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  1. It gets weird ocasionally though, for instance my team, Anderlecht is a Team from Brussels (a Flemish city despite what French speaking imperialists try to claim) and everytime I buy a player I'm asked in the news: won't it be a problem that he doesn't speak French and my Dutch language players allways have problems communicating as do international players. But Brussels has 2 Official languages and Belgium has 3 (Flemish Dutch, Walloon French, and German from the eastkantons) Dutch is as much the language of Anderlecht as French and the lingua Franca is English IIRC. So my players shouldn't have too many problems communicating. And I would like to add that it's kind of offensive to have reporters allways whining about French. I mean people died in the 1960's and onwards during the language struggles, the NVA (Flemish nationalists) in the Flemish part of the country are gaining more and more every election, Brussels had to be given it's own status and gouverment (this country has 6 different gouverments) and "what about Brussels" is a huge problem everytime splitting up the country is discussed since it's a Flemish city despite the Walloons best efforts to colonize it. But annyway, Anderlecht is a bilingual club since Brussels is a bilingual city. So asking about a native Dutch speaker if it won't be a problem that he doesn't speak French is offensive. And in this day and age, everyone on the planet has at least some basic understanding of English, it's the lingua Franca of our era
  2. Hm, I don't think it can continue to go on, if I take into concideration all the new taxes the current (socialist) gouverment impelemented (25% on profits from stocks, 21 or 25% on your savings account and your regular account, 21% on your inheritance, 21% added revenue when you buy a house or appartement etc... Then it should make sense to start taxing athletes like crazy aswell. Also people are not payed what they are worth, a solider risking his life for your safety and mine get's payed far too little, whereas some kidd who happens to be good at kicking a ball get's to drive ferrari's and bang models, also you forget to take into account other factors, factors that make being a footballer a discriminatory thing, a woman is automaticly excluded from earning these wages, and what about people with genetic mutations (Me for instance I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta, I'm born with this, it means I have extremely brittle bones and football was never something I could play are you telling me that I'm a worthless person now? because I never had a shot of trying to get into the million euro wages game? It also means for me being unemployed and if I want to get a job I have to ask the federal gouverment permission to search for a job because I have a disabled peoples allowance, then that gouverment would send me to a doctor who would have to evaluate me and give me permission to search for a job at wich point I lose my allowance wich is higher then what I would earn at an entry level in the mean time my 3 year old daughter has to eat and go to school etc... Also, one more point your reasoning that attracting revenue makes you worth a lot mindset is completely immoral and wrong, just look at jersy shore, those people made a lot of money are they worth that money based on their personalities and talents? Side note, here's something interesting about tv revenue: [video=youtube;hWMdkGHL3-E] that's a great example of an unfair system designed to preserve a certain status quo.
  3. A few years ago when Anderlecht did really well in the Champions league in real life, their prize money and other revenue was taxed 50% by the city. I don't know, football is a nice sport but there's too much money in it. The money Real Madrid and Barce pay their players, could probably propell spain out of the souvereign debt crisis, and I don't understand why they don't tax those players at 70 or maybe even 90%! When a man like Ibrahimovic in Paris can rent the entire top floor of a hotel for him and his familly and make a statement like: "If I don't find a nice house, I'll buy this hotel" Then he has too much money, and especially in these times of crisis (In my province alone, 10.000 people are about to lose their job due to Ford Genk closing) it's allmost criminal. These guys get payed millions to walk arround a ball for christ sake. And it's not just football players who are overpayed, the same goes for singers and actors, and also gouverment officials
  4. wow 60 milion? In the Belgian league, I get 5 milion €, if this reflects the real world, it's no wonder English teams keep buying all our decent players fifa should do something about this, or concidering the crisis, those revenues should be taxed at least at 75% it's insane, I know people who have to make do with 900€ per month (wich is what? 800 pounds?) whereas in football, money gets thrown arround like candy, sickening really
  5. It's silly really with English being the Lingua Franca of today, and with footballers only needing to speak football language it shouldn't be hard for your players to communicate. What annoys me though is that at RSC Anderlecht a team from the capital of a country with 3 official languages (Dutch, French German) the reporters allways ask me if it will be a problem that a certain player doesn't speak french, as if french is the only language here (people died in the 1970's and 1960's in the language riots to give us dutch speakers our rights and to stop french speaking imperialism taking over everything, and all the staff at the real Anderlecht are perfectly bi lingual) everytime I see that word French I feel discriminated against. Brussel is a FLEMISH city allways has been despite the French speaking imperialists best efforts to colonize it. It's a detail, but Sports Interactive should really respect local struggles and history and sensitivities better I mean it's not like the whole language thing /Wallonia vs Flanders thing isn't recent, the last gouverment crisis was a direct result of this, and the Flemish nationalists will probably be the great victors of the 2014 election creating a new gouverment crisis. Heck some Flemish cities are banning public ads on busses in non Dutch (English, French etc... all banned) in my parents old town all french language magazines and newspapers have been banned from the public library (and I think they plan to ban books in the French language too) So it's all quite relevant
  6. I don't know if it's possible, but the ME should get a certain workaround, I know it calculates stats and based on that shows you it's interpretation of what's happening, the problem with this is, that you can see your team play brilliant football in the league, and then watch them turn into bumbling idiots making stupid mistake after stupid mistake when you play against a stronger international oponent wich leads to frustration to the one viewing the match. For instance miraculously leading 1-0 against Inter Milan they equalised after a relatively good attack in the 88th minute, but what was frustrating about it was that my 2 MC's extremely clumsilly gave the ball away: Kljestan passes short to Dennis Praet, Praet gets the ball in his rear and then both Kljestan and Praet who are closer to the ball than the closest Spagheti both walk away from the ball backwards to allow the Spagheti to come and collect the ball and pass to another spagheti who then plays a through ball allowing the striker of inter milan to score. Good goal but extremely frustrating, because the stats interpretation made it appear as if Praet and Kljestan where deliberately giving the ball away like two bribed players They should somehow fix this for fm 2014 Because I kicked my pc so hard it actually shut down and I allmost feared it was dead EDIT: Create your own free real time editor for the next football manager, because my gf won't allow me to spend 5€ on the fmrte for fm 2013 (she actually hid my credit card!) and I really loved that thing in fm 2012! Important player injured? poof, not anymore, not match fit? poof, player doesn't manage to learn the PPM you want him to learn? poof edit him in real time. I mean all these "setbacks are cheap gimmicks to make the game harder and give the illusion of a challenge annyway"
  7. Maybe next time buy it in physical retail stores no waiting for validation keys then, and you are helping your local retailers it's crisis for them too, and digital purchases are driving these poor entrepeneurs out of buisness. Wasn't there a group of retailers in the UK who planned to boycott steam games because the digital sale system was driving them out of buisness? (I'm not from the uk by the way, but I read this somewhere)
  8. The training is ok but tedious, I wish I could save a certain monthly set up without having to update it every week
  9. No, I gave up on reloading and decided to accept losses as they come, it was luck, I just went all out defensive and managed to keep the 0 because my oponents wasted plenty chances, and I was lucky enough to score from the ocasional chance we got. I know about the limited staff, you can sack people and make room, but this event just doesn't make sense, The chairman of Anderlecht would probably give his wife and daughters as an extra for the chance to have Cruyff! for some people there should never be a limit, or they should allways be excempt from limits. They gave 18 year old Praet the latest BMW and a couple hundred k to convince him to extend his contract in real life. surely in this game the unlikely event of Cruyff even being willing to talk to you should make the board go absolutely insane and give up on any limitations. I know I cheered so hared when he was willing to talk to me, that my neighbours heared me when they where outside, then not being able to pay him, made me cry, and I mean that literally, my 3 year old daughter even came to comfort me and interupted watching dora for it (wich is quite miraculous she never interrupts Dora) Thinking about this makes me sadder than anything, I'd rather lose my girlfriend in real life than lose the great opportunity of getting Cruyff to Anderlecht in FM seriously, my food tastes bad, and my game just doesn't do it for me anymore, I'm losing the attachement I felt with my rsca save. I feel empty inside knowing that Cruyff wanted to talk to me but the stupid board is too cheap EDIT: and now that I have a bigger budget, he no longer wants to talk to me. Even in games life just wants to keep making me feel miserable!
  10. Annyone else often frustrated by the board? They keep canceling transfers of great coaches, they won't allow me to expand the staff, I just made them millions yet they have ridiculously low limits for wages, I could cruyff as assistent manager at Anderlecht if only it wasn't for the wage limits. Same goes for some great players for us who won't come due to the board being cheap ********, and they never grant me my requests. I made us win the bloody league, and got us in the semi finals of the Champions league (with loads of luck) lost to Juventus though, 0-0 and 2-0, yet a simple request for extra staff so we can get 5 star training on everything is too much to ask? or giving me the cash to get us the biggest genious football will ever know (Cruyff)? Ever since they gave us the board in fm games, that board has been nothing but a source of frustration for me God they are as dumb as the real board of Anderlecht. Only in this game the fans won't riot and try to reach and attack the board (happened in real life a few years ago during our loss against fenerbache, first the fans of Anderlecht turned on the turkish fans, then they tried to reach the board and lynch them but that failed, one of my friends was even on photo in the newspapers) I want that Cruyff damnit, he'll come for a salary of 30K but the boards wage limit is 2k, you'd expect them to be smart enough to make an exemption for someone like Cruyff I can't understand it, just can't, it's CRUYFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. So time for an update I guess, I've made a minor change and positionally it looks like the tactic in the first post, I4ve had some victories and a lucky 0-0 vs Bayern Munich (nope didn't reload, I decided to take my set backs like a man) and I lost to Waasland Beveren wich was a bit of a shock to me, Won the next game against Charleroi with 0-5 though. I'm noticing the AI is starting to do wath it did in fm 2012 when I used "this" tactic: It keeps a lot of players behind the ball, and it commits lots of fouls. Seriously if the refs would draw sooner the AI would constantly lose 1 or 2 players from red cards. I'm predicting ending second in the league behind Genk because they have 2 games less played and are only trailing me by 2 points, if they win all those matches they are numbre 1. So I'll probably be fired as at Anderlecht you are expected to cruise to the Championship and qualify for the Champions cup. Maybe winning the Belgian cup can make up for not becomming champions I don't think there's much tweaking left to be done, it comes down to my players and teaching them the correct PPM's now and buying better players from the little bit of Champions cup money I make, I'm about to be thrown out though as I've drawn Barcelona. So this european campaign won't be the most profitable one. Looking forward to my new left wingback who will come in January look at him:
  12. Right, so I was awake for most of the night thinking about this tactic. I would have gotten up and experimented but I'm pretty sure the fight that would happen next with my gf would be the end of our relationship as I'm too obsessed over this allready according to her. But I it HAS to be possible, I know it, a 4-6-0 that is obsessed with retaining posession and a field full of passes in the analyse screen I miss my green field full of yellow dots from fm 2012, my purple bar being on 75% of the bar most of the time and winning most matches 1-0 or 2-1 So far I have come up with this based on what I've been reading: It's not my best 11 players, Injuries are too frequent if you ask me, and my players are crap (well some are, in January a better man will come to replace Safari, and if I can scrape some extra cash from somewhere I'll buy a new AML Here are my instructions: I know it's in Dutch so I'll try to translate: style: balanced strategy: Counter passingstyle: shorter creative freedom: More creativity pressure: more pressure tackling: harder mancover: zonal cover voorzetten (it's when someone runs to the side and hoofs the ball in the box hoping someone to latch on to it): standard freedom of movement: More drifters defensive line: move up don't know, litteraly it translates to "slide in" it means they move forward with the rest of the team width: smaller If I understand football correctly, smaller width gives your players more short pass opportunities and closes down the oponent more. I remember from watching the last EC the Belgian commentator said about Spain: they keep the feeld verry small wich is why they are able to imediately reconquer the ball when they lose it and why they are more dangerous when they lose the ball, than when they have it. and the tv analyst made it clear that Spain could pass great, and aply insane pressure due to keeping the width small, so this is what I shall do tempo: slow I want my boys to play patiently and pass the ball around driving the oponent crazy/angry and waiting for him to slip up and exploit this And I also have counter attack on and offside trap As for players roles, this is a bit complicated for me here's what I did based on what I think I know also I'm literally translating from Dutch terms here because I don't know the English football terms: GK: football playing goalkeeper, support (Basicly he has to be part of the play and acts as last man) DL/R: Wingback, attack they must be able to defend but also go forward to give me extra men on the midfield and provide extra passing options DCL: Football playing defender,defend defender has to defend but also be involved in the play and he has to pass the ball around, and calmly work the ball away DCR: Football playing defender,defend defender has to defend but also be involved in the play and he has to pass the ball around, and calmly work the ball away DMC: Playmaker in front of the defense, defend No nonsense he has to help the defense, and distribute the ball around nd make himself available to receive a pass as often as possible MC: (Kljestan) Playmaker in front of the defense, support he has to be Xavi, make himself available, distribute the ball and conquer the ball MC: (Praet) Advanced playmaker, support: he has to be iniesta, give key passes (through balls) and be able to receive passes AML: Early harassing wing striker, attack This guy has to constantly put pressure on the opossition and try to retake the ball asap and he must also try to profit from any openings and quickly dive into space, or play his own through balls for others to latch on to, unfortunately Jovanovic is a slow as hell player (mentally) and I'm shopping for a replacement but I don't have much money as Anderlecht AMC: numbre 10 (cruyf ), attack This guy has to fill the Messi role, and I'm trying to teach him the right PPM's (right now he's learning to come deep to collect the ball) he's often invloved in the build up but is also often far far removed from goal even if I put him as striker, this would be good if the oposition's defenders where to follow him out of their positions, wich they don't unfortunately AMCR: Hanging wing striker, support I don't know what to do with this guy so I took this because it sais a hanging wing striker with the order: support tries to diagonally cut inside and play a through ball or shot on goal Some notes: I knew I wanted to play like this even before I took this game from the shelve in the store, so from day one I started teaching PPM's I want (play short balls, play one-two's, plays through balls, comes deep to get ball, moves into channels etc...) and my training is tactics, attack, tactics. Now I'm convinced this can work, but I also have to acknowledge that I have crap players Lukaku, (younger brother of the Lukaku that went to chelsea) is crap, Odoi, is verry concistent in getting red cards, Wasyl is over his prime, Litmanen aswell but he was free and I figured he could teach my boys something, also in fm 2011 he goes from player to 5 star shooting coach so maybe..., Safari will be replaced in January by a guy I found in Argentine who had lots of 14's in his attributes and he's only 20 or so so here's to hoping ey, Jovanovic must be replaced, Bruno must improve his play, he's too adicted to shooting (luckilly he's not as addicted to dribbling as he is in real life) if he doesn't improve soon I'll replace him as soon as I have some cash, Kljestan whom I love in real life and who's on the pitch in this game because of this, doesn't have the attributes for the role I want him to fullfill so I'm torn between replacing him, or thinking he can improve through training So what do you guys think? EDIT: made another tweak and placed my 2 wingbacks 1 notch forward EDIT: without reloading, defeated Olympiakos 1-4 but the passing was an abomination didn't get the passes I want, defeated Lierse (last in the league) 0-3 and the passing play was great, I finaly had my yellow blob of passes on the green field in the analysis, and beaten kv mechelen 1-0 just now, with not as many passes as I want. I forgot to add by the way that I'm using the shouts WWfan uses
  13. I just had to caugh up 4.8 milion for a player valued at 1.1 milion, and he wants to come to me because he was angry at his manager when I initially pulled out due to the high fee
  14. It's the 4-3-3 as described here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/275877-The-Barcelona-Style-My-Interpretation
  15. I see thank you, 1 question, what where to happen if I place the Striker in an AMC position?
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