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  1. I'm in season 21/22 and have unlocked sugar daddy, no loan restrictions, no transfer windows, place on the board ( although have no clue what this does????) And disable human sackings. What do I need for international management? Been Leicester boss from start of the game 8 leagues titles and 32 cup titles.
  2. Game wont open :-(

    First time it updated fine from Google play, then pressed open, a message appeared saying downloading additional data, left it for a couple of minutes and came back to find my phone on the home screen.... so I'm presuming that the initial additional data download failed. Works fine now though after going through the same process.
  3. Game wont open :-(

    Success!!...worked out what you meant...downloaded a file manager and just deleted the files that were downloaded today (update data) started the a voila!! It ran an installation of data and now works....using the full screen of my galaxy nexus!! Chuffed now....thank you.
  4. Game wont open :-(

    Hi, thank you for your response, how do I complete your instructions above? I'm sorry but I'm a complete novice when it comes to things like that. I download games and play them....that's all I know :-s . Thank you.
  5. Game wont open :-(

    Hi, I have just installed the latest update of FMH 12 on Android, and now the game won't even open. It doesn't even get to the start menu, just a black screen appears then 2 seconds later back to my home screen???. Please fix.....I'm on season 2016/17 and at 13p an hour for game value!! its my new life lol.....seriously though, is there a fix? I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with 7gig space left. Thank you.