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  1. FM09: The Official What Team Should I Be Thread

    I havnt played FM for a couple of months now cus I keep getting bored of all my games. I want something totally different. I think the main thing im looking for is a short season so that I keep my interest. I want it to be in an obscure league, possibly somewhere like Asia/Eastern Europe. Ive heard the Chinese league is quite interesting. Anyone have any experience from these leagues?
  2. You definitely dont want a defender to dive into tackles. You want them to stay on their feet and divert players away, making the tackle when the opportunity opens up. It leaves you less vulnerable to errors that way too. I'd say diving into tackles is useful for a defensive midfielder so he can pressure the opposition, but of course he'll need a good tackling attribute too or else he'll just commit foul after foul.
  3. Its best to stick with a basic 4-4-2 for the players we have. Theres pace down the wings, and a good big man/little man combo up front. A reliable DC is a must in my eyes, and you will need backup on both wings. Also a tackler with physical presence in midfield will give you a good variation there. Some common players stated here are:- Ivan Ivanov - DLC Carlos Tordoya - DC (random stats) Bakary Soumare - DC Tore Reginuissen - DC Emiliano Insua - DL (loan) Franco Zuculini - DM Binya - DM Stephen Appiah - MC Sergey Krivets - AMRLC Igor Gabilondo - AML Razvan Ochirosii - AML Cristian Benitez - FC Henri Anier - ST (random stats)
  4. They're an interesting team to be. The league is easy so you may find that bit boring, but I use it as a great way to try out different tactics or give youths more games to encourage their development quicker. Then you have the challenge of the big boys in Europe. You can compete financially, but its about finding the right players. Gives you a chance to try out players you never thought you'd buy too.
  5. Yeah, I believe thats right. And I *THINK* you may be able to register 7 in your amateur team too then play them for your senior squad, but dont hold me to that as I havnt actually checked yet. It was just a thought from my time with Salzburg on a previous FM.
  6. What are your views on what side your play your strikers on? Assuming both my strikers are right footed, i tend to play my goalscorer (usually the quick striker) on the left side, so that he's more likely to cut in which gives him a better chance on goal. However, i find this hinders him if i want him to stretch play, and that this works better if he's on the right side instead so he can drift more and maybe put in a few crosses. But to contradict this, what about a creative/fast partnership? I find the creative player plays best on his weaker side due to the cutting in, making him more likely to play in the other striker. But with the fast striker on his stronger side, he's more likely to go out wide instead of being more of a goal threat.
  7. Good thread here. I agree on your theories too, and i myself use HUB for my advanced striker. Just makes more sense! Ive been playing around with different partnerships, but i find that what works in theory doesnt always work on the pitch. Thats the frustration of this game, but its also the challenge to change things and work it out.
  8. Here we are: My main problem was that I had a lot of injury problems on my wings. I pulled the AML back to ML so that i could play Ulmer there originally, as he cant play as an AML. I pulled the DM back as at first it was intended for him to be the playmaker, spreading long balls across the pitch for the wingers to run on to. This didnt quite work, so i changed his through balls to mixed, with his passing left on the first notch of direct. He still spreads the play, but keeps posession a lot more, while sitting in front of the defence when we lose the ball. I shifted the AMC over to the left to make him awkward to mark, and it also completes the small diamond on the left side with some nice passing between them. Another reason for the diamond was that i was playing both Janocko and Leitgeb in the ML position, neither of them natural wingers, neither of them with any pace. I used them more as a passing option to link up play instead of running with the ball down the flank. They still put in crosses where possible tho. Finally i left the right winger in the AMR position as Vonlanthen is competent there, and it helps to stretch the defence across to make space for the midfield. It also opens up a lot of space for the DR, great for Bodnar with his pace to get forward. It makes a lot of space for him to put in some crosses, while the winger can be more of a goal threat. Suprised with how well this works tbh, and its always good to have an ugly looking tactic!
  9. Yeah, its great. You cant buy the top players, but that makes it more fun in finding a few gems. Pretty much anyone in South America will come to you too, so you can actually pick up a fair bit of quality. Just have to make sure you have some free non-EU slots. I had a bit of trouble getting rid of players in my first season so i didnt bring many in either, having to wait until January now. Im in October and im top of the league by 7 points, unbeaten, but disappointed that ive drawn 5 out of 13. That included 3 draws in a row recently, failing to win them because of conceding a last minute screamer in every single one of them! Thats annoying. Ive got to the group stages of the EURO cup after first beating Vaduz, then Deportivo which was quite a challenge. In the second leg, Daniel Parejo came off the bench to score two late goals and win on aggregate. Result. Im definately after a good DC in January, especially someone with aerial ability. I feel im giving away too much from crosses and corners. I'll be looking for a more rounded AMC too, with Janocko and Parejo being on/off a fair bit. Ive also been playing around with my formation to accomodate my injuries, and my result of an asymmetrical 4-2-3-1 is producing some great passing and one-touch football, getting a good amount of shots each game and always getting around 58-65% posession. I'll post a picture of it soon.
  10. You get nearly £15m when going for the title. You only have about £2k p/w wages spare at the start tho, so you need to offload a few players to make room for any new signings.
  11. FC Red Bull Salzburg http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?p=2941429#post2941429
  12. He's doing great on my game. The Austrian league is poor, and he just kills it. Decent in the air, a bit of pace, dribbles well, finishing ok. For a team like Salzburg, he's great.
  13. Potential Targets: Daniel Parejo - with his price, you have to buy him. Gives you backup for the AMC position. Ariel Borysiuk - £500k - can play as a defensive playmaker or box-to-box man, great mental stats for a youngster Franco Zuculini - £250k - bring a bit more steel to the midfield Bakary Soumare - £250k - a more reliable DC with age on his side Morgan Schneiderlin - long term replacement for Kovac The problem at the start of the game is that you dont have much wage budget left, so you have to sell before you can buy. Also, you're restriced to 7 non-EU slots, which are already filled. I suggest letting some coaches go as theres too many GK and fitness coaches. Personally, I released Robert Ibertsberger, Wolfgang Luisser, Herbert Ilsanker and Walter Pfoser. Of my players, I got rid of Ernst Obster (30k), Piero Minoretti (released), Richard Kitzbichler (released), Nenad Jovanovich (loan), Norman Prenn (free), Heinz Arzberger (free), and i sold Timo Ochs in the end for £600k.
  14. FC Red Bull Salzburg FC Red Bull Salzburg is an Austrian football club, based in Wals-Siezenheim. Their home ground is the Red Bull Arena. The club was known as SV Austria Salzburg before being bought by the Red Bull company in 2005 who renamed the club and changed the club's colours from its traditional violet and white to red and white. The change resulted in some of the team's fans forming a new club, SV Austria Salzburg. The club has won the Austrian Bundesliga 4 times, and reached the final of the UEFA Cup in 1994. Club Information Nation: Austria Founded: 1933 Status: Professional Reputation: National Chairman: Loves the club Legends: Otto Baric, Heiko Laessig Icons: Heimo Pfeifenberger, Adolf Hutter, Franz Aigner Favoured Personnel: Otto Konrad, Wolfgang Feiersinger Fierce Rivals: None Other Rivals: Rapid Wien, Austria Wien Continental Competition: EURO Cup Media Prediction: 2nd Squad Personality: Professional Finances: Rich Average Ticket Price: £14 Average Season Ticket Price: £218 Season Ticket Holders: 16139 Estimated Value: £43m Season Budget: £14.72m Wage Budget: £70k p/w Current Wage: £68k p/w First Team Squad Goalkeepers Eddie Gustafsson Timo Ochs Defence Ibrahim Sekagya Milan Dudic Ronald Gercaliu Barry Opdam Laszlo Bodnar Anis Boussaidi Andreas Ulmer Jan-Marc Reigler Nenad Jovanovic Midfield Rene Aufhauser Karel Pitak Somen Tchoyi Remo Meyer Alexander Zickler Vladimir Janocko Patrik Jezek Christoph Leitgeb Niko Kovac Attack Johan Vonlanthen Marc Janko Robin Nelisse Squad Analysis: In goal you have nothing to worry about. Both keepers are quite capable, especially in the Austrian league. Maybe you can look for a young keeper ready to step into their shoes. Expect some transfer interest in Ochs. The defence looks weak, but its very versatile. Again, the league is of a poor standard so you might be able to get away with it, but one solid DC really needs to be brought in. Barry Opdam is the star man, but age is not on his side at 32. Ulmer and Bodnar provide good attacking outlets down the flanks, but I wouldnt rely on them defensively. Midfield is probably one of the stronger areas of the team when used right. Aufhauser and Kovac are both solid, reliable midfielders in the centre and wont let you down. They're both the wrong side of 30, so look for some youthful backup here. Same goes for the wings. The quality is of a decent standard for this league, but a bit of depth and a bit of youth will be required. Janocko has a touch a quality about him, but dont expect him to do any running. He can be a great asset to the team with his passing and set piece ability, so place him in the "hole" and let every body else do the running for him. With Marc Janko, you have a bit of everything. A perfect lone striker for your team. He will get you goals in this league no problem, with Robin Nelisse an able backup too. Vonlanthen isnt the greatest of finishers, so maybe should be looked at in an AMC role, using his pace to make runs into the box. Recommended Starting XI:- 4-2-3-1 GK: Ochs DR: Bodnar DC: Dudic DC: Opdam DL: Ulmer MC: Kovac MC: Aufhauser AMR: Pitak AMC: Janocko AML: Jezek ST: Janko I suggest letting your full backs attack as much as possible, maximising their strengths. Aufhauser should sit back and have a more direct passing to spread the play, with Kovas acting as a box-to-box midfielder, with shorter passing and through balls. I wouldnt give Janocko a free role due to his poor movement, but give him creative freedom and through balls often. Select Janko to hold up ball, list him as target man, and keep his delivery on mixed. The league is a doddle and its a great chance to give your youth some games, but the challenge is to make a name in Europe. You cant attract star names so keep your eyes out for some gems, especially in South America. Good luck guys.