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  1. Looking for a favour from someone who has got FM21 via Steam. I'm looking for someone to extract the contents of the graphics.fmf file using the Resource Archiver tool in Steam and share them with me in a compressed file via cloud storage. I don't have a PC or laptop to purchase or play the game via Steam, but will be getting FM21 Touch on Android on December 1st and would like to amend the graphics for it (as I've done for the last 4/5 years). In case you're wondering what I do with the content, I like to remove all of the .png files (bar the default ones) for the licensed 2D
  2. It's typically this address on your storage: Android/data/com.sega.soccer.champions/files/installed/ application support/Sports Interactive Delete the cache folder and restart your game, hopefully the skin appears in your settings then.
  3. It isn't the same for sure in terms of the account of countries your can have on a save game (ie 3 countries max on tablet saves) Id really like to know though if I could get through a holiday with a tactic being used/tested and if the "use current tactic" can be implemented somehow
  4. Is there a particular way to test a tactic (ie formation, team instructions, player instructions, any set pieces, etc.) with your team while on holiday? I've tried doing this but find the Assistant Manager reverting to a different tactic, at least the formation which happens to be the one in my Manager profile (not sure if this had anything to do with this) I just want to be able to set the tactic, inclusive of all instructions, set pieces, formation etc. for use during the holiday period.
  5. Thanks - so are you saying that downloaded skins could be tested on FMT on tablet just by changing the values for the boolean fmc_skin and tablet_skin attributes to true inside the skin_config.xml file?
  6. I think this is the one in the thread I just referenced in my original post (from GavinG)
  7. May I ask GavinG, how does one determine that a downloadable skin will work on FMT on a tablet, or what must a skin creator do to make their skin compatible?
  8. I've come across this skin which works great on FMT on tablet: I'm wondering if there are anymore skins available for FMT on tablet?
  9. There's another way which worked for me last night - 2 steps: Enable the option to resize your apps in Samsung Labs Open your settings Select DeX Settings Enable "Samsung DeX Labs" (note you may need to open the Labs menu also to toggle the resize option) Enable Developer Mode in Samsung Dex Settings Open your settings Select DeX Settings Select "About Samsung DeX" Click on the DeX logo five times to enable DEVELOPER MODE which will be indicated beside the current version number of your DeX.
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