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  1. I'm currently playing in League 1, so the standard of my players isn't particularly high but I'm pretty happy with my tactic overall. I am, however, constantly encountering two problems that I can't figure out how to prevent or counter and was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. 1. Players 'waiting' for the ball: A fairly long pass will be played either along the ground or will be bouncing towards one of my players, yet he will make no effort to move towards the ball to ensure he gets there first, he will simply stand still and wait for it to arrive. Opposition players constantly sprint 20-30 yards towards my player and steal it before it gets to him. How do I force my player to move towards the ball in situations like this, or is this something out of my control and down to the players attributes? 2. Opposition throw ins creating massive holes in my formation: If there is a throw-in about 20 yards outside of my oppositions penalty area, my three nearest players (usually the winger on that side and two central players) will occasionally create a little triangle about 10 yards around the throw-in taker. The throw-in taker will then simply throw the ball over the top of these 3 players, who are then obviously totally out of position and suddenly their midfield has a huge gaping hole to run into. How do I tell my players to stand off throw-ins that are in an area of the field where there is relatively no threat. I'm using the tactic creator and tweaking only minor settings to match my scout's opposition report, is there an obvious setting I'm missing to prevent these mistakes? I haven't particularly enjoyed FM too much since FM07, but I'm having quite a bit of fun in this version using the Tactic Creator and don't particularly want to start using classic tactics and tinkering with sliders too much. Many thanks to anyone that can help.
  2. I find this a little annoying also, but only because the board don't take into consideration the number of coaches at the team to begin with. My team had a total of 8 coaches. During my first summer there, AI clubs poached the best 3 of them, yet when I tried to replace them (even with high profile coaches that were saying they wanted the post in the media) I was told that the club didn't need any more coaches - even though the coaches I was trying to bring in were free to sign and were only asking for a fraction of the wages that the ones that left were earning. In fact, I think the 2 replacements I tried to bring in, would have had a combined wage of less than what the lowest earner of the out-going 3. It would be nice if there was some kind of mutual termination option for this screen - or a suggestion from the board about the best way to approach it, rather than a flat-out refusal. Such as 'we recognise that this addition would greatly improve the coaching staff, but we can't afford to bring them in. If you still wished to sign them, we recommend letting one of your current coaches leave to make way. 'So and so' would be the mostly likely to agree to a mutual contract termination should you wish to follow this route.'
  3. Oh I see, haha! Thanks for clearing that up, that was totally confusing me. That will teach me for playing at 4am! I was under the impression that, from the way it was written - I had been recieving £25M a month, and would continue to do so until May, but not have to pay anything back on it until April. Which totally confused me as I couldn't figure out where all of this supposed money I was meant to be recieving was vanishing to. Oops!
  4. Ah okay, that makes a bit more sense, thanks. It's that fact that it says that I'm borrowing £25.04M/per month and £23.09M/per month until May and August made me think that I'd be having to pay back similar amounts per month for however many months this has been going on for. That still looks wrong to me though, how I can have a £25M loan and be getting £25.04M/per month for the next 5 months from it. Surely that makes it a 125M loan for the time left, or am I totally missing the point?
  5. I started an unemployed game on 10.3, got the Worcester job, got promoted - then half way through the second season I was offered the Portsmouth job, who had been relegated and were struggling. My finances were terrible, so at the end of my first season with them, I let most of the players that had expiring contracts leave on frees, then sold all of my high earners and started the second season with some good cheapy players that my scouts found, along with 4 long term loan players from Arsenal's reserve team. I've finally got my clubs balance into the black - and I'm sitting quite comfortably at the top of the Championship at Christmas - then I noticed this when I looked at the finances screen: http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/3827/portsmouth.jpg - saying that I start repaying the debts in about 4 months time. Is there any indication anywhere in game of how much I will be repaying each month when the repayments start? Because if it's a combined £48million per month - then I'm pretty much stuffed!
  6. Back to FM06

    I've played since CM2 and agree that FM06 was easily the most fun I've had on the entire series, closely followed by CM01/02. I always get the newest versions at some point when they are released, but I very rarely play them for longer than 5 season games, yet had several 40 season saves with FM06. I found 06 to have the perfect blend of difficulty and enjoyment for my style of play. I don't know if I just lost interest at some point or if I just couldn't be bothered to put the time into the game that I used to. I find the newer games far more fiddly, complicated and time consuming over the little things that don't seem all that important to me: Press conferenecs, figuring out how to train players effectively and not understanding the cryptic relationship between your comments in team talks/media and the players resulting morale. I'd just rather be looking for new players and playing games and not worry about the rest. The option to use an assistant manager to fill in these things was a good idea and suits people like me, but often seems to lead to a drop of morael in players in my experience as the assistant makes some bad errors of judgement in areas that seem to have obvious responses (ie telling a team he is disappointed with their performance in a post match team talk, even when they won convincingly) which naturally then leads to bad results due to the drop in team morale. I know that there are some very good guides around the place in the tactics/training forums etc, but I'm just not willing to do research while playing a game that I feel I should be able to enjoy by just picking it up as I go along. Alot of the time in the newer versions, I find that I don't even know where I'm going wrong, whereas in the older games I generally had at least some idea. I find the latest versions to be getting far closer to reality in terms of what you can achieve in certain time frames too, which is another thing which has put me off playing the newer versions. Football Manager has always been about creating a realistic management simulation and the recent changes have gone a long way to ensure that. For me however, being able to take my hometown club (Burton Albion) to Premier League and Champions League glory within 10 years of in-game-time was just really enjoyable and rewarding to play and I just can't do that anymore with the newer games. Since FM07, I've struggled to get results and just get frustrated with the amount of effort I have to put in to even get promoted now (let alone survive next season) and it's got to the point where I just don't find it enjoyable anymore. True, the new difficulty is more realistic and it's down to my poor in game ability, but I prefer the older versions which, for me, used to feel more rewarding for the time that I put in to play. That being said, I always download the demos and usually buy the newer versions of the game, just incase one of them turns out to be as enjoyable as I found FM06 and CM01/02, but I am yet to find a release that suits they way that I want to play the game in the last few years. Horses for courses etc etc.
  7. Haven't posted here in ages but have a Man Utd game going that I'm enjoying so figured I might aswell post progress. First season: Won the Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup and Community Shield, knocked out of Champions League on away goals by Inter in the quater finals. Second season (season I just finished): Lost Community Shield to Liverpool, knocked out of league cup in 4th round to Chelsea, knocked out of Champions League by Barcelona in quater finals thanks to an Henry goal in the 94th minute of second leg, which I would have won on away goals. Lost 3-2 in FA Cup final to Newcastle, De Guzman scoring for them in the 86th minute. On a positive note, I believe that my current squad is the strongest squad I have ever assembled in FM08, simply because for the first time ever in this series of games (been playing since CM2) I have actually managed to go the whole league season unbeaten. I think I have finally got this rotation businsess sorted out! League Table - The Invincibles Transfers 08/09 All of my 5 major signings had fantastic seasons. Sergio Aguerro was a goal machine, Daniel Alves very rarely let anyone past him, Christopher Samba is like having another Vidic, Lassana Diarra was signed as a replacement midfielder for Scholes really but fitted in brilliantly, and Leonardo is easily the best £2million I have ever spent - brought him in as a short term replacement for Nani who the board sold for £24 million on last day of January transfer window - then was forced to play him up front when Rooney and Tevez both got injured and his goal return was totally unreal, he will start next season as a retrained striker without a shadow of a doubt. Biggest surprise this season is that the 3 old men are still going strong. Giggs still first choice left winger with a brilliant average rating of 7.32 after 38 games, Scholes managed 7.0 after 29 games, and Neville a respectable 6.92 - not bad considering there is no chance that he could dislodge Alves from the starting line up. Youth wise, Sakho and Wijnaldum are coming along - Aquino, although performing well, still needs a couple of seasons I think. Wijnaldum is already a full international aged 18, capped 3 times this season. Saivet, Forster and Rodney Sneijder will probably spend next season out on loan again as I'm hoping to strengthen in the summer, dependant on the budget I'm given which I'm hoping will be £30-40million. Hopefully I can get a bit further in the Champions League next time around. Anybody spot any weak areas in the team, apart from the obvious left wing place and lack of propper out and out right wing backup for Ronaldo (I've been playing Wijnaldum out there when Ronnie needed resting)? I'm playing 4-4-2 most of the time, only playing 4-1-4-1 away from home against the big teams and in Europe.
  8. These forums

    Agreed, it's getting a bit annoying. If you have anything positive to say, or a suggestion on how to potentially sort out/reduce someone's extreme annoyances with the game - you just seem to get labelled a 'fanboy' and have the comments ridiculed or totally ignored. To be fair though, there are only a minority of people that do this, and it doesn't always happen, but it seems to be becoming more frequent lately. If you have a criticism, constructive or not it seems, then you tend to attract the 'haters' who harp on about how the game isn't worth the money and how disappointing SI are, which naturally attracts people who want to stand up for the game and can often lead to premature thread closure because half of the content is drivel. I'm not talking from personal experience at the moment, but it is quite easy to find examples of this just glancing through GQ and if it's annoying to just read it when not having contributed to the thread, then it must be pretty off putting for the person that actually made the post in the first place, especially if they are a new member and are just trying to help, get some help for themselves or have an idea they would like to get other peoples opinions on. Agreed that the forums could benefit from a few extra moderators to pick up on some of these incidents before they start ruining constructive threads with good intentions, rather than having to come on and close them at a later stage as they had already got out of hand. As Jimbo said though, I imagine it wouldn't be the most pleasant job to moderate GQ at this point in time.
  9. I play in windowed mode and just crop off the the window edge and task bar. Don't know if you can crop like that if you are only using paint, but something like The GIMP (Open Source, google it - totally free photoshop alternative) should be able to do it.
  10. I imagine this was probably over 24months. Then again, United got £5.5million for Richardson in real life, so that probably does put O'Shea around the £10million zone to be fair.
  11. Haha, yup. It was just as pathetic as the real life one too. Ronaldo wants to swap shirts early with Kanu! - and off you go. Totally useless area of the field to be doing anything like that, 10 men behind the ball including Ronaldo and he still couldn't help himself
  12. I've decided to start a game up with Man Utd, I do most seasons but have been pre-occupied with dafuge's challenge. I've gone off playing that a bit at the moment though incase I get stung by the contract renewal bug, so a nice Man Utd game should fill in the time well until the patch is released. 1st of September now, no signings, no sales, sticking with the squad I've got to see how they do. Champions League group just been drawn and is very similar to real life, with Roma, Sporting and Fenerbahce - fancy my chances of qualifying. Results so far: <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">Friendly A Dunfermline 2:0 (Rooney 2) Friendly A Hearts 8:1 (Rooney, Fletcher, Ferdinand, Tevez, Carrick, Ronaldo, Gibson, Eagles Friendly A Rangers 3:3 (Fletcher, Rooney 2) Friendly A Antwerp 2:0 (Giggs, Campbell) Community Shield N Chelsea 2:1 (Rooney 2) Premier League A Man City 1:1 (Ronaldo) Premier League H Sunderland 4:0 (Rooney 3, Tevez) Premier League A Portsmouth 2:1 (Tevez, Nani) - Ronaldo Sent Off Premier League H West Ham 3:0 (Tevez, Rooney, Carrick)</pre> So a good start to the season so far, sitting top of the league, though Arsenal will leapfrog us if they win their game in hand. Rooney has started really well, scoring goals for fun. I'm also getting news items calling me a tinkerman because I haven't played the same formation twice yet, the team is so versatile this year I'm hoping to play the whole season without making any new signings, but we will see how it is going in January - if I'm off the pace I might need to add a few players.
  13. Nice! Good luck with this, I played my first final in this competition. Blue Square Premier against none-league side and we got beat 1-0 and had hardly any possession or chances - they totally dominated us. Hope you put up more of a display than my side did
  14. I hear doing a little dance in OTF sorts out this problem
  15. Ha, randomly my promotion announcing post was also my 2000th turning me Semi Pro, how epic