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  1. Ok, thanks. Looks like I need to change my Switch zone then.
  2. @Lucas Do you know what the stars are next to certain nations are when starting a new game on FMT? At first I thought they might be an indication as to the licensed leagues...but that doesn't look correct. And then I thought...wouldn't it be nice to see that indicated on that screen
  3. Is there a way to remove the USA/MLS being selected as the default nation/league when starting a new game?
  4. I ruined my brand new £70m signing Harry Kane on FMT18 by asking him to learn to shoot-first-time, his goals dipped significantly after learning this PPM, and he refused to unlearn it
  5. I thought this was the "new feature" Miles was all excited about? Bundesliga.3 and the German National team. @thesandman PC.
  6. I've started a new game since the full release, but my German League 3 is still labelled as that (with all generic teams), and it not licensed...do I need to verify my files on Steam, or reinstall the game? The German national team is showing the real players by default, but not the official kits.
  7. Same place as normal, FM-Base, FM-Scout etc.. use google to find their sites.
  8. There's a 'Browse' button within the calendar when the game processes through days, click on it and it will stop and allow you to browse. If this is what you meant?
  9. Is there a way to do remove the 1st transfer window on FMT? I can't recall if there ever was to be honest.
  10. Yo @Lucas, when your FMT skin is ready can you post a link to it here please? Otherwise it might get lost in the Skinning Hideout forum.
  11. I wasn't holding you to account for this, I was genuinely wondering if SI have an allowed list - and everything else is blocked; where I work we don't, but we handle features that don't work as expected with a message to the player.
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