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  1. Tough groups indeed, but also feasible ones - can't wait for Liechtenstein's first qualification to an international tournament. Mate - incredible choice on Liechtenstein for this challenge, it might just be one of the only ones with strong enough opposition to keep you developing strongly, whilst being very small. The thread has hugely inspired me to try something of the same, but tough to find an even remotely similar set-up. Leaning towards Faroe Islands at the moment, but feel like you'd lose good match-ups after a while, with european competitions the only chances to test against higher quality. Maybe San Marino has something of the same.... Really looking forward to seeing how this goes without Zimmermann and how much he improves by the move (though think you don't have the league loaded)
  2. Great going in both league and Europe League - think you have the squad to win both? At least foreigners are no obstacle in Europe....
  3. Seriously wish I could have watched that game in real life. Somehow finals tend to be tenser than this though. Looks like it would have been a nice one.
  4. Nice going becoming legendary manager! And Phil Jones at Liverpool.... I guess club affiliation doesn't count for much when managing!
  5. Epic cup final against Man City (really think you've taken the derby to a new level)! Good penalty win with De Gea the hero
  6. Great to see this one back! I really think selling Zimmermann might be a blessing in disguise - furthering his career to do wonders for the national team and giving Ruggell good money to develop further... (not sure how much it needs this though, but if you are saying you can't afford to keep him beyond the three years anyway, then surely some additional funds could come in handy)
  7. Really enjoying the move to Boca - I spent some time at La Bombonera in the past (IRL). An absolutely appalling draw for the Libertadores though - good luck getting back on track after the loss to Oriente Petrolero
  8. Here's to you beating Baniyas this time around!
  9. Hairless strikers has been a strength of Utd for years (cf. pre-transplant Rooney) - Gomes will come good for sure! Good luck with the new season at the Theatre of Dreams!
  10. Wowsa! What a turbulent and fantastic end to the season. Honestly cannot quite fathom how you overturned Man City to come back and then beat Liverpool in the final. And what a league run in the end! Real shame about the Copa del Rey final, but I am guessing you don't mind having won both La Liga and CL! Congratulations!
  11. Very tricky matches left on both sides with Athletic, Valencia, Real Madrid (+ Sevilla for you). Do i remember correctly that Barca beat Valencia 7-0? I have every faith you can pull it off - all you need is one slip up from them and you should be in the clear. Good luck!
  12. haha, yes! Surely you must be the first manager to make that move? Or maybe my knowledge of the club I support is not what I think... Good luck getting them back to their winning ways. Don't think Malpass will be your first signing with that transfer budget. Like cerud I am surprised at Man City's reaction to the move...
  13. Yes - naturally. I didn't quite think it through in those terms. I guess what the formation lacks, if anything, is a possession based outlet higher in the field, and as such possession might suffer somewhat, especially against a team like RM with that formation. My point was mainly that a team of Tom's quality, with passing set to short might have had more possession. The Chelsea example is an apt one - and I definitely see the similarities. Excellent to see that the formation works both ways though, against poorer opposition to break through from the back (with some help from the IFs and the Trequartista of course) and against better teams soaking up all the pressure to take their sting out of the game. Looks like you've built a really well-rounded tactic Tom!
  14. Shame about Barca game, but great work going two points clear at the top... Barca are scoring some serious amounts of goals though 82 in 25?? You'll definitely have your work cut out for you. Good luck getting back at Viola!
  15. Amazing work winning the treble! Congratulations! Some seriously tough decisions coming up. Can't wait to see the outcome!