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  1. Kimz, great tactic. Whilst it has improved my play,unfortunately i'm still not getting the results although I am Derby! First question, why am I giving away so many penalties?!?!?!? I've given away (no joke) about 7 penalties in the first 12 games! Use the v2.1 for home games and the v2.2 for away games. Want to try and improve the performances of my defensive midfielders as they consistantly get 5/6's. Let my assistant take my team talks. Use Jermaine Beckford as my main striker, then normally Barnes, Ghaly in the middle and Robert/Sterjovski as the attacking mids. Then have the Argentine freebie Almeyda in dmc with Savage. So frustrated, not expecting to win every game but surely I can avoid relegation somehow. Currently 20th. HELP
  2. Just started using this tactic with bristol rovers, after a long and torrid season i was sacked as manager of grimsby town, was then offered the bristol rovers job and needless to say i've gone 5 games unbeaten since using this tactic. It was a plug and play affair for me as i simply used any players, Ricky Lambert and Claridge up top for me - hardly target men, hardly pacey strikers, but all good. Niceone mate! You've saved me pouring petrol on the game and lighting it!!!!
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