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  1. Hello everyone. Where can I see this static?
  2. _____P IF___AMC___IF ___BWB__DLP__ This tactic works very well. But when I switch to a winger is a tactic will not work. Why?
  3. Hello everyone again. I have a couple of questions. How to analyze the opponent to use his weaknesses? What tactics to use against your opponent and how to pick up. Perhaps there is what some article about it.
  4. Hello. How can I close the player's opponent? My assistant always writes to me about it. for example: "Gael Clichy is getting too much space for his crosses, if we don't close him down better...." or "Javier Pastore is getting too much space on the edge of the area, we need to close him down..." Thanks.
  5. Well, I want to ask why the players do not make tackles? I have not seen a tackles! I chose the line tackling "aggressive", but the players still do not catch the tackles they just run for the opponents. It is a bug or and should be? I apologize if a similar topic already is. Thanks.
  6. Hello Dear Support. I have a question about the use of Football Manager 2013 European version. I'm from Europe but temporarily live in Russia. I have a Russian IP Address and in the Steam I can only buy the Russian version, but I do not need. I have the opportunity to buy the European version. If I buy it and activate in Russia I was not banned? It will not be machination? I want to buy EU the version and to play on the native language. I look forward to your early reply. Thanks!