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  1. On 05/11/2019 at 02:21, HullCity1904 said:

    @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! How would you change this on the newer games, if at all?


    On 05/11/2019 at 13:35, 04texag said:

    Unfortunately he hasn't played 2019 or 2020, which is where the new tactics and then ME come into play. Would be great to see updates though.

    hey mates, saw that this thread is still active.  been using this tactic in the new additions of FM.


    if y'all are still interested I can make a new post showing how to translate this tactic into the new ME.


    more than happy to do it, just let me know.

  2. On 17/05/2019 at 18:57, Experienced Defender said:

    Do you follow Physio (medical) recommendation on individual levels of advisable training intensity for each single player in the Rest section of Training?

    i just set it to normal intensity and then rest players based on their fitness levels. so if a player is under 75% fitness i rest them for three days, 76-80% two days, and 81-90% one day.

    my physio recommends these players that get injured to be training with double intensity but i only use normal intensity.  still i don't understand why the level of intensity should matter at all when these guys are being injured without any training exercises? the day before matchday, my squad just does "match tactics" and "match preview" but folks still keeping getting injured on these days.

    if anyone could give me a heads up on what i'm doing wrong that would be great, because this happened multiple times since i first posted this question. either way, love this series and this year's iteration has been excellent!

  3. my players keep getting injured in training the day before a match, when the training schedule the day before matches is only "match tactics" and "match preview"


    is there anything i'm doing wrong? why is someone twisting an ankle when i'm just doing what i thought were film sessions?

    neither of these activities have injury risks attached to them, so any help would be appreciated

  4. 14 hours ago, Rashidi said:

    If you know what you need tactically to achieve this, then you will probably know which attributes are more valuable for which duties.

    I play the same way but my training schedule is very different. To get it working for you, you need to identify which attributes are important then set the schedule up valuing those. Then you may be ok. I see a lot of match tactics session which may be good in preseason but I would never use them at other times.

    thank you for responding @Rashidi can't tell you how much you've helped me over the fm years. it's an honor mate.

    so you raise an interesting point of focusing on attributes for duties that i need. which leads to a question or two if you don't mind.

    my club dna is the following attributes: concentration, anticipation, team work and work rate, decisions, and technique.

    i went through and wrote down the different training regiments that increase concentration, especially in the first priority. but some of them felt, in their label at least, to be contrary to my system's overall goal even if they fit some/most of these club attributes into their sessions.

    for example, under the defending section "defending disengaged" has concentration. but i want my team to defend engaged. should i be focusing more on the attributes or on the training regiment's label? or is this a wrong choice to make when concentration heavy regiments like "tactical" or "ball retention" or "transition restriction" or "ground defense" are available?

    to each their own i guess. but just wondering if you focus on attributes or training labels more. or if you take a different approach entirely.

    here's my august schedule:

    rm training fm19 august.jpg

  5. @Seb Wassell @Rashidi

    really appreciate this work to help us fm players understand the changes to the training.  it's a big help!

    sounds as though there's no perfectly calculated way to get your squad primed for the season/developed to perfection, which is really refreshing.

    i'm trying to create a side that can press with a high line while being disciplined enough to not let direct balls beat us over the top.  in the attacking sense i want to retain the ball while also being ready to play quickly/directly if our transitional play allows it.

    tactics-wise i'm pretty confident in my ability to set up this style of play.

    but was hoping to get y'all's advice on whether my training setup would be anywhere near this idea.

    this is the first month of preseason work that i've setup so far:


    rm training fm19.jpg

  6. I posted earlier about how much fun this tactical setup has been on a similar Milan save, and I want to damn you and thank you again.

    This tactic has worked with everything from Mexican Promotion sides to the MLS, and of course Arsenal.  It can sometimes take me two transfer windows to get there, but almost no matter what (and with very little tweaking) your style of play has worked wonders.

    The problem is that I'm cursed! Can't create my own tactic now, because I cant help but want to revert to a very fluid system like this. And the front six press the ball perfectly.


    If I can somehow shake this, I'll make sure and report back with a very fluid system of my own. Appreciate your work!

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