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  1. Great progress and write-up, really enjoying the organized approach to team-building. Good luck for the transfer window and the end of the season.
  2. What a run! Echoes of Kosovo for sure, and not wanting to jinx it, but you look too strong to falter in the play-off even. Here's to hoping for a 100% season!
  3. Strong showing in the first leg, lots of counter-attacking opportunity at Elland Road if that is where they are still
  4. Can't wait to see the rest 😬 You're probably right, maybe I'm just remembering the Man Utd, PSG, etc clashes where you had built up the in-story rivalry
  5. Whilst on the topic of mouse farts... great chapter title! I also can't believe the story line the game throws up for you - Leeds up next! I guess when you've been to a few clubs and left them very good the chances increase to meet them in the latter stages, but still it seems to happen frequently. Best of luck, Friberg looks like a player and a half
  6. The wicked sisters in the hands od Ludwig would be a different story all together... *shudder* I thought at first you meant Republic of Thieves, but just looked it up - looks a decent read but maybe not eminently quotable
  7. Haha good point, though I'm sure you can find a good way to work the Wicked Sisters into this somehow or Bobby Manc as Capa, but it would likey all take a turn for the darker after something like that. anyway, not to hijack the thread, just to say that it doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated when you do put it in. Keep up the good work.
  8. Yeah I found it - just looked through, a very interesting read. Nevermind my previous comments, I see what you were alluding to now. Interesting experiments that could spring from some of that.
  9. Oh dear, that does not sound right....
  10. Releasing the next generation viking warriors as it were.... Got it - will do
  11. Here's to hoping you got this fixed one way or another - really enjoying the progress
  12. Shame about Europe, but still fantastic going overall. At what point will you acccept the overtures of the NT? Not sure you concluded anything in regards to the FK abilities of goalkeepers (maybe I missed it) - I looked into it and found that you can see the ability from the set piece screen (I imagine you know this already), but the ability does not seem to correspond to anything on the attribute screen. Very strange all in all.
  13. And now that I am finally caught up, I believe I will go read the 16 version 😄
  14. When I came looking at this thread a few days back (I don't know what kind of speed-reading the guy a few pages ago has done; 4 hours!), I was hoping for an interesting career - I mean someone still going after 30+ pages must be doing something right, right? Little did I expect a Man Utd fan (check), an FM fan (duh, check) and a WoT fan (check) to boot! And what an incredible career and story! I think I even saw Kvothe in there somewhere, next it will be Locke Lamora! Thank you for sharing the story with us, you have gained another follower. H is for Hakan, may you always find water and shade.