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  1. Ok, hadn't played in a month and a half or so because we moved. Tried to open up an old save today and it wouldn't load. Tried to start a new game, and got the "The game could not be saved" message. Clearly something is wrong, but I haven't messed around with anything since I last played successfully! Any ideas on what's going on? I've tried saving a game in multiple locations, to the Cloud on Steam, and still the same issue. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I agree with you that tweaking things should have next to zero impact overall on tactical familiarity. I mean, if you play defensively throughout the season, but then try to push forward in the last 10mins to get a result of some sort, it seems odd that it would cause as much tactical mayhem as is implied. Post the 14.2 patch I've discovered that my team has basically gone to cr*p tactically because I've signed a few young players for my U21 and U18 side (as seen in my post here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/380388-Sudden-Drop-in-Tactical-Familiarity) Keep in mind none of these players was signed for the first team. It's unreal, and I would think, a bug. But it does ruin some of your joy in the game to see stuff like this.
  3. So, I sign a couple of youth players, like 15 year olds with great upside, and my familiarity with my tactics drops like a stone?!?!? Who the heck programmed that. It's sheer lunacy...the kids aren't even in the first team!
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