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  1. I'd like to see most of those new headline features for FM21 included in FMT 21
  2. "My steam files are okay, because my other videogames are running well." <- This isn't related to your other steam games, nor steam itself, but rather your specific FMT 19 game files. If you right-click on FMT in your games list on Steam and click on 'Properties', then select the 'Local Files' tab, then click on 'Verify Integrity of Game Files' option....this will check to make sure you have everything installed correctly for this game only. Try it and let us know how you get on.
  3. Have you tried verifying the integrity of your steam files? Or failing that, reinstalling completely?
  4. I also have a macbook air (for work), and I find that setting the game up on my home PC (for speed) and then using the cross-save functionality to continue on the air is the way to go (the cooling fans do kick in though). It means you get the additional leagues by sticking to the PC version of FMT, and you can mod it with skins etc far easier than you can with an android device. I have it on the Switch as well, but do find the 3 league restrictions & inability to mod it puts me off using that for a long-term save.
  5. Ah right, so it's your transfer budget that hasn't been increased, but you have received the prize money. This could be down to a few factors, for example: are you over-spending on wages significantly? Do you have your wages/transfer slider set to favour wages more? Do you have large outstanding fees to pay? (this one may not impact new budgets though). Some screenshots to give context on your finances would be useful to help identify what the issue might be.
  6. Has the season ended yet? Prize money is divided up after the season has been completed. If it has then can you provide some screenshots of your 'Income' finances screen?
  7. FMT files are not compatible with the game editor, so they won't show. Unless your question is related to the full FM version of the game?
  8. I would imagine that you're either playing against Watford (who are officially licensed), or you're playing against another of the many licensed teams in the DB. If you want to get facepacks logos etc.. then you need to google this and it should be well documented on the steps you need to take to get them added - unless you're playing on a tablet, in which case PM me.
  9. I have yes, please PM me as we're not allowed to make this public on these forums.
  10. Not a stupid question at all, they changed the search feature so it's now integrated with the top bar. So you can click in the bar at the top and then type 'Dortmund' (for example), and then hit enter on the correct one in the list provided.
  11. Choosing All could potentially impact on performance if there are thousands of rows to select & then action against, perhaps reducing this to a maximum of 'X' to help mitigate any impact would be a decent compromise? I might be wrong and there's no impact at all, of course. Agree with your other points.
  12. If you did that then your stats would change to reflect this change in approach, and the media and fans would react to this. It's a more RPG approach to the game, I admit, but it might be interesting. It also might not.
  13. Not yet, but it would depend on the club I was managing to be fair as it's much harder to give kids a chance if you're in the top divisions. I noticed that in my Liverpool save I received the bulk of my youth intake as fullbacks, have you noticed anything similar?
  14. You'd receive a wider range of feedback by posting this in the Tactics & Training forum, but judging from what you've said I don't see a 'magic' fix to be honest. You'll be playing a game every 3-4 days as RB Salzburg I imagine, and their starting squad isn't the deepest. These factors, combined with your very intense tactical set up, will contribute to more injuries and tired players. Try either reducing the overall intensity of your tactics, or (if that's not really an option) then you can try controlling main training and focusing on fitness, to try and increase that at least.
  15. I would also like to see this added as an option for the Switch version, as it adds that bit more depth to the ability to scout a player.
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