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  1. Something I've noticed - in the FA Cup Second Qualifying Round (and all Qualifying Round) the real-life draw is always regionalised into north, midlands and south (sometimes even north west, north east etc), however I've just seen Warrington from the north west play against AFC Sudbury from Suffolk. Is this a bug or does the coding not allow the regionalised draws?
  2. According to Maidstone's website, he played for them against Billericay in the league yesterday...http://www.maidstoneunited.co.uk/2020/11/maidstone-united-1-1-billericay-town/ Is it a different player who is at the Turkish club perhaps with the same name? Very strange
  3. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but Dembele left Barcelona in my save in June 2022 as a free agent, having only played for them four times in his final season. You'd expect a player with his attributes and CA/PA to be picked up by a big club wouldn't you? However in my save he's still unattached after five months and with Newcastle I can pick him up on a free for under £40,000 a week. Obviously I am delighted at such a capture but don't feel it's entirely realistic and may be a bug. Have uploaded my save to the cloud. Titled 'newcastle2022'.
  4. For some reason, my under-23 team for Newcastle United were placed in the English U23 Division 3 in 2022/23 season , despite winning promotion from the U23 Premier League Division 2 the previous season, meaning they should be in Division 1. I have uploaded a save called 'newcastle2023' so you can investigate the issue - although I'm already a few months into the season so not sure if it is much use. Cheers!
  5. Wasn't sure which section this belonged in so please forgive me if it's the wrong one. I loaned in both Saliba and Hannibal to Newcastle and the end of season review is showing the transfers they made to Arsenal and Man Utd respectively instead.
  6. It doesn't look like they're going to change the work permit rules so getting a team into the Premier League and not being able to really build on the squad is going to be really frustrating this year. Surely it won't be as difficult as FM have made out to sign foreign players in real life?
  7. Don't know which thread is exactly the best place to put this as he currently doesn't have a club, but his last club was Barnsley. Bambo Diaby is available to sign and play in my game from the start, however he's banned from all football activity until 16 January 2022. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/barnsley-bambo-diaby-drugs-ban-22806720
  8. Hi Ben, I only just noticed it when I got to January 2022 - luckily I've got a save from August 18 uploading right now. A little bit outside the 7-10 day range but the best I could do. When it's uploaded it's titled 'Ben Wignall - Preston (v03)'.
  9. Is there any reason why wingers always seem to take the number 6 shirt when it's free? In general terms you'd usually see a centre back or centre midfielder wear that number. It's only a minor issue but it triggers the OCD in me!
  10. Just noticed in my game that Saint-Maximin joined newly-relegated Leicester City in the second season of my save. Surely that shouldn't be happening? I guess Leicester kept the same in-game reputation when they got relegated as that would be the only way they'd be able to sign him, which is slightly buggy. Uploaded a save titled 'newc' to the cloud.
  11. Just a small thing - Rhys Williams of Liverpool should have Preston North End as his favoured club due to being a supporter of them. Retweets their results regularly and has posted several tweets.
  12. In the second season of my save (Premier League), I'm getting three weeks in between some games when there's international breaks when it should be two. Only seems to be if I play a team who are playing in the EURO Cup though on the Thursday, who should then have a game on the Sunday before going into an international break. They just end up having no game for some reason. See screenshot supplied, Arsenal should have Premier League games on October 3 and November 7 but they don't happen. I've uploaded a save to the cloud titled 'bwpreston'.
  13. Ah okay. Doesn't show in the beta so assume it'll be there on release.
  14. Jodi Jones of Coventry suffered another cruciate knee ligament injury in early September - what was the cut-off date for injuries to be added? Sure I saw it was late September in the Premier League data thread. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54094886
  15. As you can see from the screenshot I've provided, I'm being given an 'Enough time remaining on current contract' reason as advice for not extending a players deal. Think this is surely a bug? Uploaded a save game if you need to have a look. 'Ben Wignall - Preston'
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