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  1. customswolf

    Can't exit on 3.4a

    Using the back button on the main menu to return to the desktop is a common feature though. Mind you, I'd settle for the back button doing anything at all on my Archos G9 80 ICS right now!
  2. customswolf

    Can't exit on 3.4a

    No, my back button doesn't work at all now, anywhere in game. Archos G9, running ICS 4.03.
  3. In that case, I've found a bug, because on the Archos on ICS, the back button does at all nothing now.
  4. Hi Marc. I should have said I'm running ics on the archos. I have a home button, but that's not how I'd expect to exit the app. All other applications I have either use the back button to leave, or have an exit button (eg opera). My back button is disabled during the whole game. It doesn't feel like an android experience now. Brilliant game, btw. Takes me back to the CM01/02 days!
  5. customswolf

    Can't exit on 3.4a

    That can't be right! My back button doesn't work anywhere in the app. Are you saying that the only way to leave the game is to use the home button? No other android app I've got disables the back button.
  6. I've posted in the bugs section, but the back button doesn't work for me anymore. So I can't exit the game! Archos G9 80.
  7. customswolf

    Can't exit on 3.4a

    Just downloaded the update. There's no exit button any more, but the back button doesn't work anywhere in the game anymore. In the previous version the back button would take me out of the game. Now it doesn't even do that. So, I can start the game, but when I return to the main menu, there's no way to exit the game apart from to press the home button. If I wanted to shut FMH down completely, I'd have to use a task manager, which obviously isn't ideal. I'm using an Archos G9 80 250gb. FMH is the only app where the back button doesn't work. Can you fix it?