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  1. I think a robben-aguero-gervinho front is pretty good. I want to see what we can do with this.
  2. Finally, all teams are ready to go. Should we PM you the message or just post the number in here?
  3. Liverpool, please. (Hope Torres comes back, haha)
  4. RC Lens dominated League 2, now on to the first tier. If we keep the form from the previous year, I see no reason why we can't stay up there. Best defense, offense and 15 points clear of second. What a season! Too bad I can't see the stats, but I'm sure my players dominated.
  5. Jimbowmanuk could you also post screenshots of each league's stats, both club and individual? It would be cool to see who the best scorers are and how many red cards the most undisciplined team has.
  6. RC Lens is finally playing the way they should. A solid defense and killer counter, will keep them top of the league and help be best offense and defense in the league.
  7. RC Lens seems to have reacted to my taunts and made an honorable run on the second half of the season, ending up 3 points away from promotion. Next season we'll get it! Jimbowmanuk could you post a screenshot of the individual player stats for each league? it would be cool to look at those.
  8. RC Lens: mid-table is for losers, lets pick up the pace!
  9. The Sign-up Sheet Name: Ramon Ramirez Date of Birth: 02/02 Nationality: Portuguese Tactical Atts: Pressing; Tactical Knowledge; Tempo Non-Tact Atts: Motivating; Man Management; Squad Rotation Tendencies: Signs a lot of youth players; Will use counter-attacking Preferred formation: 4-5-1 Former Clubs: Portugalete; Vasco da Gama; Benfica
  10. Ramon Ramirez European Adventure: Netherlands Manager Profile Club Info Club Overview Finances Season Goals: Avoid relegation
  11. Just won my first silverware, I'll put a report up as soon as I'm done with the season. PDRH Check out some of the kits for the brazilian teams, they have a lot of sponsors. Tony Hawker Good luck with Camara de Lobos.
  12. 18rabbit - Good first season, it's always hard to stay up in a league that strong. Aldo - Tough break in the Champions league, it always sucks to go out like that. Roger is going to ba a legend. LLR - Good luck for your new adventure. It sucks that you Parla save was lost. ri916 - Good luck, for your season. I'm looking forward to read about your progress.
  13. Welcome, ri916. Good luck with Cannes. It looks like a decent side, and having Zinedine Zidane and Patrick Vieira as Icons makes the club even more interesting. It will be interesting to see you add some more french players to that already impressive list. PRDH - Kakuba was a good player starting up, and I hoped I could keep him until he retired, but he seemed to want a wage way higher than his actual value. The worst thing about all this is that I'm almost positive he won't be picked up by any team. He will end up retiring at age 29, like many other players who were asking for high wages and then were retired by the game at very young ages. Despite all that, I guess I'll probably look back in a couple seasons and have the same good memories. By the way, how do you judge the potential of your youngster? Do you rely on coach reports, or do you have a different method of assessing potential?
  14. rlipscombe - Things are going well so far, I couldn't hold on to Xia Zhenyu (sold for 400k to some Cyprus side) but I did get a couple new guys. Bakayoko already has a replacement in case he leaves. So far I'm (3-0) and top of the league. I just beat Benfica away, I was lucky but it doesn't matter. Hopefully we'll keep playing the way we are. New guys: Albert Morina (replace Alex Kakuba) | Pituca (replace Bakayoko) | Giuseppino Corallo (Replace Xia Zhenyu)