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  1. It's work in progress.
  2. Surely I should be able to run the 3D engine on medium without any issues if I can play FIFA 12 with no choppiness.
  3. SI should of never developed a 3D engine.
  4. My 3D is being pretty choppy, I was wondering if someone could help me out with some Graphics Card settings that would allow me to run the 3D engine better. It's weird because I was running PES 2012 and FIFA 12 smoothly earlier, I'm baffled by that. Intel® Core™ i5-2320 processor 4Gb RAM Dedicated nVidia GT520 Graphics Card
  5. Just out interest would it be possible to have a file with no commentary on? I mean, if I deleted all the lines for instance would it crash or would it literally just show the possession bar during the game and no commentary?
  6. People have a sense of humour, it's just that you're not very funny. That being said, I think quite a few people have laughed at your idea of difficulty levels being in Football Manager. And do please try not to insult women like that, it's very immature and again not very funny at all.
  7. I'll take that with a pinch of salt considering you believe there should be difficult levels added to the game...
  8. No problem mate. I'm presuming you have Steam and FM setup on your desktop, can't see there being any problems if the game is working fine on your PC.
  9. If you go to Documents > Football Manager 2012 > Games, the save file will be in there mate. You could copy it onto a memory stick or Email it to yourself and you'd be able to play on your Desktop.
  10. Yeah I'll definitely let you know mate. I should be getting the new computer in a few days time.
  11. Alright, thanks for the reply's. Just to confirm, I would be able to run the 3D on high detail level?
  12. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I've got a PC on the way and was hoping to play Football Manager in 3D without it being choppy. The PC has a weak graphics card I know that much but it is dedicated rather than integrated and If I'm not mistaken that is better? I'm not the most technical guy in the world so I'd appreciate it if any of you could answer my question. 4Gb RAM nVidia GT520 Graphics Card Intel® Core™ i5-2320 processor Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium. (I know it's not exactly top-end but I'm getting it given to me for free so I can't complain.)