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  1. Who are these regens?

    is there anyway that can accurately identify the original player? I recall there was a tool in CM3 can do this.
  2. I like point 3 actually.
  3. regen issue?

    Thank you for your reply. so that means the stamina will increase as regen grows older? but i also notice physical attribute is hardly for increasing than technical attribute. i.e there is an regen in my team with stamina 4 at his age 17, now he is age 20 and stamina is 5. only 1 point increase in 3 years even i have trained him in fitness training category. I understand you may have algorithm for generating attributes for regen for matching some statistics data. Here is my guess, For the physical attributes, pace, stamina, stength. they are calculated in same algorithm. But players in different roles needs different stamina, i.e. dmf and wback needs more stamina from my perspective. so they cannot be calculated in the same way.
  4. Hi Guys Is there any notice that the regen has some issue on stamina attribute? I played 2011 and 2012 FMH for several years in games totally. I found the regen players are rarely has adequate stamina, often lower than 10. That leads so many substitution in the game.