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  1. You're unable to adjust your leagues once you've started a game, and it's currently restricted to 3 Nations on the Switch. But this may, or may not, change with FMT20. You can perform "shouts in matches", unless you mean something else? You're able to amend your tactics via the quick shouts during a match - if this is what you mean? Things to consider for FMT on Switch: 1. It saves prior to each game, and this cannot be overridden (overrode?) 2. It's instantly available to pick-up and play due to the Switch's handy sleep mode. 3. I've experienced no performance issues on the Switch. 4. Touch controls are built-in. 5. You're not able to add logo packs. 6. It's a fast way to play, seasons fly by. 7. Once you buy a Switch you'll want to spend on other excellent games on the platform, so factor this into your decision. It's the main way I play these days, now we have the boy, it's ideal to just have FM so readily available when you have limited spare time to play. "all the other gripes advantages that I’ve read I can live with" <- fixed that for you
  2. Don't quote me on this, but I'd be surprised if this mid-range tablet wasn't supported for FMT20, it's in the FMT19 compatibility list and looks to be powerful enough to be retained judging by this review on notebookcheck.
  3. No one knows until they release the compatible list. What tablet do you have?
  4. Understood @Lucas, I kinda knew it's too early for this to be communicated to us, it was more of a little 'Yoohoooo, please don't forget to release some info on the FMT feature set'
  5. Hi @Alistair Skewes, is there confirmation yet on which of the FM20 features will/won't be making it into FMT20? Or is it too early? I would suspect that perhaps 'Backroom Staff' doesn't make the cut from the list below(?). Club Vision Develop a culture, work with the board to achieve ongoing objectives and plot a course for your club to progress in seasons to come. Development Centre An all-encompassing hub that allows you to nurture your young stars through the youth ranks until they’re ready for first-team action. Playing Time Pathway Build in current and future playing time across a player’s contract, defining a clear pathway from Fringe Player to Star Player and everything in between. Backroom Staff New roles, advice and interaction makes your staff more important than ever and brings the game closer to the structure of a real-life backroom team. Graphic Improvements Redesigned player and manager models, improved lighting and overhauled pitch visuals combine to create the best-looking match experience to date.
  6. I also dabble on the Switch, but have found no solution to this online, I remember reading that a reason for this is that Nintendo are very strict about not providing access to their directories. I think it's a bit of a stretch to say it becomes unplayable though, it dampens the immersion a bit, granted.
  7. I would agree. Have you posted it on the bugs forum with a save game file uploaded as evidence?
  8. Agreed that it would be nice to see these grouped clearly, you can always add it in as a suggestion for future improvements(?).
  9. Out of interest how many leagues do you have loaded? And what size DB are you using? Good question regarding his low determination, this could be a factor in him actually getting out there and sending more reports back - this would be a nice tooltip to have explaining this number in context. Do they only return those players interested in a transfer? Is this an additional condition we can add?
  10. It'll be interesting to see how the ME handles the new law that allows players to be inside the box for a goal kick, and all of the possible reactions to that tactic from the CPU when the human player uses it, and visa-versa; imagine testing that I've had a few ideas of what we can expect with that announcement-of-the-announcement video, a buffed-up social media module looks to be on the cards; perhaps that social media will now have a bigger impact on how long you keep your job? And perhaps players getting into bother with it (doubtful due to the legalities)? Or maybe they'll tie-in with Skysports and have real life personalities on there (e.g. Carra+Nev)?
  11. An iterative experience for me, starting back when it was commentary only and Ian Rush was up front for Liverpool. I've not played the full version for a few years now (but I always buy it to try out the new features and support the devs, the value I've got from the series makes me feel I should do that), so it's FM Touch thesedays as i have less free time. These forums have been very helpful in sussing out the match engine, watching other people's mistakes and learning from my own, and being inspired to take on a new save. I would imagine a good way for someone totally new to comfortably find their feet thesedays would be to sit beside a veteran and just ask questions.
  12. Inbox, squad, tactics & player search pages, in roughly that order of time spent.
  13. A toggle is a nice idea, so for those who prefer numbers they would see: Finishing 5 And for those who prefer the description, they would see: Poor Finisher With a set range being attributed a worse/better adjective.
  14. Perhaps they could be better grouped than they are now, and (as @DP suggests) they could be grouped something like this: Finishing (Composure, 1-on-1, Decisions) Passing (Decisions, Vision, Technique, Footedness) Which then gives us a number as an overall indicator of their ability in each area. Overall I do agree that making it more descriptive than exacting with numbers is more true to real life, if that's how we want to go(?), but I suppose that's what the Octogon option is for.
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