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  1. It'll be the same as those on the other versions I think, as they don't use different DBs....just reduced. There's a few lists in the Good Player forum, or on google search results.
  2. rich10

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Just started a new save after the latest Touch update and I noticed that Özil was available for £32m so I had to invest for what should be his peak. His wages aren't small obviously, but it leaves me with £40m (plus any money raised) to replace Ings and see what happens to Rugani. I'm set up with a 4-2-3-1(wide) so bringing him in gives me plenty of offensive options now.
  3. rich10

    Ongoing Transfers

    I would concur with this idea. You can't NOT know about interest, or rumours from other clubs on major players - not just those you have shortlisted - due to the 24/7 sports news/twitter we have these days. All players who are involved in a transfer who's Current Ability = 175+ (for example) should be flagged up in your Inbox with an unmissable 'THIS TRANSFER IS UNDERWAY' banner.
  4. I managed to do this on an Android tablet (Shield), but - as far as I know - it wasn't possible on iOS tablet devices for FM17.
  5. I'd head over to the Tactics forum for help & guidance on setting up your team to be honest, it's a gold mine. It's a difficult question to answer, because I know I dictate the formation based on the players I have available, however I don't think I would enforce a tactical role/duty on a player who wasn't at least 75% comfortable with it. But then maybe this is down to my ignorance on how ALL of the roles function. You've made me question everything I think I know about FM, because I don't think I know how I get the team to work in a way I want them to...I think I just tinker until it resembles something close to my ideas, and then buy in better players who can play a role/duty I would consider 'normal' for the position in green, in relation to how I want that position to interact with the rest of the team both in an attacking sense & a defensive one. Thanks.
  6. rich10

    So it begins...

    I would imagine, in this scenario, that you need to make it the players decision to request a move by leaving him out of the first team for a while, or perhaps by reducing his squad status. This new Dynamics should make it more difficult to sell players without consequences. It needs to be a more gradual process I think.
  7. Been there, done that. Ate the burger, got the t-shirt, starred in the film, wrote the best seller. It's funny a few days later, but the urge to have a sudden localised power failure is tempting at the time.
  8. At the start of each season I'll have a 1st XI saved as I think it should be based on their role in the team, past performances and coach reports... from there I check the following per match: 1. Upcoming fixtures - if I have a team in the bottom 10 at home followed by Dortmund in the CL in 3 days time, then I rotate out my big-game players and bench them 2. Match fitness/sharpness - 85%+ and they play if point 1 is satisfied 3. Morale - has to be at least 'Good' and points 1 & 2 need to be sound My season-ending 1st XI is rarely the same as it started out, mainly due to player sales/purchases and their contribution/productivity to the team over the season. I find that players who have been benched/dropped for a few games often perform when given a chance in the 1st team. Caveat: I'm managing Liverpool and have the luxury of a larger squad with a higher CA attribute across the board.
  9. Well finally I had done it, the koppites had gone and won it, with Kingsley Coman clucking all the while...Ruben Neves' tragic injury made us cry... Premier League Champions 2017/18 FA Cup Winners 2017/18 Regarding that FA Cup Final against United (see below): It's worth mentioning that I'd also dominated United in the away league match but drew it 2-2 due to Martial's virtuoso performance, on this occasion however only De Gea stood in my way and he single-handedly took this game to extra-time. After that they suffered an injury to Rasford and he was removed from the field, they also had Mallo sent off for a horror tackle too - they should throw the book at him for that, disgrace! It as like watching defence vs' attack in training during extra-time. It was came right down the final day with us needing a win at home to Leicester and Arsenal needing to beat Bournemouth away by more than 2 goals (if we lost - which we did not, we won 3-1 capped off by a wonder goal from Milner from at least 30 yards out, arrowed into the opposite top corner, meanwhile all Arsenal could muster was a 2-1 away win). We did have a hell of run in all competitions midway through the season, unbeaten in 13 games, winning 11 of them on the bounce: The obvious superstar player - after he'd taken his time to settle into the new team, new culture and learn the language was of course Kingsley Coman, my £31.5m signing from Juventus. But the player who exceeded all expectations, and was only really brought in to cover for Mane (and then Coman) when they were unavailable, was Serge Gnabry, bought for £17m and now worth £33m: That midfield trio is set to be my engine room for the best part of 10 years, and I have Grujic knocking on the door with his penchant for long-distance screamers. Another success story is the long-awaited integration into the team of Luciano Vietto, it took him a few months to adapt to the way we play, and his CF-Su role, but once he clicked he was a machine up top with Coman whipping in low crosses for him to convert. Firmino had to settle for a watching brief, but he didn't complain, he probably knew deep down he was a clear 2nd choice for me. We had limited success at the back due to high pressing game we deploy, but Donnarumma will be in nets for us for the next decade if I have anything to do with it. For the record: I was knocked out by PSG in the Champions League at the 1st Knockout Round (won 3-0 at Anfield, lost 4-0 away after extra time, but they blew me off the park to be fair) I have no idea who I intend to bring in during the summer - I have £136m in the bank before the new budgets are announced - but I think I'll invest in some quality English U21 players to bring through, I'm slightly old-school in that I prefer to have a core of English players with 2-3 superstars from faraway lands. Perhaps a better defensive-minded alternative to M'Vila... Here are a couple of tactical & squad overview screens: After learning that what we see here is our defensive formation, I moved the 2 wingers back so they could run into the space and provide at least some cover for the full-backs: Team Instructions - I only tweaked this a few times if it was obvious from the first couple of highlights that it wasn't working: End of Season player stats for the Prem: Only Clyne & Coman getting into the Team of the Season was a scandal, but I think Neves' 3 month lay off due to a serious leg injury curtailed his chances, and Romagnoli was a January purchase and so didn't really have the games under his belt either. A bit random, but does anyone know why we pay Newcastle £1m when we win the league?
  10. Well it turns out that none of my replacements are good enough to fill the boots of Origi, Coutinho & Mane *sob* only Neves is performing from the new recruits. I bottled out of buying Kevin De Bruyne (they wanted £120m+), Gabriel Jesus (£58m + £8m + £6m player/agent fees, and his stats just aren't quite up to it, so hoping to get him in a sale when he eventually realises that City have too many quality players up top) Firmino has confidence issues due to not being able to hit a barn door, and Vietto is just poor. I'm conceding late equalisers and creating nowhere near as many chances as I should be to win games. And as a consequence I've been meddling with my tactics, panicking really. The buck stops with me, there's no one else to blame. My biggest mistake was placing some faith in Markovic, but he's a shadow of the player we had last season (after his loan spell). Oh and Icardi, not buying him for £55m+ was also a mistake. I'm 8th after 8 games, so plenty of time to get it right (Chelsea are 15th again, what IS going on there!?)
  11. @eastley I was in the same position as we found ourselves in with Mascherano, Torres & Suarez...you can keep them, but you'd only end up with really unhappy players with a reduced market value. And we've moved on since those 3 left...
  12. @mninyo This was my same problem when I played him on the left, he wasn't performing consistently enough for me, I did however find him to be more potent in the AMC/AM-Att role/duty.
  13. @Plastic_Road Maybe I should've given Mignolet more time, I've usually kept him in past FMs and he's done well enough. I just couldn't resist bringing in the future of the Italian national team in nets a future Legend to compare with Buffon hopefully. I just missed out on Adrien Silva, Arsenal got him for £21m here, looks a class act...like a new Xavi but with better physicals. Just bid £38m for Rugani, but I think I'm only signing him because I can and not because I need to, so might cancel it and save the money for one of the Superstars.