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  1. So I've taken on board some of the advice and I've modified the roles - I'm still not convinced I've got it right with the wingers and full-backs but I can play around with that. I've taken the Target Man out as too many long balls were going to him with no end result. One of the problems I have had is the gap between midfield and the forwards so although I've gone for a Complete Forward, I may need to change it to a DLF? I now only have 2 instructions More Direct Passing and Run at Defence. Still no Individual instructions. Results are mixed and I thought I would share some stats and screenshots from one of the games. A game vs Nottingham Forest, who are currently mid-table, and we should be comfortably winning. The big things I've noticed is the possession. The last couple of games have been sub-40% and the main culprit is long balls up to the forwards. This can also be seen in the number of passes completed. Although it is a Direct system I think we need to keep possession better. It must be noted that some of the goals I have scored have come from crosses. I think the crossing stats are ok. I think about 20% would be the target % but for now its alright. The passing stats are shocking! The 2 DCs (#4 and #14) and 2 wingers (#6 and #7) especially were low. So I replayed the game. I changed the 2 DCs to play shorter passes. Hopefully they will play it to the full backs or the DLP who have better passing qualities- although I'm worried this is going to slow the attack down but otherwise I'm not going to keep the ball. Additionally I have changed the width to slightly narrow. The reasoning for this is it may slightly reduce the distance of passing across the pitch, but more importantly hopefully the two strikers will be closer together as they seem an awful way apart from each other. I also tried changing the crossing type to Whipped crosses - just to see what works. The results: 1-1 Draw, Possession is better. Would prefer a bit better I think - how much should be expected with a Direct style? David Symes - a DC - has a much better passing rate up from around 50% to about 75%. Spencer Westwood, the other DC, still has a shocking pass %, but his passing stat is a 9 and maybe I just need to cope with it as his defending his immense - check his interceptions. The only other issues with passing his the GK and Sean Murray, the DLP. The goalkeeper I may need to change his distribution. The DLP - I'm not too sure.... The crossing experiment seems to have failed. Patrick Crickmay, the Right Midfielder, always hit the first man while crossing. 2 out of 18 is pretty bad. Its strange that most of the crosses have come from the right. The number of shots on target is low - a lot of shots were long range when was no other option. Will continue to update if anyone is interested!
  2. Freeducks - don't worry about it! I'm glad it's not just me having that issue. I'm thinking of dropping the TM for another role but I'm not sure what to go for. I don't think a Target Man is going to work unless I maybe put another man upfront. I don't think the AP is suited to Direct way of playing as it slows everything down as all attacks go through him. Will try a higher Defensive Line and see how it works.
  3. RTH thanks for your valuable input. I've played a small number of games and the main issues seem to be: * Lots of balls to the TM but not end product * Opposition teams seem to cut through my 2DCs with ease. One of the DCs gets dragged out of position and more often than not leaves an opposition striker alone in the box. * Possession is very low - around 40% - not sure if this is a problem or just a design of the tactic.... Going to revert to 2 DCs with defence duties and may try two support duties on the wingers. Contemplating dropping the DLP to the DM C position - but due to a transfer embargo I haven't got anyone who would be ideal there...
  4. Hello all. Just been given the job at my beloved Leeds United in 2024. Massimo Cellino is still there and as a part of accepting the job I have to play attacking and direct football. I took over after the last manager was sacked for failing to keep them in the Premier League. My understanding is that Attacking football works best with a shorter passing game but, as is often repeated on the forums, any tactic can work if you get the roles and instructions right. I've had a go at this myself and this is what I have come up with. Just to explain some of the roles: I've been re-reading some of the old guides such as Pairs and Combinations and think I've applied it correctly. Please tell me if there is anything which looks like it contradicts each other. In defence I've gone for a stopper / cover pair because there is going to be space between the defence and midfield. As it is an attacking formation I think I want my full backs to get up the pitch and support so have them on an attack duty. In midfield I have a DLP as the sitter and a BBM as the runner. I feel I need a DLP so the 2 CDs have someone to play the ball to who may have better passing attributes. The DLP is set on defence so the gap between defence and midfield isn't as big. The wingers have been set as attack because if I'm playing a direct system I need as many bodies forward as possible. Up front I have gone for a Advanced Forward and Target Man because I feel that these roles would be the best suited to a system which relies on high balls. So I need to be Direct and Attacking so those instructions are self-explanatory. I've gone for a deeper defensive line to try to get the opposition to push further forward, which may more space when we try to attack. Hit early crosses may help with getting the ball into the box as quickly as possible - I didn't want to go so far as pump into box because I don't really want to be too Route 1. Float crosses because I guess I'm going to have to rely on my forwards to be getting on the end of all these direct balls. I want the players to close down and win the ball back quick so I've asked them to close down more. I haven't set any individual instructions yet but will watch a few matches first. Anyway, my current questions are: Is there anything which looks immediately wrong? I've seen on many other tactics that the Full backs and wingers have different duties (support / attack) - why is this? In the Pairs and Combinations Guide (which I think was for FM14 or 15 but I assume still applies) it says that Clear Ball to Flanks is a useful instruction for a Direct style of play. Am I right in thinking this is only if you have players in the AML / AMR position with good aerial ability? I will update when I've played watched some matches too.
  5. Maybe give your players a couple of days rest to improve their condition. Hold a team meeting to raise morale?
  6. Hello! Thought it would be good to document my tweaking of a new tactic, to track what I'm doing, to share and to get feedback from others. I don't claim to be a master tactician, quite the opposite in fact, so if I'm doing anything that seems weird then let me know! To give you a bit of a background I'm currently into my 6th Season in my save and I've been quite successful so far. Having started at Harrogate Town in the Conference North and gained promotions with them, Crewe and Bolton, I've just taken a job at struggling Stoke, who were 17th in the Premiership just 6 games into the season. I had just been sacked at Swansea because I was 5th in the table with a handful of games left but they were expecting my to win promotion by winning the Championship. I think my squad were strong enough but my tactics, a 4-1-3-2 with a DM and 2 wide midfielders relied heavily on crosses to a Target Man which seems to have suffered a bit with the new 16.2.0 update, either that or maybe just didn't suit that level of football. So I want to create a new tactic (with help from everyone else!) and I thought I would go with something a bit different. I wanted to go with a 2-3-2-3 (2 DCs, 3 DMs, 2 CMs and 3 STs) which worked really well when I was playing FML. I have gone for something similar but seeing as though a lot of people have had a 3 man defence I dropped the central DM. I have gone with a Counter mentality and I think I have a nice mix of attacking and defensive roles. The Complete Forward is set at support so he is not completely isolated and hopefully the 2 IFs and the 2 WBs will offer offensive support with the Advanced Playmaker. I was unsure whether the AP needed an Attacking duty so he would offer more going forward but for now I'm going to see if this works. The only TI is that I wanted to play fairly narrow, but I have set the 2 WBs with a PI of stay wider. My thinking is that I still get the width but I am more compact in the middle. Hopefully, going forward, the two IFs will get the ball and drag the opposing Full Backs inside, giving my 2 WBs a lot of room to get crosses in. So I play the first match against 6th placed Everton, and win 3-0, one goal before half time and 2 from a substitute. Although the result was great and I have only considered one match, the stats above show a few things. Ryan Shawcross was immense defensively, although his distribution consisted of regularly giving the ball away. In fact my Ass Man was telling me throughout the match we were terrible keeping possession and my 3 DCs appear to have been the biggest culprits. The wing backs were getting forward in the match, which was positive. I decide to change the PI for the 3 DCs to Pass it shorter and try it for a couple of games. 0-0 (D) vs Plymouth (20th) (46% possession) 1-0 (W) vs West Brom (5th) (53% possession) 1-0 (W) vs Derby (11th) (48% possession) 3 positive results really. I know drawing with bottom-placed, winless Plymouth could look like a bad result (and the board agreed with this) I need to remember that the players are still learning the tactic. After 4 games though I'm looking very solid defensively, but I'm not really creating many chances apart from set pieces. In order to improve going forward I'm going to change the role of my Advanced Playmaker to Attack. And then I suffer my 1st defeat...a 2-0 at Bournemouth, who have made a great start and are 5th after this win. I revisit the stats screen and spend more time examining it. The 3 DCs have terrible pass completion stats, but upon further inspection of this (and the previous stats pic) I notice that actually the worst offender is my keeper! I don't know how I missed this before. Looking at his passes on the analysis page I see that all his long kicks fail miserably - a 15% pass completion rate. Looking at my squad I then notice that none of my players apart from my Complete Forward are anywhere near 6ft! My CF is 185cm and he's the tallest offensive player - almost every other offensive player is around 178cm. This is probably something I need to address when the Transfer Window opens but in the meantime I change my keeper so that he Takes short kicks. 3-0 (W) vs Newcastle (9th) (54% possession, GK pass completion 88%) 0-2 (L) vs Forest (19th) (53% possession, GK pass completion 76%) My GKs passing has improved having a positive effect on my possession. The other thing I realised but didn't change until this point is that my wing backs are getting loads of crosses in, but again not many are completed. In the Forest match only 1 out of 37 crosses were completed! This is probably to do with the height issue of my players so I'm going to ask the team to deliver low crosses in. The next 4 games are difficult fixtures. 2-1 (W) vs Arsenal (2nd) (50% possession) 1-3 (L) vs Man Utd (1st) (48% possession) 0-2 (L) vs Liverpool (18th) (48% possession) The Arsenal match ended in a great result, however my 2 wing backs and the defensive rock Ryan Shawcross both were all injured, making the next matches even harder. I don't want this to end up as a "Story" about my season - I want people to concentrate on the tactic and how it develops. I am going to continue with the tactic in its current guise and I will let you know how it continues after the Transfer Window where I only have a small amount to spend! If anyone wants to try the tactic with their team then here is a link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/i5h1buyzu4s6b71/ABs_5-2-3_4D1D8986-D138-47F7-9F81-AAC80B4DB0A3.fmf and if anyone has any hints, opinions or suggestions then I would happily listen.
  7. Personally I don't bother as the standard of youth players you get make it not worth it.
  8. Not sure whether this should have been in the Bugs section, but... Just had a reminder that I need to have a Backroom Meeting because my staff have something they wish to share. In past versions there has been a button on the message to go straight there but in this version you have to go through the Squad page > Players > Get Advice from Staff. Now I am not suggesting it will be a massive time saver - but I'm not sure why it has been removed...
  9. Just to say I waited for an hour and received no key so just cancelled my order! Went to Green Man Gaming and you get the key instantly. The Simply CD Key Facebook page has a lot of complaints on it too.
  10. No I used Credit Card because i read of a different thread that PayPal would delay it. I ordered through Green Man instead got it for £26.25 or something and got the key immediately. And PinkYoshi - if someone says they deliver in 5 minutes you expect to get it in five minutes! I had the same issue with Simply CD Keys as The Prodigal Gaffer and I cancelled my order for the exact same reason. The whole point of buying it online is so you get it instantly!
  11. I just tried ordering - the FM10OFF code brings it down to 24.99 though the service is terrible. They claim to deliver it in 5 minutes but I'm still waiting hours later! Have cancelled my order - anyone else had any luck?
  12. I'm still having problems with the long shots. At the minute I have my wingers Hugging The Touchline - should they be set to Move Into Channels or Cut Inside to provide more options (or will this make it more crowded?) All players have them set to Rarely. Do the Crossing / Through Balls sliders have any impact - the wingers have them both on Highly (trying to create more chances) This is my updated tactics, formation and HeatMap from the last game (which resulted in 8 shots, 6 of which were long shots, 1 on target)
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