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  1. the start port is 10093 and end port is 10094 and the server address is your IP which looks something like IP is an example and not my actual IP address)
  2. most of the people who have had trouble port forwarding have added me to MSN and i`ve talked them through what to do to sort there port forwarding out
  3. anyone playing online with an edited database has to have the same edited file or te game wont run right
  4. or could send it through a messenger program like yahoo,skype,MSN if you have 2 accounts to log into 1 on laptop 1 on desktop
  5. from my experience when i`ve tried setting up port forwarding for the same game but on laptop and PC i havent been able as you can only use the same ports once so if you want to rotate between laptop and pc to host you`ll have to change port forwarding settings everytime
  6. what andy said as the computer might have an internal IP of but the laptop might be so you will have to change the settings in your port forwarding to match the laptops IP
  7. you canplay with edited databases i think as there is one clan that is currently playing with a database edited by the host i`m sure if he see`s this post he might offer more advice on what to do to get it to work correctly
  8. FM10 Online help....

    try looking in the FMONLINE help thread as this might have been asked in there
  9. the ports for every version of FM are the same 10093 & 10094 TCP & UDP. but try this part of the website not what you posted http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/routerindex.htm
  10. it could be a problem with your internet connection dropping or having temporary problems as i have told you before when we played together
  11. you might be in the same location and connected to the same router but when you have checked the port forwarding settings have you checked that it`s the same IP you had as before because i think now you`ve got your mac you have been given a new IP address so will have to change it in the port forward settings
  12. i didnt know hamachi was available for the mac but best thing to do instead of using hamachi as it can cause connection problems for some people but not others is get the host to port forward his router all the details and instructions can be found on the portforwarding website which can be found http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/routerindex.htm
  13. i think you can connect to the game that is hosted on your pc but not if it will work as you might have to create a new manager and put them unemployed and permanantly on holiday or try setting the auto timeout continue but it will be a few things that you will have to try and see which works the best for you as i`m not sure, the game might work fine once everyone has joined and it might continue as normal
  14. just try typing somethign like fma and fmb for the 2 names
  15. could be problems with his ISP when hes connecting to the game