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  1. Depending on your club, you could try Andrea Papetti, he's at Brescia at the start of the game and very cheap considering his potential. Take a look in the Good Players forum for more recomendations from others.
  2. Currently there's no record of the traits a player has within the scouting report we receive when he has been scouted, however this is information we can see when we click through to their 'Information>Personal Information' page. It would be nice to see this crucial piece of data on a player, as this dictates how they play the game, and more often than not managers are looking for a player to perform a certain way in a specific role.
  3. This may have been a fix that negatively impacts existing saves, try starting a new save and trying it?
  4. Thinking back, it was after I'd scouted around 250 players that it was unlocked.
  5. You can unlock the Hide Attributes option, or purchase it from the store in-game. I can't remember how I unlocked it on my save but it happened half way though my season.
  6. Nope because now when I load it up it shows me the correct animation of Zanolio scoring - must've have been a glitch in the matrix when I saw it in-game, as my keeper definitely saved it in the version I saw (over and over again to make sure I wasn't seeing things). I think what I was actually seeing was the save my keeper made in the build-up to the corner from which the goal was scored from. Move it along people nothing more to see here
  7. Summary: I've just been knocked out of the Italian Cup by a "goal" that my keeper actually saved Description of Issue: It happened as I was making changes to my tactics on the overlay page (by clicking on the 'Tactics' button in the bottom left of the screen), and I'm sure I've noticed this happen previously but didn't check the goal highlight by clicking on the minute in the match stats dropdown. I've attached a save of the game it happened in, please check Roma's 2nd goal in the 58th min (I think), scored by Zaniolo. Roma v Sampdoria.pkm
  8. This has happened in my Sampdoria Serie B save, early in the season I'm taking teams apart by 4s and 5s, and then the 'smaller' teams adapt and play this cautious bank of 7 with the wingbacks and 2 strikers, where they begin to counter my positive, narrow 4-3-1-2 formation...and I start drawing and losing games, fair enough. So I switch to a wide 4-4-2, with attacking wingers and CM/s + CM/d central midfielders, whilst filling those spaces they counter attack into with inverted fullbacks, and it seems to work. I have to say that in this version of the ME I have a lot of joy with BBM
  9. Good question...it is possible to add kits to android in general, but for a created club I'm not sure. Have you been to the Editing forum to check if its been raised in there?
  10. I had this once, do you both have the same version of the game? And have you set it as a local saved game, and not a cloud saved game? Let me know if either of those suggestions work for you.
  11. As @Alex Pitt mentioned in another thread, they're limited by the sheer breadth of weaker android tablets they support on this 3 leagues point. It will be interesting to see if they can find a novel way around this via a configuration setting, or something similar, in future versions though.
  12. Are you experiencing this during the initial transfer window? If so, then it's likely to be related to the fact that teams will already have their transfer targets pre-configured, or will have already spent the majority of their budgets. For example, I'm at Sampdoria during the 2nd summer window and am struggling to keep hold of a lot of players due to an influx of bids The Dan James case I can't speak for without knowing his market value vs listed price? I do have more than 3 leagues loaded, so perhaps this also plays a part in how active the transfer market is(?).
  13. I've let the game continue for the 1st season so I can see if a 'big' team is in trouble in any of the leagues I have loaded...and low and behold Sampdoria were relegated from Serie A, so it's a good chance to offload their high earners and bring in some promising Italian youngsters in a bid to get back there again. There's few things more satisfying in this game than finding a prospect, and then seeing them flourish...and then getting to act like a child when they want to leave for PSG.
  14. The latest, and most powerful, iOS tablet is always recommended: iPad Pro 11 / iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) iPad Air 4 (2020) iPad 10.2 (2020)
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