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  1. So you just focus on Team Instructions over Player Instructions? Which Team Instructions do you feel are the overpowered ones?
  2. @knap what player instructions do you swear by or find yourself applying almost always on your tactics, and for which positions? Also I notice a shift in your tactics towards strikerless ones - may I suggest that in your spreadsheets that you classify the tactics this way so as to allow people to easily filter between strikerless and (striker) tactics?
  3. @knap will you be testing/re-creating the similar Kashmir 4123 tactic with the higher midfield line? i.e. 1 CM and 2 CAMs behind 3 strikers
  4. Will you be testing/re-creating the Kashmir 4123 tactic with the higher midfield line (i.e. 1 CM and 2 CAMs behind 3 strikers)
  5. @knap is there a reason for IW and IF on each side, or can they be the same or switched?
  6. Thanks mate. So basically the Underdog Results is the number of points or wins that underdog get over a period of time?
  7. @knap in your Google spreadsheet, what exactly does the column titled "Underdog Results" mean? Also, if you were to choose between Kashmir 4141, Beowulf 442 and Warrior 442 as the best underdog tactic, which one would you go for?
  8. Could be something to do with your players in incorrect positions or roles, or opposition instructions, or morale?
  9. Tested on 21.2.3 (with shortlist! 😂) and it worked (no issue/crash this time) Thanks for the support on this 👍🏻👍🏻
  10. I experienced the crash again last night on 21.2.2 but worked around it (i.e. got past the crash date May 30/ May 31/ June 1 by removing a shortlist) When I get the updated version, I'll retry the save game with the original save game.
  11. I'm going to do a roll back on the troubleshooting I did as per my earlier long post (re keeping scout reports up to date from a large shortlist) to see if its back to normal 🤞🏻
  12. Because your device is a bit older, there may be something much deeper that you'll need to root out in your save game and scale down for your game to continue, much like I did with the scouting assignments.
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