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  1. Hey Amaroq, welcome back I took the time while you were away to read through a fair chunk of this to catch up on some of the bits I hadn't read though (I'm still up to only around page 14 though), really good stuff! Simon Roberts sounds like a talent and a half, what a start for the kid I have a question though about your last post replying to SamCCFC if you don't mind answering? I see that you are quite a distance ahead of the story in your actual save and have written a fair amount of it up ready to post: Do you write it all out in one file and then seperate it into nice chunks when you come to post it, or do you have individual Word (or whatever you use) files for each post? I started mine off writing each post in a seperate file and it's starting to get untidy and confusing as I didn't label them very well. I've had problems with Word on my system before when I have large amounts of text being displayed in one file - it will just go into none-responsive and never recover (I have a really old system - nearly 6 years old, due for a new one really). Sorry to be a pain, I was just wondering how you go about storing what must be a pretty huge body of text?
  2. Nice start to the season! Looking good so far Amaroq. Great to see Teddy Sheringham still being first choice somewhere at the age of 40, what a legend. He nearly always retired before then on FM05 for me
  3. Sorry to hear about your difficulties in the transfer market so far this summer, looks like you could be in for a hard time this season Hopefully the last couple of friendlies will be injury free. Good look with the season openers
  4. Very good read! I don't often venture into the mystical realms of the story tellers forum - but I have been thinking of starting one myself to try and get a bit of enthusiasm back into my FM games which are lacking a little in the fun department lately. It seems I picked a good first thread to read through for examples of writing style By the way, congratulations on the promotion and come on England in the final!
  5. I made a thread not long ago about how I would like to see the pre-match scout reports improved. I would have included it in this thread but I was unaware of it's existence until I have just refreshed General Discussion and it was near the top Anyway, here are my ideas. They are probably all included in this thread somewhere but thought I would link anyway incase. Thread
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