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  1. Hello everyone,

    Was out of this forum for a while and I'm just getting back into FM 2012. I've started playing with United, and had a pretty succesful first 3 years in-charge (3 league titles, 2 cl wins, 1 cl final). I'm in my 4th season and the troubles have started.

    A brief overview of my tactic, It's a 4-2-3-1 which looks like this:

    --------------- De Gea (Sweeper Keeper) -------------------------

    -- Rafael -- Vidic --- Evans / Smalling / Regen ---- Evra --------

    -------------- Jones (BWM - D) --- Carrick / Fletcher (CM-S)-----

    ---- Nani / Valencia (W - A) -- Rooney - (AP-S) --- Munain (AP-A)--

    ------------------ Welbeck / Hernandez (P / AF) -------------------

    I've been drilling my team to dominate possession (Pre-match preparation, set to attacking movement training). I start with an attacking tactic against most teams (unless it's a top 4 away game) with shouts: Retain posession, Play out of defence, Play through defence, Push Higher Up, Hassle Opponents.

    So, this season, every single team I play against seems to have "learnt" how to deal with this. I encounter 3-5-2s and 4-3-1-2 with absolutely no width at all and clogging the midfield with players. As a result, while I'm still on the top of the table, it's more a result of other teams playing like crap as well. My record right now is 16 Played - 9 won - 4 drawn - 3 losses.

    I've been buying / developing players to fit this system of play (Plays one-twos, dictates possession PPMs) etc. And I don't want to throw all this away and get a battering ram of a striker and shift to playing down the flanks and putting crosses in. On top of this, when the tactic works, it's just amazing to watch, so I'd like to keep it the same if possible.

    Any advice is much appreciated!



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