-Celtic win Champions League by defeating AC Milan on penalties. negative-Rangers defeat Celtic in Scottish Cup Quarter Finals. Rangers beat Celtic three times during the season, the "Old Firm" rivalry is back.
  3. Quick Uldate In 1919-20 we won the domestic "Treble", and reached the Champions League Semi-Final, losing to eventual Champion Juventus.
  4. I'm managing Celtic in 2018-2019. We win... Scottish Premier League (of course) Scottish League Cup (again, not a bid deal) Scottish Cup (alright) We advance through the Group Stage of Champions League beat Dortman beat Man City (with backup keeper, Logan Baily, playing both games due to Craig Gordon's injury) beat PSG Champions Cup Final Arsenal 2 Celtic 2 Arsenal win 12-11 on penalties, Nadir Ciftci is stopped by Laurent Koscielny, Ciftci came on as a substitute due to James Forest's injury. I just had to pass this season on.
  5. I was playing as Udinese and drew Palermo at home in the Italian Cup. Both teams wore white and you could tell who was who.
  6. I have played the Handheld game for sometime, and I have started to play the "Big One". Who would be a good club to learn with? Thanks!
  7. While playing with other clubs I run into Celtic in Champions and Europa League matches and the Hoops' team is always made up of regens. Why is this?
  8. It's from the beginning. He's the first AI choice right winger for United and England. Edit-I apologize for the typos on my first post. Typing on an ipad with the lights out is not a god idea.
  9. I have seen that. They come back, but they have disappeared on me.
  10. I'm curious about the SIM engine's obsession with Zaha. I've played some with Manchester United. The AI always puts him in the starting lineup and tells me not to loan him out. I played some with England, as well, and he is always chosen for the team, and placed in the starting lineup. It's no big deal, I can change it, but I just wonder why he is so popular.
  11. I've tried several things. I've played the wingers defensively, and attacking. I've played an attacking and defensive central midfielder. I've played defensive, balanced and attacking.
  12. I'm curious if people have any experience playing as Udinese? I can't seem to have much success with them. As a matter of fact, if I didn't have a place on the board, I wouldn't last a season. They are my favorite Italian club, and I'd like to play them more. Any advice?
  13. I've meant to ask this for a while. What does this mean, and what can be done about it?
  14. Thanks, I have the SD option. It just seems, of all the clubs I play, I never find players outside of the U.K.
  15. I have statrted two, or three careers with Celtic. Every time I scout players, I only see England and Scotland based players. No matter where I set the scouting, I never see a European, South American, etc.