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  1. Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    I haven't posted on this really, but I still read the forums (Lurker), but I thought his posts were always worth reading and imformative, and by going by everyone else's posts, he was a very well thought of guy. RIP.
  2. its just because he supports linfield...falls road c.s.c
  3. Need help with legends team please!

    Jimmy Johnstone? from Celtic.
  4. typical rangers fan cheating
  5. this has happened to me a couple of times as well, didnt conceed from him doing this until last week but no matter what i do he always seems to go to the half way line during corners
  6. Kevin Doyle 11.75M absolute GOD! 31 goals in 29 games...hat-trick in his champions league debut
  7. if your looking for a defensive midfeilder better than Donati look no further than Claudio Maldonado from Fenerbache i got him in the Jan transfer window for about 3.1M quality
  8. I take roughly about 2 weeks to finish a season, but i do like to go through the game scouting etc so it might take longer than that