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  1. Hi there, me and some friends are currently playing a FM2014 networked game religiously like 3 nights a week (seriously we're hooked) - there were just 3 of us at first, it became 6 but two dropped out. Of the two guys that dropped out, over a season has passed and he is still in charge of the club he took over. I don't want to ban the user but retire the manager. Is there a way to remove those managers? Force them to retire etc? I can't take over their managers because they have passworded them. I just want them gone so other managers can come in and start playing properly. Sheff Weds are under control of one of my friends that left and they are doing very poor with practically no manager. I am admin of server. I host the save file. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Yeah it is pretty vague! But that's fair enough mate, I respect that. Looking forward to it. It's looking pretty spiffing on my new Galaxy Note by the way. Spot on!
  3. For those that want to earn it without editing the config files etc, I found it quite easy to just unlock it by playing a few seasons as Man City. Eventually England's current manager will be sacked after an international tournament. Aslong as you've earned a half decent reputation you'll unlock it, then go on and try to win the next tournament. I won euro 2016 as england and got knocked out of quarter finals of world cup 2018 by germany... In a penalty shoot out. ¬_¬
  4. Do we have an idea as to when this update will be rolled out? I'm absoloutely bloody loving this game Marc, can't get enough honestly.
  5. waste of money

    Quite similar
  6. waste of money

    I find a fairly successful tactic is to play 4-3-3 with one very good defensive midfielder (box to box mid) in the center mid and two good at passing and creativity next to him... My front 3 is always One good at dribbling, passing and cross, center one with great heading, and the other great shooting. Back 4 have two wingers and two GOOD central defenders. You'll find your central midfielder will head back if your wingers arent around to cover some ground & honestly this gives easy access to goal scoring oppourtunity for new players of this game. Give it a try. Remember, you need playmakers, good passers, crossing, technique. And it's not all about the final 3rd.
  7. What i'd like to see is a multiplayer over WIFI. ...so me and my mate can sit and play it at work... instead of working... ( Hope none of you have orange broadband.. )
  8. This is the only real downside to an otherwise amazing game. Only my galaxy note it's sometimes abit of a stretch to drag across the whole screen and suddenly your FC is in GK or something random, which makes no sense..
  9. Ah well man, We can all dream! Don't apologise mate what you've done with this game is ridiculously awesome as it is. Kudos to you and the team you work with.
  10. I'd be interested to see a server program that you could run on PC. Giving people your IP address to enter into a multiplayer section of the game (Even if port forwarding is required) and allowing you to connect (from your andriod and/or iPhone) to a multiplayer game that you were hosting on PC. This wouldn't take any serverside responsibility on SI's behalf. I imagine it would need alot of network support though. (Infact I'd love to trial something like that out. Beta testing!? =P) Loading your game and making your changes, offers etc in your turn before clicking continue (which sends the info to the server and waits for everyone to continue before letting everyone progress) I never played FML I don't even know what it is, I just spent most of my time playing LAN networks with a couple of friends, but what I just mentioned above would potentially allow me and my mates (and everyone else - Honestly I'm not THAT selfish) to play our silly addictive FM link game on the go. Maybe I'm asking too much, but would that or something similiar EVER be a possibility?
  11. Football Manager Handheld + Android

    Thanks, you guys are legends! I'll be picking up my phone on Saturday & I'll come here to shower you with more praise when I'm playing it. My stepdad JUST bought fm 2012 on steam the other day, he finally got a PC that could run it. He slapped his forehead when I told him he could have got it for his phone. DOH! I think he'll be buying it for his samsung galaxy aswell! Looking forward to joining in with you lot. - Mike
  12. Football Manager Handheld + Android

    I must say I'm planning on getting an android device shortly and this is on my must buy list. The phone I'm getting, however, is the Galaxy note. Seeing the game run on that screen at maximum resolution would be immense. But further up this thread someone mentioned they had issues with it, a shame. If I hear that the Galaxy note supports it in fullscreen, I will buy it straight away. I know other things take priority, but when this gets sorted I'll be the first one buying it. Any news? 800x1280 - Note Resolution. Edit: I know the new update supports a higher resolution skin. Can any samsung galaxy note device users confirm if this works with the new update?