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  1. I sent a support ticket earlier in the week and they suggested removing any custom skins which I did - still didn't work though.
  2. Does anyone else's FM revert to Full Screen Mode when loading up the game? I play in Windowed and it's really frustrating when I keep having to change the settings every time I load it up. I'm on a MacBook Air M1 if it helps.
  3. Can confirm the high quality of the M1 MacBook Air for FM21 - runs like an absolute dream. This is the 8GB RAM, 256GB storage version. It hasn't heated up once and I use an 85k player database with quite a few leagues loaded. Great stuff.
  4. I'll try to get some when I'm next on. Also I really like the scoreboard on the Light Skin but after I put the Match Screen Mod on it reverts back to the original scoreboard. Is that supposed to happen?
  5. I'm using this skin along with the Match Screens Mod and text is white in some areas - including when I use the IGE. I'm pretty sure I've put the MSM in the right place, but did I do the right thing in replacing the 'match' file in panels or did I have to merge them together? Not sure if it's that file that is making some text white or the skin.
  6. Works for me but then every time I close the game down, the next time I re-open it I can't use the in-game editor, so then would have to do this fix all over again. It's incredibly irritating and should've been fixed by now.
  7. I played Joe Davis in the Isle of Man Masters in March of this year. Decent player and has won things in the BDO but was surprised he made it to the youth final (I lost 4-1, missed three at D16 to pull it back to 3-2!) Also seen Bradley play many times in local competitions and against my team in the Lancs Super League, a good confident player when he's on it but can be slightly stroppy when not going his own way! Looking forward to the Worlds anyway, frustrating that being in a Tier 3 area I can't attend but should be a good spectacle with crowds back at least. Heta v Baggish, Joyce
  8. Something I've noticed - in the FA Cup Second Qualifying Round (and all Qualifying Round) the real-life draw is always regionalised into north, midlands and south (sometimes even north west, north east etc), however I've just seen Warrington from the north west play against AFC Sudbury from Suffolk. Is this a bug or does the coding not allow the regionalised draws?
  9. According to Maidstone's website, he played for them against Billericay in the league yesterday...http://www.maidstoneunited.co.uk/2020/11/maidstone-united-1-1-billericay-town/ Is it a different player who is at the Turkish club perhaps with the same name? Very strange
  10. For some reason, my under-23 team for Newcastle United were placed in the English U23 Division 3 in 2022/23 season , despite winning promotion from the U23 Premier League Division 2 the previous season, meaning they should be in Division 1. I have uploaded a save called 'newcastle2023' so you can investigate the issue - although I'm already a few months into the season so not sure if it is much use. Cheers!
  11. Don't know which thread is exactly the best place to put this as he currently doesn't have a club, but his last club was Barnsley. Bambo Diaby is available to sign and play in my game from the start, however he's banned from all football activity until 16 January 2022. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/barnsley-bambo-diaby-drugs-ban-22806720
  12. Is there any reason why wingers always seem to take the number 6 shirt when it's free? In general terms you'd usually see a centre back or centre midfielder wear that number. It's only a minor issue but it triggers the OCD in me!
  13. Just a small thing - Rhys Williams of Liverpool should have Preston North End as his favoured club due to being a supporter of them. Retweets their results regularly and has posted several tweets.
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