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  1. I think that your formation is not the greatest option for high pressing, you dont have players on side and I can see your opponents solving those situations very easily by switching the side and hitting you on the counter attacks...
  2. Ive been messing up with this for a last few days and I think I figured out how I want to set up my team. I also read Cleons text about this tactic and I dont agree with most of the things, but maybe he didnt want to recreate the exact tactic but to create tactic inspired by that. After watching some games my opinion is that the team shape needs to be very fluid. Bayern players arent allowed to relay on improvisation and expressiveness which this team shape encourages. Even though, the reason why I think this is the right decision is the defensive line in the build up phase, they are stepping up in the midfield and very fluid does exactly that. Also very fluid encourages mobility and maybe some position swapping and I love that to. For mentality Im also quite sure, it should be counter. Its, not uncommon that Bayern defender plays a direct pass, or a long ball, passing of central defenders is the most direct on whole pitch I think. Passing of others is short and most of the times the ball goes backwards from advanced positions. I think counter is the right choice here. these are the things Im sure about, now, when we talk about player roles I have some concerns. For Xabi Alonso role I decided to use HB, he often goes in between two defenders in build up and I like how this role went in FM. Side defenders are Inverted wingbacks, they step inside of the field and with HB and central defenders they are the main players in buid up play. One central midfielder shifts up and down the field, for me, its B2B. Striker needs to be on support, in defence his closing down is very high and in attack he moves into channels but also rarely plays risky passes. My choice here is to experiment with DF(S) and put him move into channels PI. Muller is when I ask my self is this or not 4-1-4-1. He is making a lot runs from deep, most of the times he is the most advanced player on the field. He also rarely plays with the ball, he rarely plays through balls and dribble. I think this is impossible to implement from CM strata. I tried AM(a), and I was happy with he played in attack but then how to make him run in defence, specific mark instruction on opponents MC? And now which is the hardest to implement in FM is side midfielders. They are playing high up the field, in line with Muller and Lewa, they are very wide and almost never participating in the game. They are here to stretch opponent and give width to the team and run into space or into the box when cross is played from another side. Their passing is conservative, they do not cross a lot. I really dont know how to implement this role, I was trying with WM(s) and gave them PIs: stay wider, get further forward, dribble less. In defence this was good but then in the attack they were most of the times too deep. Then I tried WTM(a) role which was not bad in attack, it was closest to Bayerns play but in the defence, its better not to talk. I want your opinion on this and sorry for my bad English.
  3. Hi, im trying to create fast, relatively direct tactic, with much movement...right now i set up the basic shape but I have some major issues. Even though pre-season is started one week ago, and decision attribute of whole of my team is awful, I noticed that the build-up play is too fast, its too rushed out, the ball often goes to lone striker after only 1,2 passes. The other problem is shooting from outside, too many low quality shots, this can be somewhat resolved by work ball into box instruction but if possible I want deeper reasons. Another thing thats in my mind is cm-s, is he too static?...im most satisfied with wide midfielders who are turned into deep inside forwards with get further forward, dribble more, run inside instructions. http://prnt.sc/awvxhn http://prnt.sc/awvwh4
  4. is there in this tactic any cardinal mistake ? am i on the right way... https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/1153x923q90/538/Cby1wd.png
  5. i know, but full backs invites too much pressure, i need offensive full-backs, i think im gonna try with 2 dms and very fluid...
  6. https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/960x768q90/855/0od1.png idea in this tactic is to play short passing game in advanced positions and direct from the back, also idea was to be strong at the back and there is the problem. In first competitive year i won every single game with Tunis but i concede in every game...for upcoming World cup i need to improve this segment...so advices ?
  7. how to anayise match...what details you need to pay attention to see what stuff not working ?
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