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  1. Acknowledged the lack of support for any issues given the incompatibility. But it is accessible to and runs fine on some devices not on that list - happy to shed more light if needs be
  2. I play it on a Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact which isn't on the compatible list - the game is available in the Google Play Store for it and it runs fine also. So it should be available on the play store also on the Samsung Tab 2, and should run fine too.
  3. Thanks Connor, really appreciate the update - glad to hear its known to you/the devs. While its worked on, is there any known workaround?
  4. I'm trying to add the Recommended value column ("REC") to a customized player search view but it's not available in the available values menu for selection. Also when I try to update an existing/default view with the REC column already there, (i.e. Contract), as a workaround, the REC column disappears once I add or remove any columns to/from it. Screenshots are from FM Touch on Android device - I was advised in the following topic to report the issue here as a UI issue. Feel free to contact me for any further information, etc.
  5. On Android, the cache can be cleared via a file manager. Not sure sure about IOS so perhaps that is why this skin exists, i.e. the option is available to clear the cache via settings? Would be nice to have verified
  6. Can you provide a screenshot to the skin? As far as I was aware, downloaded skins didn't work in FMT
  7. Anyone?? Note that this is FM Touch.
  8. I'm currently managing Ireland in my FM Touch save game and although I have an assistant manager, the quick pick option on the tactics / pre-match squad page is greyed out. Is this a limitation or bug? Is there anything I can do to workaround this?
  9. I'm trying to add the Recommended value column ("REC") to a customized player search view but can't find it in the list of available values I can enter. Note that every time I copy a default view with it already in there (i.e. Contract) as a workaround, it disappears once I add or remove anything to it. Any help appreciated
  10. Makes sense I suppose - thanks for this
  11. It may not be supported, but I do believe it'll run once copied over via an APK installation from a purchased account and compatible device.
  12. In scouting, how do I filter by Media Description? Context: I came across this article which gives an idea as to how to search for wonderkids (https://strikerless.com/2019/01/03/finding-wonderkids-the-easy-way/) and am trying to apply the same principle to scouting searches. I can see New Search > Add Condition > General > Media Handling Style ... but not Media Description.
  13. daherlihy

    Design a son

    Ah ok - so basically the starting CA will be no more than half of the PA.
  14. You'll be glad to know that graphics can be added for sure, but any associated issues won't be supported by SI - understandably, considering the licensing and so on. The installation of the graphics is similar to that on PC (i.e. put into the appropriate directories within the Documents folder on the device), however everytime you add new graphics, you have to clear the contents of cache folder within the installation directory before they will appear in the game. And this is why SI won't support this process. I've used graphics for the last 3 or 4 years without issue on tablet