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  1. Yes! Here we go, now this save is really starting.... progress in europe and great quotes, smells like Hakan’s spirit
  2. Wow I’ve never seen or heard about that, and I am on season 6 or 7 in FM18. What a shame, but very interesting with the insurance payment. What was his injury? ACL?
  3. Cesar looks cracking, and at 17 looks like he will be a world star before long. Though the combination between an Ecuadorian and a Colombian + Stalin vs Caesar sounds more like Civilization than FM
  4. Some Sanderson-esque crossovers... I’ve finally started Oathbringer after an intense re-read of WoR via audiobook (brilliant way to re-read whilst still being able to play FM, tjough sensory overload at times). Can’t wait for quotes from that at some point!
  5. Thank you sharing these stories @ManUtd1 this has truly been the greatest ever thread on these forums and you’ll have a hell of a job trying to surpass that... but can’t wait to see you try! I also look forward to more spren in the next story...
  6. Certainly, and that is what I was hoping someone might have experienced... as I really wanted to get him back up to a reasonable level of Professionalism. Alas it is too late now as I’ve moved on but if anyone does see an improvement I would be very interested to hear about it.
  7. He looks amazing for his age, though I guess if you can fake your birthdate on the passport the picture could be “update” as well...
  8. I think I know who you may be referring to, but not sure he was identified in WoR. I can’t wait to dig in! As a Norwegian, I have my thoughts on this... none of which can be printed here! got you about training now, that makes a lot of sense. ah and it’s a feature of the game! D’oh! This may revolutionize my experience....
  9. Yeah well see this is what I mean, I haven’t even had a chance to read it! I guess I should be l less hard on myself l, moving countries and changing professions take up some time... now that you say it I start to have an inkling, but apparently even my WoR re-read is now too long ago! Gosh I love EUIV... not as much as FM, but it’s close. You change it every month? I was under the impression you needed at least two months for it to have a meaningful effect. But the rest makes sense, I am working on making my training more streamlined and I guess that will contribute to quicker game time. Custom filters is something to look into - as is being more systematic about key attributes. Thanks for those hints! Scouting is already a huge part of the time as well. Not much to be done about that I guess. But no tutoring! Interesting... it is simultaneously the most infuriating and gratifying part of FM for me... I love nothing more than making everyone Model Pro, but it’s hard work. Maybe that as well can be worked on to improve game momentum.... Now off to find time to read Oathbringer. You mentioned another feature that lets you auto continue? Does that work well? That might improve reading time 😂
  10. I’ve finally caught up with this thread (again), so I can come out of lurkermode! What an incredible beast of a story you are continuing to make here... I had half feared you wouldn’t keep it going! No Oathbringer quotes yet though...(just kidding, I haven’t read it yet so please don’t). Congratulations on absolutely incredibe success everywhere - though to be fair any season that ends with Liverpool relegated (again), as well as Bayern and PSG is good in my book, CL win or no CL win... A couple of requests/questions if I may: 1) you’ve talked a bit about how you play given home and work life, but frankly I struggle to get past 7-8 seasons with what seems a less busy life than you, let alone 70 something! Is the secret really all about IR, stable tactical setup and a good routine? How do you find time for it all!?! And 2) you’ve talked a ton about tactics, but do you have a particular way you do training? I also note with awe the postive personalities in your latest Panathinaikos squad review, and with no one old enough to tutor...! As always KUTGW, and no more RAFOs please...
  11. Very interesting to hear, and I agree it is very realistic for some cases like this to occur. My player still has tons of development to do, but as he is my first choice GK I am hoping he will not be too badly impacted given he plays every game... will definitely be more cautious about contracts though!
  12. I have this too - and that was part and parcel to some extent already in FM17. But here it was explicitly because of signing a new contract. The training screen said something like “Has become complacent after signing a new contract”. I should have taken a screenshot but forgot at the time. When I saw that, I checked his personality - only to find he had gone from Fairly Pro to Balanced, upon which I decided to check what this meant. Boom, -5 points to Professionalism (at least, I don’t know what level he was before). The mechanic is clear in what happened, but it interests me to know what I could have done to avoid it . The situation doesn’t come along often enough perhaps to test various responses, hence why I was wondering if anyone had done updated research on the subject - particularly given how important player personalities are to player development... It’s too late for my player unfortunately, he will likely always be stuck “unhappy with the high amount of extra training he has been asked to do”... but not too late for future prodigies - I will certainly be more careful giving contracts lest they become too big headed too quickly!
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