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  1. I've got a Samsung device which has Dex on it - Im just struggling to get FMT to open full screen or in a resizable window. I've enabled the resizable windows option in Samsung Labs, but everytime FMT restarts, it keeps on giving me the message that it has to restart when I try to maximise the window. Anyone else experience this or know how to fix it? Can't wait to play the game with a mouse and keyboard via my device on a screen!
  2. The game should be available in the Play Store when visiting it via the tablet. Not sure whether the game be fully supported/optimized though
  3. If you don't beat Portugal in the most immediate game, fear not as you should beat Romania in the next one, only a couple of days apart, followed by Portugal again away
  4. Can you let me know if/when you've found this file Connor?
  5. Managed to upload via the SI Cloud Service: File name is DH - Man Utd.fmv. Note that its a FM Touch game file, I only play on Android.
  6. I only have Android too but another member in here did share a ZIP of the file contents with me some time back in November. I'll share it with you, will contact you shortly via PM.
  7. You can indeed but you'll need to first extract the contents of the graphics.fmf file in the game's installation files - you can get these using the Resource Archiver tool in Steam (on PC) if you have Football Manager purchased in it. Once you have those, locate the folder (using windows explorer) which houses the faces and then search all PNG files within these folders - then select them all and delete them. You'll then be left with just folders and config files - copy these folder/folders into your Football Manager graphics folder and clear the skin cache as per above to see the change applied to your next load.
  8. Just posting this issue in the Android Bugs forum as I've also experienced it on FMT on Android.
  9. Just saw this thread and would like to report the same issue with screenshots - and I'm playing Football Manager Touch on Android (only). I took over as Manager of Ireland and after every win I got, I got an Inbox message saying that the squad have reacted negatively to the last result. Additionally the 1st sentence in the message says that the mood within the camp has deteriorated following the recent performance, yet the 2nd sentence in the same inbox message is completely contradictory as it says that despite this "drop", the overall mood within the camp is still highly positive following the performance. See below screenshots after a 7-1 win. This follows an unbeaten run in the Qualification group for the 2022 World Cup, including 2 wins against Croatia who are (or most likely were) ranked 1st in the world - so these inbox messages make no sense whatsoever. Team and player morale is excellent despite the messages, so I'm not worried - but these inbox messages about the camp mood need to be fixed.
  10. Could someone explain these for me? I don't have access to the game on PC to find out ...
  11. You can do in-game analysis for sure for deciding changes in-game - I accidentally came across it a few days ago. But post-game analysis reports don't really exist. Pre-game there are scouts' opposition reports.
  12. Logically yes - SI would love to have things like this in the game for it's fans. Pretty sure they could profit from it as well. Technically no - resources on tablets aren't as good as those on PCs, so the likelihood of a save-game becoming corrupt/broken/unplayable thereafter would be high, or indeed the game crashing, which is probably why SI have refrained from implementing it. So perhaps SI will do it in time, but only if/when the standard resources available on tablets become better. Which also means we'll be paying bigger bucks for tablets..
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